This story is for Christine for all the help she has been and for all the encouragement she has given to those of us who write these stories for you. Thanks kid!

  I had done 3 tours across the pond as they say one in Iraq and 2 in a place I still can't tell anyone about. Eight years and it would have been 20 if I hadn't had got hit and told that my days in the military were over.  I took it with a heavy heart but happy that everything still worked and I still had all my body parts minus 3 feet of intenste and part of my liver.  The bad part was that my eye sight got screwed up due to a head wound but I was told that it would straighten out in time and I would just have to live with it.  I got home and found out that the company I had worked for had moved everything over seas and I had no job. As you all know things are tough but with what I had saved up and the 70% disability  I figured I would do ok.  Surprising how fast money starts to go, I didn't want to live with the folks so my God Mother Charile had just moved out to the lake and had a bunch of land and decided that she would put up a double wide and I could pay for the rent by taking care of the property, cutting grass and that kind of stuff. It would be a month before it would be set up so she told me to just move into one of the spare bedrooms. The day I moved it was hotter than all get out and her boyfriend, gave me a hand getting my stuff in the house then invited me to have a beer or so on the deck with him.  He was a vet like me but from a long time ago and seem to me a good guy,  He didn't pry and I was thankful about that.  When Charlie got home  I was surprised at how much he doted on her, I could see he loved her very much and would do anything for her.  My folks had said that he was a old boyfriend who she had reconnected with after 30 something years but was married to someone else and they didn't think it was good for her but from seeing what I had seen in a short time I think they got along just fine.  He said just to call him olehippy like all his friends did and didn't offer very much else so I didn't ask.  It wasn't my place as long as he treated Charlie good I was all for it. 

  I have to say for a man he was one hell of a cook, he made T-bones and a pasta salad that was out of this would and even double backed potatoes with garlic and chive cooked right inside, along with some huge homemade bisquets.  I was going to have to watch myself or I would be gaining weight  in nothing flat.  We had a couple bottles of wine with dinner and then brandy afterwards out on the deck.  I hadn't ate or drank this much in a long time and was feeling it in no time.  Once Charlie finished cleaning up the kitchen she joined us and we just sat and drank for the next 3 hours.  About half way threw the night she asked if I had found a job yet and I told her that I was still looking and she said that her firm didn't have anything right now but then olehippy piped up and said that a buddy of his owned a Adult Book story about 3 miles away and that he said something about looking for a night manager. Seems the last person he had working for him had sticky fingers and was to dumb to know that the security cam was catching him.  He fired him and was filling the spot himself for the last week and getting tired of it and looking for someone honest.  He walked into the house and made a call and came back and told me that I had a interview the next afternoon.  I wasn't sure about working in a Adult Book Store but would go talk to the guy and see if it would help pay the bills.  I thanked olehippy and he just said don't worry about it, glad to help a fellow vet. Little did I know how much help he really was giving me.

When pulled into the place I was surprised at just how big the store was and how busy they seemed to be.  The place had about 20 cars outside and once inside I was again surprised at the clients that were milling about.  There were more woman than men and the age ranged from early 20's to mid 50's I would have guessed. It's wasn't only a Book store but a gift shop and also had 20 or so private screening rooms. People could rent movies and a room and even have bachlor and bachlorette parties if two of the bigger rooms.  There were glass cases with every type of sex toy you could thing of and every mag, that is ever published all rapped in plastic. The place had close to 30 security cameras and behind the register was pictures of people who had tried to steal stuff and been arrested.  Surpriseingly there were only about 40 of those and from the looks you could tell they were some strange people.  The rest of the people in the place could have been standing next to you in the line at Home Depot or Sears.  I walked up to the register and asked a very pretty young blond girl where Hank was and was told that he was in the back office.  I told her my name and she said she was told to tell me to go straight back and see him.

  Hank was about 55, and sitting at a bank of tv monitors watching the people in the store.  He pointed to one and asked if I seen anything thing funny.  Sure enough the minute I looked I saw a 25 year old looking guy slide a mag up under hit shirt, and pointed it out to Hank.  He looked at me and just said go get him.  I walked calmly out to the store and found the guy in a isle headed toward the front door. Little did I know Hank had already hit the auto lock on the door and as the guy grabbed the handle I grabbed his wrist and spun him around, putting a hammer lock on him with one hand and grabbing him by the hair with my other hand and marched him back to Hanks office.  Once inside Hank started laughing and said I could let the guy go. I wasn't about to till he told me he worked there and he just wanted to see if I could handle my self.  I finally released the guys arm and he said that is the quickest anyone has ever put him down and that Hank better hire me before I go get a job at the police dept.

