hey, I don't understand what's been happening to me.
I have a girlfriend, and when she and I are having sex, my penis works well, no problems at all..
but, these days, like, two months ago, I went to bed with another girl (don't judge me for that please), and it turns out my penis refused to work.. ok, the place was a little bit messy, it was a party, my friends were knocking the door to mess with me, I thought it was because of the environment or cuz it was the frist time I was trying to do taht with a different girl, or even the fact the girl didn't turn me on that much.
but, today, I brought another  girl into my room, we have a little story, we know each other, we have fun together, she's been my affair for a while, untill  today I had tried nothing, we'd had oral sex and masturbation but no penetration.
we began by the foreplay, my penis got hard,  we had a really  good time, but when I thought about getting the condom, booom, it just stopped :/
Can anybody help me ?
is it mental ? am I getting to nervous ? or like, should I have viagra when fucking other girls out of my realationship ?

I really need your help folks, hugs !
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Hank Alvarez
Alan: You brought up a potentially complex problem. I'd like to ask a couple of questions because I think that this is something that every guy secretly fears. Can you get off pleasuring yourself, masturbating? It sound like ED, but as to the cause? Have you started any new meds? I know two of the heart meds I've taken say that it's a normal side effect. Thank God it wasn't for me. How about your use of alcohol or drugs? You wouldn't be the first who couldn't get  it up when you were half in the bag. I knew a pro who told me she wouldn't waste her time with guys who were drunk for that reason. Were there any sudden changes in your work load or your schedule? Have you been under any undue stress since you were functioning normally? How about any dietary changes? How old are you? From everything I've read about it they seem to conclude that it can be physical, mental or both. It might be worth a trip to a urologist first to check that side off before you talk to Dr.Freud. Hank
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you dont need any viagra or other stuff just u got used to your girlfriend, and how to say, you feel little non confort with new partner, it's not nervs also,  Same Happens to many others just, dont worry, little reload and relax and you be on top
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to Hank Alvarez:

Can you get off pleasuring yourself, masturbating?
R: for sure, it can be just thinking of someone  else or with a porno, I do it with no problem at all.

Have you started any new meds?  NO

How about your use of alcohol or drugs?
R: I drink socially, like, twice a week, but when drunk, the ejaculation takes much longer to come, be that having sex or wanking.

Were there any sudden changes in your work load or your schedule?
R: not at  all, I don't work and it's summer vacation for me ( I live in Brazil )

Have you been under any undue stress since you were functioning normally?
R: No, like everyone else, I got decision to take, little concerns, but nothing that stressing, right now, the fact I can't fuck other girls is what's been bugging me.

How about any dietary changes?
R: No changes, I've been eating less fruits, but I think fruits wouldn't cause it all, anyway, I'll commit to fruits during my day, good for health.

How old are you?
I'll turn 18 this 21th. and about my phisical, I'm almost 6 feet tall, I weigh 163lbs, have no health problem, and my body is nice.. but it's worth nothig if I'll have to fuck the same girl for the rest of my life ;/

Now to Term: dude, I've been reading about viagra and how it works, I came to the conclusion it's not for me, in my case, I'm almost sure it's completely mental, this girl who's my affair, she's so but so hot,  when she gets naked, I really get turned on, I just can't post  a picture of her here, cuz if I did you'd undestand what I say hehe. maybe, the fact she's been involved with me, and I kinda like hooking  up with her might be getting me nervous cuz I  wanna impress her or something ( she's not new to sex  ), I haven't fucked her yet, but I was able to stick 3 fingers into her pussy, only someone with some hours of sex would stand that right ?
I feel comfortable  with her, cuz she's not a stranger,  as I said , oral  sex goes on like heaven, but if I move  to get the condon, the erection begins to go away.
But I think it's mental, I've been preparing myself, like, when I wank I always think of her, to get used to her the same way I did with my girlfriend, cuz dude, this girl is special, hot and nice to me, I really wanna have sex with her.

both of you, thank you guys so much, I don't know if it was the right place to  post doubts or help topics, but I'm new here and eally needed help.
and I promise, when I get to  do what I want to do, I'll come here and tell you guys

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Tabu Toypro
I hate to tell ya, but you really need to be a full fledged 18 to use this site.

