Barb wasn't sure exactly how Joan would take to this.
    Yes, the girls had been a very creative sexual lesbian couple, had tried every conceivable position, act and lesbian toy out there, but Barb wondered if her latest acquisition, this strap-on harness with very life-like cock-might indeed be a little too :real” for her petite Asian girlfriend. Not that the size of the thing would be a problem, Joan had bore down on some rather long toys in her day (so had Barb) but the girls had yet to really talk about cock.
    The male member wouldn't ever be a huge topic for discussion really-Joan and Barb were lesbians after all-but Barb had had her encounters with men, enjoyed them, moved on to, what was for her, more fulfilling lesbian relationships in her adulthood. She wasn't so sure where Joan's experiences had taken her in and around near a real life penis and as Barb fiddled and fitted the strap-on around her bald pussy and wide hips, she wasn't sure what Joan would say when she entered their bedroom in the next few minutes and saw Barb sporting a very real-looking phallus.
    Barb could hear Joan fumbling with the dishes. In a minute, maybe two Joan would be climbing the ten short steps, stepping down the hallway; seconds later pushing open their bedroom door. And even though all through dinner, Barb had teased Joan with her bare foot in the smaller girl's jean-covered crotch, and Joan no doubt knew that some sexual encounter was imminent, there was no way the girl with the deep brown eyes and crooked smile could know her voluptuous girlfriend waited sporting a seven-inch dildo in a harness around her naked body!
    Barb stole another breath, her heavy chest rising and falling as she sweated the seconds and once again dared to peak down her slight belly to spy the cock. She certainly had not ever even thought about buying a dildo like this - shit she had enough toys to start her own store! Lately, as of the past month, Barb had been consumed with thoughts of, well, damn it all...thoughts of making Joan submit to her!
    Fantasies of power, dominance and control had fevered Barb's curly-haired head. She had no idea where these thoughts were coming from but she damn well knew that previously when she and a girlfriend (hell, any girl she had been with) experimented with toys, she had always used them lovingly, softly, passionately slowly. It had always been about easy, unrelenting but loving care with her lesbian toys. A thick real cock jutting out from her pussy gave Barb a feeling of power she had never felt before but that was making her wet beyond her wildest dreams. Now that she had the sex toy on, and heard Joan ascending the creaking first wooden step, Barb actually grabbed the dildo, pushed her pelvis forward and nearly swooned at the sudden visceral realization that she held a cock in her hand and was about to use it.
    Joan would not refuse her. Joan could not refuse her.
    As Barb heard Joan finally make to the second floor, walk into the bathroom at the top of the stairs, close the door she began to rub herself against the base of the dildo. Shit, she felt like she’d come in seconds! Barb lifted her feet, settling her heels on the wooden bedroom floor once again, this time with a teetering stronger purchase-shit, when was the last time she wore these high heels, just what the hell was this strap-on bringing out in her tonight? Managing to get her clit pushed up real close, real tight to the rubber base and she began to feel that rise. Hearing the toilet flush, the faucet turned on, Barb tried desperately to hold off, wait for Joan to enter the room. If she could stave off an orgasm she’d be so sweetly turned on she’d not falter from the dominant pose she was so scared to execute in the next few seconds, but ached to all the same. Barb had to keep her intention on her objective; strong, straight-ahead like the dildo she wore. She could not halt now, could show no second of hesitation. When Joan opened the door the first thing she would see would be the strap-on around Barb, that thick fake cock facing her and if the little girl looked at Barb’s pretty wide face and saw even a flicker of doubt, a momentary passing of hesitation, then there would be no way Barb could regain her dominant guise and bring this off tonight. Joan could refuse, of course, and maybe the sight of a cock like this would repel her, but at least Barb would do everything in her power to show Joan she was serious.
  “You’re not sleeping, are you?” Joan called from the hallway and Barb shuttered to a stop, stood up fully to what was now a five foot eight foot height and watched as the bedroom door opened in.
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Barb needs to quit obsessing and start fucking. Geez! Are all lesbians this boring?
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Here's a real "lesbian confession" haha.. I met a girl in a bar once. She was hanging out with a bunch of girls and it turns out it was a bachelerete party and she was the bride. she had never been with a woman before and she wanted to have an experience before she did the deed so I took her home and blew her mind. She even let me fist her and said she wanted to be "sore" on her wedding night. Crazy.
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