My man is open to most things, But still has sexual limitations. How do I get him to let go?
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K for Chaos
Have you tried telling him it's what you want? You could just start things or tell him that you want to do it anyway
I glow in the dark, it's a sexy redhead thing.
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I have almost exactly the same problem maybe worse..Ok this is a question for all you woman that are married for more than a year it so wrong that I want to have intercoarse daily and my husband claims there is something wrong with me ????...I say no that is normal and he say I am addicted to sex, come on I think ..??? but now I am questioning myself and thinking could he be right??? anyone else has the same problem???
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ladies I know where you're coming from... No I'm not married but I have been living with someone for a year and he and I were barely having sex. I wanted it all the time and I was being turned down. Part of the problem is I wasn't willing to speak up. He was willing to try new things I was just worried it would scare him. Honestly voice your opinions leave hints by Lil tip books they work.  what they " find humor in" with the books they actually use later
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Tabu Toypro
The more comfortable women are getting with their own sexuality, the more their marriages are suffering in the area of sexual relating. Repressed urges and coy responses in women are being replaced by total acceptance of one's sexual feelings and open and bold expression of the same. One would have thought that men, who, for the longest period of time, complained about not having an exciting enough sex life at home and therefore sought it outside, would have been thrilled with the wife being a bold and active sexual partner, but unfortunately that is not always the case.

While the sexual relationship might not be fulfilling for you, the future health of the relationship in sexual areas and otherwise, depends a lot on the way the you approach the issue of sex with your partner.

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