    Hank appoligized for setting me up like that but he has been losing quite a bit to shoplifters lately and needs someone who can handle themselves without getting hurt and I had passed that test. He then asked me a little about my backround and when he found out I was ex military he showed me his ReCon tat and shook my hand.  He said he would pay me $5 a hour up front so I didn't get taxed to death and another $10 a hour under the table and would be working about 50 to 60 hours a week.  Any problems with the law or lawyers he would take care of along with any medical bills that were work related.  I would have 4 to 6 people working with me a night and  but most my time would be spent watching the monitors or walking the floor.  I could eat when I could and there was a small kitchen in the back along with a brake room. Each night I would clear the register and lock everything in the safe after I had closed up and everyone else was gone. The safe was a hugh ole thing and had a time lock on it and once locked couldn't be opened until the next day.  I would close up each night at 2 during the week and 4 on fri and sat we were closed on sundays.  I had final say as far as anything to do with the customers and if any employee's got out of line I could fire them on the spot.  It sounded pretty good to me but I told Hank that I had never had any experience in this line of business and he just laughed and said it would come to me naturally after a week or so and that when he bought the place he was digging ditches and had been running the place for 20 years and made some very good money at it.  He also told me that he was getting tired and was looking for a partner or someone to take over the business in the coming future, then asked if I still wanted the job.  It was the best offer I had so far and it didn't look like anything else was going to pan out for a while so I shoot his hand and asked when do I start.  He laughed and said I already did and sat down and started  to show me how to work the camera system.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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I got use to the camera set up rather quickly and in the first week I had caught 4 people trying to rip off the store and all were now in jail or on bail and their pic's were hanging on the wall.  It was the following Friday night while I was having dinner while watching the screen that I seen something that really caught my eye. It wasn't a shoplifter but a young say 30 yr old woman all in white slowly going from isle to isle.  She had on a wide brim floppy had and I couldn't get a good shot of her face but that isn't what caught my eye, what did was the long flowing red hair that reach almost to her waist that did.  I could tell that she was about 5 ft 8in tall and maybe all of 130 lbs most of which was sitting on her chest, had to be a good 34 or 36 heavy c or d cup.  The dress showed about 5 inches of cleveage and the only part of her face that I could get a glimps of was her lips and they were painted the same color as her hair.  I tried every camera to get a better look at her but could never get a good face shot so I decided to walk out onto the floor and check her out personally. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth real quick and ran a comb threw my hair and headed out. I walked the end of the isles and didn't see her till I got to the end.  She was now at the glass counters running her finger along the glass over the vibrators and dildos that were under it and stopping every so often. 

I walked up behind the counter as she stopped over a vibrator with a rabbit attachment and her hand stopped as she let out the softest giggle then moved on.  I asked if I could be of some assistance and when she looked up at me and I finally saw her face I almost stopped breathing.  Her skin was as white as a newborns behind and beside the red on her lips what really caught me off guard what the color of her eyes, there were a light jade green with gold flecks.  I was stunned and didn't quite make out what she said as her voice was close to a whisper.

"I'm not sure if you can help me or not, I guess I'm just window shopping.  I've never seen things like this up close only heard about them, could you explain a little about them to me."

    As she spoke she was turning as red as her lipstick and I knew that she was embarassed asking someone about what was under the glass.

"If you like, we can go back to the office, I have catalogs there that have all these things in them and it is a more private setting. I will leave the door open and we can discuss them as much as you like without all these other people being around."

"That might be better, it feels very warm in here all of a sudden, and I think a little private time might make it a little easier for me."

    I walked to the end of the counter and pointed to the hall and told her that my office was the last door on the right.  I now got to see her fully for the first time and what a site it was.  The dress was white silk and besides being low cut in the front it was also low cut in the back almost all the way to her waist,  it also was slit up the left side and as she walked I could tell she wasn't wearing any panty hose and her legs were as white as her face.  She had a fantastic pear shape behind and it sway nicely as she walked ahead of me.  To soon we were at the office door, I reached around her and opened the door and she walked in.  She waited as I kicked the door stop down and made sure the door stayed open then I walked across the room behind the desk and started to pull some catalogs from the shelf. I got 3 or 4 different ones and turned to set them on the desk and when I looked up I saw that she was closing the door and then I heard her click the lock on it.  I motioned for her to take a seat in front of the desk and as she did her dress parted almost all the way to her waist and right then my pants got a little tighter.