You absolutely do NOT need Viagra. You are far too young to be thinking about taking erection control pills. I'm sure it is mental - tons of sexual issues are solved with being in the right state of mind.

Or maybe it's guilt?
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no it's not guilt, If it was, the fact I wanna have sex with another girl  would bug me, but it's the opposite.
I just wanted to learn something to block that, don't know, maybe it must be lack of self-confidence :S
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I gotta agree with Tabu ToyPro. It sounds like guilt. Regardless of the fact that you don't feel it, it's obvious that your body, although being turned on by these women, is still feeling guilt over the fact that she's not your girl. Next question really is, though, why are you so worried about why you're having problems sleeping around? It's obvious your body is really trying to tell you not to.

However, it is also possible that it is nerves as well
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Hank Alvarez
Alan Pierre:
You have an interesting predicament. At your age most of us had the opposite problem. Yours sounds more psychological than physical. When I was your age, we'd get hard at the very thought of a woman and if she was there naked we'd go off like a gun with a hair trigger.

Here's what I'd suggest: Relax. It just might be nervousness. There's always excitement when you have a new partner. You're obviously sexually active, but you're a minor, and in our country you're a big no no. You could cause adults big problems in the USA. Talk to your parents first. The old man must have had some experiences spreading his wild oats so he may have some words of wisdom. I just hope you're practicing safe sex. I can't tell you not to have sex, at this point it's like closing the barn door after the young bull has escaped. If it is physical a good doctor might find a cause and cure, but I agree with the others: at your age you don't want Viagra. Counselling might help. Our problem is that you've just fast tracked yourself way past your age and our ability to help you. But do please come back when you're a chronological adult. You'll be fun to talk to. I don't think there are too many seventeen years olds here as active as you claim to be except possibly in their dreams. Hank
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ah ok, I'm sorry but I had forgotten I couldn't join you  guys until be 18.
but I'll come back soon.
just one more thing, yesterday I saw this girl, I didn't have the intention to have sex cuz we were with more 2 friends and there was no chance to have sex with them near.
they were inside the car ( I had pulled it up in a dark place ), and i and her were hooking up outside, I was mastubating her, but my little boy just didn't get hard enough so I got a masturbation too.
again, it's mental it's guilt maybe from my body, I talked to her and expalined that maybe I got used to the same girl and she'd have to wait so I could get rid of it, she understood .
I just wanna get  rid  of it, thanks for your  patience folks.
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Probably its guilt... or maybe she's not really good at certain aspects of foreplay!
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If you dont have a problem having sex with your girlfriend and you do with other women, then may be you dont really want to have penetrative sex with these other women, just oral or masturbatory stimulation. Your mind is trying to tell you something!!!
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here I am again ;x
have to tell all of you that last wednesday this  girl, my affair, came to my house and as usual we started making out, I took her cloth off, I was really into her, like, we have some intimacy, she's not a stranger to me anymore, I've seen her naked 5 or 6 times, I've licked her, and she has sucked me as well.
but lately things are not happening ;/ my penis just doesn't get hard, even though I feel turned on  it doesn't work.
sometimes it starts to get hard, she tries to masturbate me, but when I think : " cool, it's gonaa work " it just stops again :S
plus, untill last year, with this same girl, it used to work, like, for blowjobs and handjobs, but since I had the intention to have sex with her, it denies to help me :S annoying huh
and this weekend my girl is here, what happens ? she lies down beside me and boom.. it's hard and good to work.
I can't figurre it out, and it's really buggin me.
it's mental for sure, but how can I make it stop ?
thank you all so much for taking the time.
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Hank Alvarez
You might want to stay with the one who lays down next to you and be grateful for what you have. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Hank
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the only thing that makes me sad is that everybody else can have as many birds as they want, and I feel like I'll have to fuck the same girl all my life :S
and dude, I don't know how long my relationship is going to exist :S
what if I someday break up with her or the oposite, will I never have sex again ?
if anybody has any tips on making the erection last, let me know please
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Hank Alvarez
That's not likely, but work with what you have now. It sounds like you have a problem and I'm sure there is a solution but it may take time to find. So what's the answer? From what you say it looks like frustrated celibacy and I don't think you're interested in that. Be grateful for what you have in the mean time. Hank
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