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[i]From Average Joe

"The Nexus Excel from Tabutoys is one of the most efficient prostate toys I've ever tried, and that's saying something.

Not all prostates were made the same. What works for mine doesn't always work for others, however, from all the customer comments I've read about the Excel it seems we share a common theme; we like it. In fact, a majority of us love it.

What's not to love? It's made out of phthalates-free plastic. It's also hygienic and while it's also nonporous, it shouldn't be shared between partners without the use of condoms."

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I'd love to try something like that but so far all of them, including their competitor's, are too damned large diameter.
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Tabu Toypro
The Nexus line tends to be beefy, but the Titus has a smaller 1.3" girth.

Also check out the Tantus Theta Probe. Nica and slim at 1" girth.
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thanks for that info...about  Nexus Excel ...
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