    I couldn't stop staring at her face, and she just stared back right at me.  I finally got my senses back and decided that the best course of action was to find out exactly what she was looking for.

"I hope you don't mind if I ask a few question, they might be a bit personal but it will help me to get a idea exactly what you will need and what you will need it for.  First off at you married and if so will you be using this product with your husband?  Second are you looking for a vibrator or dildo and should it have a clitorus stimulator.  Of course there are difference in size some long some short and the same goes to say with width, hardness, softness, natural color, smooth or ribbed and so on and so forth."

    She giggled slightly and started to turn that deep red again, so I just looked down and started to flip the pages of one of the books.  I really wasn't looking at the book but she couldn't tell that I was looking at the way her breast were starting to rise and fall.  I think that she was getting excited by what I had just said and I know that just watching her had started to get me excited. I finally looked up after a minute or so thinking that this was the right amount of time for her to formulate a answer to my question.

"I think if we're going to speak in such broad term you should at least know my name, it Alicia, I'm 24 yrs old and live by myself.  I don't have a husband or boyfriend and that is the problem. I've never had sex but have played around and been played with except for full intercourse and I feel it's about time that I get to know what it feels like to have something inside of me besides my fingers.  I've never owned a vibrator or dildo before and haven't the faintest idea what you just asked so I guess there are going to be many questions for you to answer from me. You seem to know what this is all about and hopefully you are not a virgin like I am and can help me understand what I need or what.  Now what about you, are you married, or have a girlfriend, and if not would you be willing to show me how to use some of these things if I purchase them so I don't go off and do something silly with them?"

    Now it was my turn to start getting red,  she was so straight forward and honest that I knew she wasn't giving me a line and I felt that this might be a very interesting arrangement.

"I'm sure that we can find something that could be what your looking for.  My name is Zach and I'm a little older than you and have to admit that I've only been working her a couple of weeks.  That being said though I can tell you I have read up on all of these items and should be able to help you find something to your liking.  If I may though I would like to ask what made you decide at this point in your life to think about doing this?"

Alicia, bowing her head and whispering."A few months back I was in a relationship for 2 years with this man who was someone I had know since I was a freshman at college.  I had always said that I wanted to save myself for the man I was going to marry.  He and I had decided to get married and he said he was willing to wait but then a month before we were to get married I stopped by his apartment one after noon and thinking he was at work I was going to let myself in like usual and make  dinner.  We were suppose to be going to the theater that night and when I let myself in I heard noises coming from the bedroom.  I walked back then and found him having sex with the girl that lived across the hall from him.  They didn't see me of hear me so I walked out to the kitchen and left him a note and his ring on the kitchen table and left and never talked to him again.  I thought about it and now have decided that I have been saving myself for someone who didn't deserve me so I am going to now find out what I have been missing for so long."

  When she finished she raised her head and I could see the tears running down her cheek,  I offered her some tissue and just sat then not saying anything because anything I said at that moment would be like another slap in her face, better to let her get it out then go on from there. I already knew that what I would say to her would have a long term affect and I wanted it to be the right thing.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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I knew Hank kept a couple bottles of wine and other booze in the closet and there were a couple bottles in his private fridge in the corner.  I didn't think he would mind and I would replace what ever I used but I knew that Alicia could more than likely use a glass of wine to help calm her down, I knew that I needed something too but chose some Yukon Jack on ice. She excepted the glass from my hand and half downed it right off.  I set the bottle on the desk next to her in case she would like some more.

Alicia,"I'm sorry about falling apart like that but I thought I was over it.  I haven't really talked about it with anyone since it happened and it all of a sudden came crashing down around me."

"You've been threw something that has hurt you greatly and it's going to keep on hurting no matter what until you decide to forget about him.  He did not deserve you and proved that by his action, that said I hope that you will carry on and go forward with you like and only look back at this as a lesson learned.  Now as far as you wanting to fulfill your sexual desire, I hope that you don't think by doing this that it will lessen the pain any. There is only one way to do that and that is time.  But if you truly have your heart set on doing this I can only hope to be of some assistance.  Do you feel calm enough to continue or would you rather wait for a while and come back at a latter date?"

