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Perhaps your checklist for New Year’s Eve includes:

* sexy clothes: to get yourself or a partner in the mood
* mood-altering beverage: see above
* money: for meals, gifts, fun
* extra money: to make sure you get home from all that fun
* clean the house or apartment—at least the bedroom (or at least the bed!): just in case
* clean and strategically place the sex toys: optional

What’s missing from this picture?

If you and your colleague are of different genders, birth control.

And in case that fails—or, more likely, you do—Emergency Contraception.

Read more about Emergency Contraception and who can get it, here
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Birth control is quite important unless you want another kid by the next new years. That's a scary thought.

Sounds like a good plan for New Years, but I was no where near my boyfriend this one. We were at separate houses from the Holidays.
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