Hank Alvarez
    Where is everybody? For the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed coming to this site and having a page of posts to read and possibly respond to. This is a very unique site if only because of the subject content. If there are other venues like this that are as good as the Forum was in the past then I haven’t found them. Lately though, there hasn’t been much to respond to.
    Has everyone gone on vacation at the same time? Sadly, I don’t think so. I went to San Diego for a week to do some research on a project I’m working on and thanks to the internet service at the hotel I was able to keep in touch. The problem is that there wasn’t much to keep in touch with. What’s happened to our most prolific contributors? Where have they gone? And all at the same time. That’s what worries me.
    There’s been a noticeable decline in participation in the Forum since “Pro left. Apparently no one is now tending the store. One of the things I admired about “Pro” was that she was a very good facilitator. Call the person administrator, or by what ever name you like, but who ever took over the position just isn’t doing the job. “Pro’s real talent, besides her knowledge of the related subject matter was that if we didn’t have something to contribute, she always did. A good facilitator stirs the pot and keeps the dialog going. Who ever took over her position either isn’t capable or willing to do the job as well.
    That leaves us with a couple of choices, one of which unfortunately a lot of you may have already made; that is to go on our way and perhaps find another outlet elsewhere. Two, is for us to take up the slack. I know that sometimes I’m devoid of original ideas and I’ll just read your comments and hide in anonymity. On other occasions I’ll respond or toss something out that’s a real concern. Occasionally I’ll post something just to see if I can get a rise out of someone. But when I hit the unread posts button two days in a row and there’s nothing there then I start to worry. If we’re all becoming apathetic at the same time then the Forum is in trouble and I’d really hate to see that. HHH
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Hi Hank,

I know it seems like we haven't been minding the store. Though I am doing my best I already have my hands full with Tabu and we no longer have a full-time moderator in Alex. It takes much more time than you would think to search out interesting topics and keep the ball rolling. And, as you have so bluntly stated, it is obviously not something that can be accomplished part-time.

We have a new volunteer moderator in the works who I think you will enjoy but it may be a couple of weeks before she is with us. Until then, this forum can be what you make of it. We may have lost Alex, but this is still a community worth being a part of. I hope you stick around to see the improvements.
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