Hank Alvarez
One of the last pieces of advice I got before I left for the boot camp was, "Be careful where you put your dick."I think it's equally important  to consider where you put your mouth or your whole face when it comes to that. Remember the old cowboy method of sucking out the rattlesnake venom? A dentist friend told me how dangerous that could be if you had any gum or tooth problems. He claimed you could get envenomnated by the exposure. That got me to remembering one morning years ago when I was waiting to be seen at sick call and there was another young marine in large dark glasses, which at that time were generally considered a big no no. When he took them off he had swollen, red eyes oozing pus. It was really a sickening sight. They gave him medication and sent him on his way. When it was my turn I asked the corpsman what was wrong with that poor guy and he said he'd caught a gonorrhea infection in his eyes. I asked him how the hell that could happen and he said it was actually quite common with guys going down on infected gals. How about oral infections of gonorrhea or other STD's? Prostitutes all over the world check you over real carefully before they go to work. That usually includes them stroking down your cock to make sure there isn't a pus discharge. Externally, they look for blemishes like pimples or erupting sores.  Something to think about the next time when you're a little drunk and carousing with a stranger. HHH
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Tabu Toypro
Holy moly I just posted about "semen in the eyes". Good timing!

Definitely important signs to look out for but sometimes there are NO visible symptoms at all when you are carrying an STD.

Condoms and dental dams can be fun and there are ways to make it sexy. You don't have to ruin the mood or worry about it not feeling like bare-backing does. I think that's a load of garbage anyway.

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P Gell
The Clap can also be caught through intercourse and show up in the eyes. It's a very opportunistic infection. It'll go anywhere your immune system is the least bit weak.

Semen in the eyes? I always almost reflexively close mine.
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