My fiance and myself have been looking for a place to share pictures and hope this place is ok.  She loves being treated like a dirty slut, and being caught on camera, so I figured I'd share them.  She's 23, and I'm 24.  If you can by pass the small penis you'll see some pleasing pics.

Her getting ready.  She dressed up for me, but I'll show pics of her in a skirt sometime....her ass does something to turn skirts on fire.

After fondling her with my tongue, I penetrated her with my finger....guys hit that G-sport it does crazy shit to women.  this cum was all her, and running down her pussy.  lube is a lot of fun with pussy play

Giving it to her good now that she's cum a couple times

I just love seeing her back.

The sweet spot.  All her juices just ran wild. 

I finally came on her pussy.  her moan was "Take a picture, i can feel the warm cum running down my pussy, it's hot."

after her juices and mine collided we passed out.
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Um...I vote Yes...this would be a good place to post your pictures.

Looks like a good time was had by all...
Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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Amazing shots. Thanks.
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Thanks for the responses guys.  They just turn her on even more and make her want to do more.
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