I just found this article..even the rich and famous can't escape!

Famous People who have Herpes:
Billy Idol
Britney Spears
Paris Hilton
David Hasselhoff
Bill Clinton
Tony Bennett
Jeff Goldblum
Glen Campbell
Robin Williams
Justin Whalin
Jason Kidd
Fred Durst
Lauren Hutton
Sheryl Crow
Tawny Kitaen-Finley
Janet Jackson
Pamela Anderson
Lucie Arnaz
Alyssa Milano
Kristanna Loken
Joumana Kidd
Jessica Alba
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And I'm sure with all the rampant STD's burning through Hollywood this list should be twice as long. You'd think with all the celebs with herpes one would stand up and talk about it! That's why it spreads! Nobody talks about it!
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ALYSSA MILANO!!!??? You Madam, have just killed a dream.
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