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 Have you ever faked or been faked an orgasm? vote

 Yes, just to impress 0 votes
 Yes, to make him/her feel better 0 votes
 No. never had a real one either! 0 votes
 Never - that's lame. 1 vote
 My partner did. I knew it! 0 votes
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I've read a lot of articles about faking orgasms. I don't quite understand it. Is it to make your partner feel more manly/womanly? Is it to make it seem like you don't have any problems getting off?

About 80% of the time, women do not orgasm through penetrative sex. I thought that was common knowledge. So guys, can you spot a faker? And how on Earth can a man fake it? I suppose he could rip off the condom without the other person seeing and pretend. But again, why would you?

Sex isn't all about the orgasm, is it? I mean, come on...if it was, we ladies would have a difficult time saying we enjoy it. So why fake? I really want to know!
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I dont wanna know if she's faking or not! If she feels like she has to fake an orgasm, then there are a whole lot more problems than sex! It's called...communication!

And for the class...Dreamer told me she has NEVER faked an orgasm with me...makes me feel so much better...
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