hi there i`m 19 and no matter how hard i try i cannot orgasm during boyfriend is the one that is bothered about it really...i dnt mind cos i enjoy sex with or without an orgasm...i`v bought a rabbit vibrator and he`s used it on me but i can tell that he feels as if he`s bad at sex cos i dnt cum wen he`s inside me....i dnt want to down the route of faking again cos i`v done that before and its the hardest thing ever to get out of....he`s tried rubbing my clit while we have sex and even tho that helps me get aroused it still doesnt help! please help me.... xxx Stef
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Stef -

Don't try too hard or your mental frustration will turn into sexual frustration! Relax and let yourself enjoy the sex instead of concentrating on your orgasm.

Have you tried different positions? It's possible that the two of you haven't found that sweet spot yet.

Have him penetrate you from behind (no, not in the behind - unless that helps  ) but actually from behind you - that way he has a better chance of reaching your g-spot.

Women and men are definitely different when it comes to orgasm, and faking it doesn't get you anywhere. If he's the one bothered by it, then have him extend your foreplay a little. Try masturbating while he's performing oral on you. Maybe a vibrating cockring to turn him into a rabbit!

If that doesn't work, maybe try a stimulating gel like O'My. But you are still young and I thing you just need to experiment with positions and variety.

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I really think the answer to this is masturbation-and alot more of it! Like many young women I thought I knew everything because I was having lot's of sex, unfortunately it wasn't very SATISFYING sex. I didn't realize until I got into my late 20's what I really liked, and what got me off. A trip to the sex toy shop took care of that pretty quickly, plus alot of expiramentation. That gave me what I needed so I could actually tell my partners "that feels good" or "do more of this and less of that." Be patient, alot of this stuff just comes with age.
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stef... I absolutely agree with the other posters. mental frustration only increases sexual frustration  find ways for you two to just get lost in enjoying each other then the O will come for you "no pun intended"
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i just posted this the other day..

Ok so the other day my boyfriend and i were having sex, mind you i have never had an orgasm during sex before.. EVER.
so we were having just regular missionary intercourse.. and it had been a few weeks since we had sex so we were trying
all these different things so he wouldnt finish so quickly.. well he pulled out just enough to where i could use his penis
like i would use my vibrator.. i would rub it over my clit just fast enough and light enough to have an orgasm.. and he is
also close enough to you where you can kiss each other or he can kiss your chest or whatever.. and he gets the pleasure
of seeing your sexy orgasm face.. which my boyfriend says turns him on even more..

its a great technique it works for me everytime.. im actually using him to pleasure myself.. it makes him feel great,
and that way you both can orgasm..

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I've also used my husbands cock to stimulate my clit but not light and fast. Hard.
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