[i][/i]A while back I was doing a show in a town a couple miles away.  After setting up most the guys went to eat at this one restaurant but I wanted something different and chose a Korean one a few blocks away and couldn't talk anyone else into going with me.  I had spent time in Korea while in the service and have a affection for Kimchee and had heard that this place makes it homemade instead of buying it from a supplier.  I got a table in the back and ordered more food that I would eat and had planned on taking the leftovers with me. As stated the Kimchee was excellent and the waitress couldn't believe that I ate a double order and even orders a quart to go. 

About half way thru the meal I saw this couple come in and the woman looked like someone I knew from my younger days. I couldn't get a good look at her but knew that if it was her the man she was with wasn't her husband. I knew him from pic I had seen of them from a friend of ours that was still in contact with her.  I hadn't seen her or talked to her in over 20yrs  and yes she had hurt me pretty bad when we broke up.  They had a big ole fishtank with lots of salt water fish in it and after a couple of drinks and playing grab ass they got up and went to look at the fish while their food was being prepared.  I had a feeling that she was messing around and since she hadn't noticed me in the back I scribbled a note on a piece of the place mat saying,"Hey Felicia, How's Todd doing?' And while they were at the fish tank I walked over and slid it under her coffee cup. 

They came back but she didn't go for the cup right away and then their dinner arrived. I was sitting behind a small wall and only my head was above it and unless you really looked you wouldn't even know I or anyone else was back there. I had a full view of their booth, and decided to take a few pics with my phone. I could see her running her hand over his crotch and he was playing with her thigh and had his hand up her dress playing with her pussy some of the time.  Talk about a voyeurs delight.  After they  ate she lifted her coffee cup to motion for the waitress for a refill and spotted the paper.  She picked it up and read it and I could tell from the look on her face that she knew she was busted. I got a few pic of her reaction and then got my stuff packed up and got ready to leave.

I guess I had changed enough over the years that when she was looking around she didn't put 2 and 2 together and I got up and walked to the cashier to pay my bill.  I had to walk in front of her table and she looked right up at me but wasn't quite sure if she knew me or not.  They were getting ready to leave about the same time so when I got out to my car I sat there and watched as they came out.  He was trying to hold her hand and she was trying to stay as far away from him as possible. He grabbed her and swung her around and from what I heard wasn't to happy. I could hear pretty much what he was saying and he was complaining that he had spent alto of money on her and he wanted her to come with him to some hotel but she didn't really want to do that and told him that she was worried that her husband would find out.

She finally slapped him and started to walk away.  He started after her but I got outta my car and yelled at him that he really didn't want to do that.  When she heard my voice it chick ed in her brain who I was or at least I think so by the look she gave me.  He gave up and walked to his car and peeled out of there and she got in her car and when she started to pull out she stopped right in front of mine.  I thought for sure she was going to get out and say something but she just rolled down the passenger window and yelled out,"Thanks for stopping him."  I just gave her a wave and she drove off.

About a week later I was thinking of sending the pics I took to her husband but then I got a call from our mutual friend and she told me that Felicia had called and started asking about me, she even went as far as to ask her if  she had a recent pic of me.  I knew she didn't but just told her not to give e her any info. I am thinking of contacting her myself but not sure if I should. I am also holding off on sending those pics.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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What a story..
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[i][/i]I was busy as usual setting up the mic's on stage at a local club and the doors had been open for about a hour and people were starting to fill the tables. Looked like there was going to be a good crowd and I had already did the sound check earlier that afternoon but I had just got a shipment of new mics and wanted to test them out and make sure they worked.  I had my back to the crowd and then I heard a voice from the past, "Still doing the music stuff after all these years?"  I knew that voice but was afraid to turn around and just said,"I guess once it gets in your blood it never really leaves so you just keep doing what makes you feel good."
and then the voice said,"I bet I could make you feel better."

That's when I trained around and saw her for the second time in over 40 yrs. I have to tell you unlike me she really hadn't changed that much except that she might have gained about 12 lb and all of that was in her chest.  I went to the end of the stage and sat down and she walked right up between my legs and put her arms around my neck and buried her head in my neck and squeezed me harder that I have thought she could. She whispered in my ear," Thanks  for stopping him the other night, I was afraid he might do something to me."  I told her she was welcome and that no one deserved to be treated that way.  "

"I wasn't sure it was you till I heard your voice that night. You've changed over the years, but your still my Knight in Shining Armor, and Protector." she said.

