I have an elastomer vibrator that I love but now everything seems to be going the way of silicone. Is it better?
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Silicone is # 1 in my book but Elastomer is becoming a popular trend in toys. It should be hypo-allergenic and much, much safer to use than cheap jelly. Here's what Holistic Wisdom says about elastomers:

Elastomer is a compound that does not contain phthalates. As you may have been told, phthalates are "plasticizers" used to soften PVC vinyls. If vinyls do not have any softeners, they are basically very hard PVC plastic. There are different grades of vinyls, from food grade for your plastic food storage containers or baggies (which don’t give off a smell) to economical grade that are used in some lower end athletic shoes and other products.

You can tell the grade of the vinyls and quantity of plasticizers (phthalates) used by the smell. The more you smell, the lower the grade and the more phthalates used. You are probably aware of the terrible chemical smell that many of the "jelly" vibrators give off. This is basically the vinyl off-gassing the large amounts of phthalates.

Elastomers are a completely different material. They start out soft and have product added to make them harder. This product is then removed by high vacuum so there are no residual hardeners. No solvents are used in this process and there is no latex. This type of material is ideal for manufacturing a variety of textures.
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my girl have silicone...and she didn't try elastometer...but she want to bu one..when she bu and try it i gonna tell you what and explain you what is difference...
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