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SAN FRANCISCO — After successfully getting a softcore iPhone app approved last month, gay adult company Athletic Model Guild has turned to the past for its newest app.
Titled AMG Beefcake, the new app showcases the work of company founder Bob Mizer. AMG Director of Communications Christopher Trout said he and his team had to sweat out a long waiting period before the app entered the hallowed halls of Apple’s App Store.

The app will come with Apple’s toughest rating, 17+.

“It’s been over two months since we sent AMG Beefcake to Apple for approval,” Trout said. “It’s taken them this long to figure out what the rest of the world has known for more than half a century — beefcake’s as American as apple pie, and just as innocent.”

As with the company’s previous app, Brasil Boys, AMG Beefcake offers users a gallery of more than 150 images, this time with a focus on Mizer’s early work. The vintage-flavoried app focuses on bodybuilders, soldiers and blue-collar workers from the turn of the 20th century. Featured models include John Tristram, Juwa Lavonce, Dennis Lavia, Richard DuBois and Forrester Millard.

AMG President Dennis Bell said that Mizer’s early work inspired gay erotic artists everywhere.

“Bob’s black and white work has become synonymous with a certain period in gay photography,” he said. “We wanted to celebrate his photography, but at the same time move it forward by delivering some of his best work on a 21st century platform.”

Even though Apple renewed its stance against fully adult app after the Hottest Girls fiasco — when the company accepted and rejected a fully nude app in the space of a few hours — Trout said that AMG is working on some fully nude apps just in case.

“It’s just a matter of time before Apple loosens its reigns, and when they do, you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of our models on your iPhone,” he said.
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