Alicia," Now is the best time for me to continue on. I'm not going to wait and think about it because I know if I do I will wind up using what he has done to me to not go forward and it's time that I did regardless.  The only differance now is that I will be having sex with something non-human and cold and unemotional."

"That's true if you want it that way, but on the bright side of that, you don't have to worry about a STD, having a child, and someone who once he gets off, jumping up and getting dressed and leaving without you getting a feeling of completion.  And when your done for the night all you have to do is give it a good washing with soap and water, dry it, and put it back in the drawer and it will be there ready and waiting for you anytime you like to do it all over again.'

This brought a slight laugh from her and when she looked up this time she had a smile one her face.  She picked up on of the books and set it on her lap and started to thumb threw it.  I just sat back and watched her and glanced at the security screens ever so often keeping a eye on the store.  Unlucky for me about 15 minutes later I happen to see a couple of young college guys trying to lift a couple of mags from the isle just out side the office,  I got up and asked if Alicia would excuse me I had to go earn my keep.  She got a puzzled look on her face, but I got up without saying anything future and walked out the door.  I hit the auto door lock before I left the desk and when I got to the isle one of them was just trying to stuff a mag down the sleeve of his jacket.  I didn't feel like playing around with these two, both looked to be in pretty good shape  not like most of the college kids we get in here, nerdy types, and when I told him that he was going to have to go to jail for being stupid I don't think he took me seriously. 

Without a word he swung at me and I blocked it and swung back catching him in the solar plexis and he double up and sunk to the floor gasping for air, his buddy didn't take to well to what I just did to his friend and  came rushing at me from about 15 feet away like he was going to tackle me.  I just kicked him in the chest and when he came up I gave him a shot to the throat, not to hard I didn't want to kill him just put him down.  He went down like a ton of bricks  and then one of the guys that works for me came running around the corner.  I told him to cuff the one guy as I bent over and cuffed the tackler and rolled him into a upright sitting position,  I told her to take some deep breaths  and he would be alright in a couple of minutes. I called for Linda to call the locals and have them come get these guys and I would be back in the office. I headed b ack to the office after getting these two move over near the door and saw that it was close to closing anyway.  I asked Jerry to start clearing the place out and let me know when the cops got there and headed back to the office.  When I got to the door I found that it was locked and had to knock and asked Alicia to let me in.  She opened the door slowly and I could see the fear in her eyes.  I walked in and she fell forward throwing her arms around my neck, her lips came up and she kissed me hard and her whole body was shaking. The kiss lasted a good minute and she showed no signs of wanting it to end.  I took her by the shoulders and pushed her away asking if she was alright.

Alicia, voice trembling,"I'm not sure, I saw the whole thing, the way those men came at you and you just seemed to push them off,  I've never seen anything like that but in the movies.  Where did you learn to do stuff like that. I got so excited and I mean sexually watching you do all that.  You could have broken them in two if you wanted."

She continued to babble for the next couple of minutes until I put my finger up to her lips.  I told her that I thought it would be better if she left since the cops would be here in the next 15 minutes and I would be busy for the next hour filling out police reports.  I told her that we could continue anytime she wanted all she would have to do is call and ask for me and then come in.  She said that she didn't want to wait and walked over and wrote down her address and phone number on  the notepad at the desk and told me that if I wasn't to tired she would like for me to come over after I was finished and she would even make breakfast for us.  I told her I would call and let her know.  I walked to out to her car, which when I saw it surprised the heck out of me,  it was a brand new Vet, and cheery read to boot.  She handed me the key and I hit the alarm and unlocked the door and opened it for her,  she once again put her arms around me neck and kissed me and said that she would be waiting for my call.  She pulled out of the lot just a the local cops pulled it. I met them at the front door and started to explain what had taken place.  I was right it took about a hour for me to fill out the report and when I looked at the clock on the desk it red 3 a.m.  I wasn't tired at all but wasn't sure if I should call Alicia or not.  I was sitting then looking at the phone when it rang and I almost fell out of the chair.  The caller id told me that I didn't have to worry about calling her, she was calling me.

Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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[i]I let the phone ring a couple times before picking it up, I wasn't sure what I was going to say or hear and I already knew what I wanted to do but wasn't sure if it was the right thing.
Alicia, sounding a little scared, "I hate to bother you, I know your probably busy still with the police but I saw something when I got home and it has me scared. I'm not sure but I think that my Rx's car is parked up the block but I couldn't make out if he was in it or not."

