Sex blogs, sex blogs, seems like everyone over the age of 21 with internet access has one...some good..and some not so good. We are so lucky to have such a talented bunch of bloggers working with us. Over the years some of these part-time writers have even turned into good friends. You can find many of them right here on this forum.

As a whole, I've found sex bloggers to be the most thoughtful, witty and fun people you'd ever want to know - but why shouldn't they be? I don't know about you but the thought of receiving thousands of dollars of free merchandise in exchange for a writing product reviews in my underwear sounds like a pretty awesome exchange to me. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to agree. For every 100 great bloggers there is the occasional bad apple who feels entitled to be needlessly rude (present company excluded.)

Some demand star treatment. Some treat their sponsoring companies like "XXX Santa Claus" and demand expensive merchandise, then put out smear campaigns if they don't get it. Some copy the company website's product description, verbatim, instead of writing valid reviews. Some request products they know they won't like in order to write "edgy" posts. Some even trash the companies they work with. It's true, I've had personal interactions with well-known, well-respected bloggers that have left me pounding my head on my keyboard and asking "You're not Nina Hartley..Why can't you just be nice?"

That's why this extremely on-target post from CarrieAnne at View from the Floor made me laugh out loud. CarrieAnne is not our reviewer but we sure do appreciate her work.

"Fuck a bunch of entitlement"

I apologize if anyone is offended, but ohhh Girl..High Five!
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No doubt sex bloggers tend to be smart. You almost have to be to write about sex in a meaningful way.

I agreed with some of Carrie Ann's points (and thoughts I commented to say so but I don't see it) but I also blogged this past week about part of the "other side." Companies don't have to give me toys to review (which is why I usually say "Thank you" and post such awesome reviews ) or be nice or make me feel appreciated or treat me as valued for my feedback but it's pretty ridiculous how badly some companies will treat a person who spends a lot of time blogging and communicating via the internet. Because common courtesy is something you needn't do just because you give us shit? I'm not sure I buy that.

And by "you," I don't mean Tabu. I've had really good experiences with you, be it about reviews, as a customer or community member here on the forums.
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I see your point. We've always tried to treat our bloggers like partners (as opposed to employees) so it's hard to imagine why other companies would treat them unfairly. I'm assuming this isn't the norm but I'm sure it does happen on occasion.
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