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I'm a new recruit stuck on latrine duty in a secluded wooded area by the barracks-in trouble as usual. I've finished my work and am leaning against the back of the building to grab a quick smoke when an idea presents itself. What can I say? I'm 19 and there's something about the cool night air that makes you crave a jerk session. I'm alone and horny as hell so I pull my thick, 7 1/2 inch dick through my pants and start giving myself a good, solid hand-fuck. Out of nowhere my commanding officer steps out and barks "WHAT THE HELL.." He's at least 6'4 and a good 230 pounds of solid muscle. How could he have snuck up on me so quietly?
In shock, I raise my hand in a weak salute but you can see my engorged, throbbing cock. There's no hiding what I've been up to. "I've been watching you, Private" he says. I can't believe my bad luck as this guy has been making my life holy Hell since I got here. Why me? My face burns with embarrassment but, strangely, my erection doesn't subside. As he crosses his huge arms and glares at it I feel it literally pulse with blood. He orders me to take off my boots. I hesitate but the look on his face lets me know he means business. "Now the shirt." I slowly remove my thin t-shirt to expose my cut, toned torso. He hesitates.."Now the pants, everything..just strip."
I obey and stand naked and confused before him. He asesses me silently. I give him a "what now?" look and he orders me to drop and give him 100 pushups. I weakly fall to the ground and begin a series of pushups. I'm humiliated but my dick grows even bigger as it drags the ground with every stroke. After a grueling day of basic training in the hot sun my arms are toast and already shaking by number 30. I hesitate, but then I feel his giant boot press down on the small of my back. "Finish it. Or ELSE, Private."
Unsuccessfully willing my erection to go down, I try not to think about "what else" is, because I know this guy is a notorious pussy-hound, always hanging out at the strip clubs.. He couldn't possibly..I feel that familiar tingle and my cock swells anyway. Numbly, I push on, and swear I can feel his eyes burn a path down my trembling body. I try, but I cant go on any longer and I'm grunting with the strain. He swears and he roughly kneels down on top of me, putting his arm around my throat in a headlock. "What, you cant TAKE it?" he barks in my ear.
My heart pounds and I feel his erection through his fatigues. I raise my round ass up just a little to meet it.
"Yes Sir, I can take it" I whisper. He pushes my face down in the dirt and I feel him tugging at my belt.
"Take them off" he mumbles, and soon my pants are around my knees and he's picking me up by my hipbones. Then, he easily hustles me into position over a fallen tree even though I'm not a featherweight guy. I look back to see him pull out his massively veined cock, red, thobbing and big as a coke can.
"You like this cock?" he asks, I nod, my mouth watering as I reach for it.
He slaps my hand away and orders at me to resume my position.
He lightly caresses my smooth, toned ass and I can hear him whistle between his teeth.
He pulls it apart and spits on my quivering asshole. As he exhales I feel him ease tip in slowly..almost tenderly..
Suddenly, I gasp at the sensation of this monstrous dick. I know I can't handle it-This is more than I bargained for. I've never taken anything this big and I start to buckle with fear. "You will take it, Private" he says, putting an iron grip on my shoulder, "And you will like it."
With that, he drives it in to the hilt and I let out a savage yell. Chills run up my spine as I take on the the full dimension of his rock-hard 9 inch meat. Dizzy with pain I feel my ass stretched wide..wider than its ever been before. "And that's a direct order" he grunts in my ear as he slams it deep inside me without mercy. I can feel his testicles slap against my thighs and his musky sweat drip down over me. I cry out and try to squirm out of his grip but he's just too strong to escape.
Slowly but surely the excuciating punishment of my ass is replaced by a new sensation..a warm feeling of pleasure begins to spread through my body and, amazingly, I find my hips begin to move with his in a relentless animal rhythm. I want this. I need him to punish my aching ass. I hear him groan.."God, this feels better than any pussy I ever fucked..turn around.." He pulls out and turns me up to face him as he leans down against the tree post in a squatting position. I realize that this is his first time with another man.
He pulls me toward him and slowly, questioningly, licks my juicy cockhead, savoring its length. Immidiately it starts to drip pre-cum and he marvels at the sight. The very idea him worshipping my cock is pure, unadulterated bliss and I can feel my orgasm approaching like a time bomb.. but.. that empty feeling building in my hungry, burning ass let's me know I'm ready to take everything he has to give.
"Sir, permission to fuck that cock..sir?" I whisper...
"At ease, soldier" he smiles shyly, as he eases me down to his level. Now that we're facing each other I can see just how much he enjoys this..staring at my hot, muscular young body with confusion and desire.
"I don't really do this type of thing.." he explains nervously.
Now I know its time to turn the tables. I lean in and nibble on his full, succulent lips and tell him to relax as I slide off his sweaty t-shirt and reward myself with a view of his glistening 6-pack and rippling, brown pecs. I place my legs over his in the seated position and slide down his shaft as he cups my ass cheeks. He tilts his head back and moans as I bounce on his meat, taking my pleasure from every inch of his manhood..Working it and milking it like no woman has ever dared.
"You like this ass, Sergeant?" I ask as I expertly clench my muscles, working his shaft from top to bottom...
"Y-yes.." he replies.
"Yes What?" I hiss. "Yes Sir."
"Do you want to come in this ass, Sergeant?" I bear my full weight on top of him and feel his tension mounting.
"Yes sir!" now his voice is pleading.
My cock is completely erect again and rubbing against his slick, hairy chest.
"Make me come." I command and I spit on my protruding dick, never letting up on my rhythm.
"And that's an order."
He takes my swollen member in his hands and strokes it while supporting me with the other.
"Stroke it faster now..that's right.."
I want desperately to feel his warm mouth on my cock again but this will have to do for now, besides, I can feel my body preparing to cum. There's no turning back now. I begin to quiver violently and soon the the feeling of his mammoth cock inside me and his hand working my dick is just too much..
"I'm gonna cum!" I shout, as I arch my back and begin to shoot a heavy, glistening load. You can imagine my shock and amazement when he leans down and extends his tongue to taste my juices, I shoot again and he drinks it like a hungry dog, squeezing my balls to ring out the last salty drop into that hungry mouth. Suddenly, his eyes roll back and I know he's cumming too and I can feel gush after gush of warm love juices pumping inside me. He shudders, and together we collapse in a sweaty, dirty heap.
"That was amazing." he whispers.
"Does this mean I'm off latrine duty?" I ask..
"Only if you're up for another private manuever tomorrow night." He says..

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My ass hurts now. What do I do?
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Permission to masturbate, Sir!
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WOW! That was a fantastic story.
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