I told her that I was just finishing up and would tell the cops about it and have them follow me over there to check out the car.  The cops said they would follow and we headed out to the address she had given me.  I let them get a half block ahead of me and when they pulled up to the car in question, I could see that there was someone sitting in it.  The cops got him out and checked his ID and then started going threw the car,  Next thing I know one of them grabs the guy and throws him over the hood and cuffs him, his partner comes out of the car holding a gun in his hand.  He gave a wave towards my car and then they put the guy in a squad and it headed out.  I then drove up and got the whole story and we headed to Alicia's house where they questioned her and took a statement. When she answered the door all three of us sucked in out breath, standing before us was Alicia, in a sheer white dressing gown and robe, the light behind her showing us a perfect outline of her body under it. She was breathing heavy and her breast and cleavage rose with each intake of air, her nipples were poking out of the front like small olives, and you could smell the scent of her excitement.  She was pretty shook up by the time they left as were both the officers who had trouble hiding their bulges in the front of their pants, she was told to go down in the morning and get a order of protection to keep this guy away from her and I told them I would make sure she was there first thing.  She was shaking bad enough that she was having trouble holding a glass..

After the cops left I got her a stiff drink and made her sit on the couch and just sat next to her trying to calm her down.  It took another 2 drinks before she stopped shaking and by now she was leaning up against me with her head on my shoulder and drifting off to sleep.  I knew that she needed to get away from here for a while but I didn't have a place of my own yet but decided I would ask Charlie if she could spend some time with us until things got settle with he ex, then she looked up at me and started to talk.

Alicia,"Look at all the trouble I'm causing you and we've just met. I hope you don't think to badly of me for what I am about to say but I don't want to be alone tonight.  I want you to say with me and I don't mean for you to sleep on the couch.  I won't feel safe unless your in the same bed with me. I have a few hand guns that belonged to my dad and there in a safe in the bedroom if you feel you need one, I have a feeling you know how to handle any one of them.  I think it's time for you to take me to bed now before I fall asleep on you right here."

I stood up and when she stood she fell against me, I think she did it on purpose as when she was leaning against me she was rubbing her breast all over my chest.  I picked her up and was surprised at how light she felt in my arms and told her to give me directions.  She laid her head on my shoulder and whispered the way to her bedroom in my ear then started to nibble on my neck as I carried her towards it.  I thought my bedroom at Charlies was big and nice but this one was bigger and just as nice.  The bed was on a raise platform and the biggest king size I had ever seen with bed side tables on each side.  There were mirrors over the bed and the wall on the foot end was cover also.  Behind the headboard was a dressing table and mirrors and on either side were double doors.  I found out later that one led to the walking closet which was half the size of the bedroom and the other was the bathroom which was the other half.  I laid Alicia down on the bed and told her I would be right back and was going to go check on the locks of the doors.  She told me not to worry and reached over and grabbed a remote control and pressed a couple of buttons, it beeped a couple of times and she said there all the doors were locked and the alarm was set.  I just shook my head, she had one heck of a security system for sure. I then excused myself to use the bathroom and she just giggled and point to the set of door to show me where it was.  The bathroom had everything, 4 person shower, Jacuzzi tub that could fit 4 easily, double sinks, even double crappers one on each end of the room with there own private stalls. This place was really decked out and it had me wondering just who  this woman was.

I took off my shirt after I finished and washed off a little then dried off with the softest towel and headed back into the bedroom.  I expect to see Alicia sleeping but she was far from asleep,  she was sitting in the middle of the bed. legs crossed yoga style and naked as the day she was born.  When she raised her head that flaming red hair spilled over her shoulder and down  barely touching the top of her breast. Her skin was as white as a fresh powered snow on a mountain top until you got to her aureoles which were a brownest red and the size of silver dollars and in the middle of these were her hard as diamonds and the size of large olives.  The only other color n her body beside nail polish was a small tuft of red hair in the shape of a lighting bolt just above the top of her pussy slit.  Needless to say this was a sight to behold and it got the crotch of my pants tighter the longer I looked at it. 

Alicia, smiling, "I've been wanting to show myself to you since we first met tonight. The minute I saw you and you looking into my eyes I knew you were the one met  to make me a total woman.  I can see from the bulge in your pants that you must approve of what you are looking at and I'm glad that you do because I will willing give it all to you this night and any time you want it. Would you please finish undressing so I can see that beautiful body of yours and know that I was right when I pictured you naked in my mind?"

