I just purchased the Ryder plug by Tantus along with a huge lot of unlubed condoms (to help with cleanup) for use together.

I gave the plug a try as soon as I received it and it feels great!

Removal was messy, as expected and hence the condoms. However, despite the use of a condom, the plug still retains an "ass" smell even after washing thoroughly -- I'm sure that I can get rid of the smell by soaking with a bleach solution (as per Tantus' instructions). My question is, how can I stop this from happening, or is this an inherent flaw with condoms?

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P Gell
What is your plug made of? Silicone is non porous and shouldn't retain a smell. However "jelly rubber" or latex can retain smells, stains etc. NOT good material for sex toys.

If you can't get it clean (because odor means there is still bacteria present) get a new one, and get SILICONE or Stainless Steel. Also, using a condom over the plug can help with clean up.

Here are some which will not retain odors

a larger one

a different shape

a glass plug

A large one from Tantus

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Tantus toys are silicone and silicone CAN retain smells. A lot of people swear by Before and After toy cleaner for removing smells
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