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Celebrity sex tapes: Once a source of embarrassment, the leaked sex tape has become a viable way to enhance your brand. It's a simple formula for the questionably talented with above-average looks: Make a sex tape, leak it (through your publicist on the down-low), claim to be "humiliated" by the whole episode, cash your check.

From the "Why bother with acting lessons when I have webcam" school of celebrity, we have Pam, Paris, Carrie, Lauren, Kim, and now Kendra Wilkinson. Yawn. Is anybody really buying it anymore?

The popularity of sex tapes baffles me personally - not just for their hideous disregard of taste, but for their content. Where is the hot sex? For God's Sake, if I'm going to watch porn I want to see some real honest-to-goodness fucking! Couldn't at least one of these women crack open a book on the Kama Sutra?

Forget exotic positions or human emotion, the best these videos can do is a vacant-eyed starlet boredly flipping through positions with the zest of a trout on a hook. Have you seen "One Night In Paris?" It could actually be considered a cure for insomnia. (At least Kim Kardashian had the decency to offer us a golden shower scene before we all went to sleep.)

I shudder to think of what will come next.
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P Gell
I've never actually seen one, probably because I despise the Cult of Celebrity.

I can imagine they are boring, what else do these people have to offer us? Give me an actor or actress who can ACT in a real scene and not resort to cheap tricks (like the fake "OMG, I have no idea where the press got a hold of that tape!" and I'm OK.

But, I like my smut done by professionals. I don't even care for "amateur" porn, as usually the camera angles are awful, the people are spotty and not attractive, the dialogue is stupid (yes usually more stupid than regular porn, "Oh, I have a delivery? I didn't know I was expecting anything. Please come in and have a beer."

Only when people stop CARING and talking about these ridiculous things will it stop.

Let's leave porn to the professionals.....or at least keep our own sex tapes to the only people who care.......ourselves...
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Hank Alvarez
The fact that they can act doesn't mean that they can fuck and act. Pam's was novel because she was one of the first that I'd seen but Hilton's was a rip off. If I'd bought it from here I'd have pitched a bitch. HHH
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