No offense to the Penthouse G-spotter but the The Adonis TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!![/url]
My orgasms were always really intense before but now I realise they were totally clitoral. This thing gave me the  hair-standing-on-end experience with the full body shudders. Totally out of control. The best way to use this thing is to just sit on it and kind of rock your hips. To be honest I put it on and sit in front of the computer while I look at something "nice" on the screen and I'm there in a matter of minutes. Also, if I put my feet up on the chair in a squatting position it feels like WOW. One thing, make sure your connectors are plugged ALL THE WAY in because if you have them halfway in it will actually start to smoke.

I haven't "squirted" yet but I'm working on it.
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No doubt about that-I used to sell this when I worked at an adult store. It rocks but make sure you plug it in correctly. We had alot of customers try to return it thinking it was defective but they just hadn't plugged it in all the way.
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Tabu Toypro
Must agree - The Adonis is brilliantly designed. And yes - push plug in all the way!
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