"I knew it was you the minute you walked in, my heart told me that. You've changed too but only on top, where you grown those from. As I remember you didn't have anything like those when you were cheerleading."  I was being a little mean but I guess I was still a little pissed at her for how she had treated me long ago.

"When I was at college, I dated one of the football players and his father was a plastic surgeon.  He gave them to me for his son's 21 birthday, and yes they are D cups. "  She leaned back and got a devilish grin on her face and said,"You can touch them if you like. You always wanted to touch them when they were small, but I wouldn't let you." Now who was being mean.

I put my hands on her shoulders and held her at arms length, "This isn't the time or place for that. I have a job to do hear and if I start touching them I'm not going to quite till I can touch and kiss all of you."

She got a pouty look on her face and her shoulders dropped, she took my hand and asked me to come with her. I followed her across the front of the stage and behind the left side speaker tower where we would be out of site of any prying eyes. She pushed me up against the tower and pulled my head down and kissed me.  Her tongue pushed into my mouth seeking out mine and her body was grinding against me. Being as short as she is she was rubbing her crotch against my leg and  her tits across my chest and it was needless to say having a effect on me.
I had a instand hard on and she felt it and lowered her hand down to rub the outline of my cock thru my jeans.

She broke the kiss too soon for my liking but then stepped back and lifted her top up.  She didn't need a bra and didn't have one on and I gotta say her tits looked fantastic. I stood there in shock and just stared but she had a reason for her madness. She reached out and took both my hand and place each one on a tit. I didn't squeeze or move I was that stunned but could feel her nipples start to grow under my palms. She then reached into her back jean pocket and pulled out a key with a tag on it and reach over and stuffed in down the front of my jeans..

I still hadn't moved a inch so she reached up and cupped my face in her hands so I was looking her right in the eyes.

"The key is to my Hotel room down the block, these and I will be waiting for you when your finish here tonight, if you choose to come there. I always regretted how it ended between us and I guess I have never stopped loving you in some way. I always wanted to see you again and explain why I did what I did and maybe make it up to you and after the other night it was like I was thrown ed right back to being 18 again. There you were taking care of me and watching out for me just like you always did and not asking anything in return. I've done allot of thinking about you the last couple of weeks and you have been tearing at my heart.  Please, Please come to me when your done tonight and let me show you how sorry I am. Just tell me what time your done and I will have a warm bath and something for you to eat and we can talk and do whatever you what.  I really need this and I'm afraid that if I don't get this  I am not going to be much good for a long while."

A tear rolled down her cheek and she started to sob at this point. I took my hands off her breast and pulled down her top and I told her to give me her cell number and I would call a backup guy to come take over in about a hour.  If he could make it I would call and be right over and I pulled her to me and just hugged her.

We stayed that way for a while till one of the band member walked up to go on stage.  He apologized for interrupting and walked up on stage.  I looked at her and told her she better take off before someone that knew her showed up and she left.  The rest of the band showed up and like a bunch of woman they all knew that I had been behind the tower with a woman and I took a little abuse for that, but it was all in fun.  I made the call and Jerry said he could be there in about a hour and I said fine I would have everything EQ and up and running all he had to do was keep a eye on it and shut everything down and pull the mic;s at the end of the night.

I called her cell and she answered on the first ring. First thing I did was tell her that I forgave her and she didn't have to do this but she was insistant on me coming to her room. She asked what I was hungry for and I told her,"Just you"  This got a giggle out of her and she proceed to tell me that she was going to run into the shower and get herself squeaky clean and then put on a purple teddy that she had just bought for this occasion. She also said she would had a hot bath waiting for me and I told her I would call just before leaving so it didn't get cold on her, and then I hung up.

This was the longest hour I ever spent in my life.  I busied myself making sure the band had a good sound and that the music and vocals were right on line but that only took about 15 minutes.  I figured I needed a drink, something I rarely do these days when I am doing a show. A beer wouldn't do it so I had a shot of Yukon Jack and chased it with a JB and water just to calm my nerves.  I really didn't know what to expect and even had a thought or two of being set up but I was pretty sure she wouldn't do anything like that. I had waited so long to be with her again and then the thoughts of not being up to par or being able to please her hit me. Talk about over thinking something.  I finally decided to just go with it and let what ever happens happen and let it go at that.

Luckily Jerry only took 45 minutes to get there and right off the bat asked what was wrong.  I lied and told him I must have ate something bad and left it at that. I gave him a hundred for taking over and got my stuff together and left. I called her when I got to the car and she again was all giggly and reminded me of the room number.  I took a deep breath and started the car and headed to the hotel.

I will say it was the wildest night I had ever had and hopefully it will continue.

Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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