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I've always been curious about cooling gels. The idea of adding a slight chill to my most intimate areas, which are usually so warm, was quite the thrill to me. Ice melts after awhile and becomes a little messy. I own a few warming lubricants & enhancing gels and have good experiences with them. I've been apprehensive to venture to the opposite end of the spectrum because of some terrifying reviews (burning, freezing, running to the shower: you'd be afraid too!) Kama Sutra has a very good reputation so I decided to go for it.

My new Kama Sutra Intensifying Gel for Women: Cooling (say that 10 times fast) arrived in an ordinary shipping box from The first thing I do with any lubricant, oil, anything that's going on me (especially going by the girly bits) is to check for safety seals. Kama Sutra's Intensifying cooling gel had a good solid one on the top of the box- but they forgot the bottom. As there was no safety seal on the tube itself, this bothered me a little. It didn't look opened or tampered with, and I trust the company I received it from, I decided to go ahead and use it.

With my partner eager to try it and me ready to sprint to the shower, I took a very small amount and placed it against my nipple just to see how cold it was going to feel. It smelled like mint. My partner gently blew against it. I could feel some tingly and a slight chill, but nothing overwhelming. He kissed it off and said it tasted like gum. I tried a little for myself and it does, it's nice that it's flavored. I put the smallest amount on my finger to try it on my clit (or as the box says "the heart of your body's female pleasure center".

I rubbed it into my clit and I could feel a slight tingling start. Nothing overwhelming, but definitely there. I could feel it cool slightly and was aroused by the new sensation. The cooling combined with my partners hot mouth and it didn't take long before I was coming. Because it's water based, this gel is also latex safe. For the same reason, it doesn't last quite as long as I'd hope.

My first experience with a cooling gel worked very well. I'm very happy with it and my partner & I have used it multiple times since receiving it (and a few times alone!) While the tube seems very small at first (0.5oz), you need such a small amount that it should last awhile. I'm now curious to try Kama Sutra's opposite of this, the warming gel.

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