I reached down and up button my pants and slowly pulled the zipper down. I stopped there and kicked off my shoes then hook my thumbs in the side of my jeans and started to lower them.  The lower they got the bigger her eyes got and her mouth started to form a circle with each inch they dropped.  In the summer I go commando and when the head of my cock came into view a small cry came from her.  When my pants hit the floor she was smiling from ear to ear and patted the bed in front of her.  I walked  up onto the platform and leaned forward putting my hands on each side of her knees as I leaned in and touched her forehead to mine looking deeply into those green eyes. She never blinked but tilted her head back till out lips met for the first time.  As we kissed her hands started to slide up my arms till they were on the back of my neck and she started to pull me forward and on top of her, then her mouth opened and her tongue rushed into my mouth and was everywhere at ounce.  I tried to hold my weight up off of her but she kept pulling on me till I was laying flat on top of her.  Her nipples were poking holes in my chest and my cock had slipped between her legs and the head was rubbing along her slit as he moved her hips up and down. God she felt wonderful but I was scared I was crushing her so I rolled over pulling her on top of me never breaking the kiss. 

We continued to kiss and I was having trouble keeping up with her.  Her hands were everywhere. First around my neck, then on my chest pinching my nipples and finally she reached between our bodies and took my cock in her hand and started rubbing it against her cl it.  Every time it hit her love button she would whimper like a puppy and shake all over.  I reached up and took each of her breast in my hands and started to tweak her nipples, rolling them between my fingers then pulling on them, then just taking her whole breast in my hand and massaging it. I was getting pretty worked up but wanted nothing more than to taste with wonderful woman so I rolled her onto her back and got back on top and started to kiss her neck and worked my way down to her breast after a short while.  I pushed one hand down between her legs and used a finger to rub between her now soaking wet slit.  Taking some of that wetness  I found her cl it and started to circle it then pinch it lightly bringing loud moans from deep within her.  When my mouth finally found her left nipple, I couldn't believe but it tasted like a sweet candy coated almond. Her hands were wrapped in my hair and she was pulling my head harder into her chest with each nibble I took.  I then started to trail a wet road down her belly till I was between her legs. When I got there she moved her legs out to the sides almost like she was doing the splits then as my tongue touched that toff of hairs she raised her hips up, this buried my tongue in her slit and she let out a scream that could have be heard miles away and came for the first time. 

I would lick down her slit all the way to her rose bud then swirl my tongue around it and go back up till I found her cl it and suck it into my mouth and nibble lightly on it, each time I did this she would shake and moan, or say something and cum again.

Alicia, just as I sucked her cl it into my mouth," Oh My God Yesssssss I'mmmmmm Cummingg OH OH OH AHJHHHH,, don't stop,  I can't stop cummmminnggggggggggg."

I kept this up for a good half hour till she had tears running down her face and she was breathing like she had run 2 miles up hill and was begging me to stop so she wouldn't pass out.  I finally gave in when I looked up at her face and seen that the white she normally was was not a hot pink.  I figured I better let her calm down before she had a heart attack, so I crawled up next to her and put my arms around her and just held her to my chest.  Her head on nestled on my should and her tears were running down it and onto the bed. Her body was shaking and it took her a while before she started breathing normal.

I carried
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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I carried her back over on top of me and let her rest there. He lips were next to my ear and every so often she would let her tongue slip out and lick at it reminding me that she was still there and very much turned on.  I was still having second thoughts of taking her fully but by the way she was acting I knew that she had made up her mind and she was on a mission and was not going to be denied.

Then she slowly sat up and was sitting across  my thighs as she reached down to grasp a firm hold of me and stroke me slowly. She was staring into my eyes as she lifted her hips and mover upward till she had her pussy hole right over the head of my cock, rubbing it back and forth threw her slit getting it slick and shiny with her juices. I reached up with both hands and tweaked each nipple causing her to moan softly and rub the head of my cock harder against herself. Then she stopped just as it found the entrance to her and she did something I wasn't really ready for, she dropped straight down.  The head went in and she felt tight as trying to put a size 10 foot in a size 6 shoe, and my cock started to bend causing me to moan with some pain. The pain was short lived as suddenly it pushed its way deeper inside of her and she screamed out once again and kept pushing downward till she had me fully inside her and she was hitting a high c note with her scream. Three seconds after she hit bottom she fell forward onto my chest but never lifted her hips, I had never felt anything as tight around my cock as she was, it was like a glove but a hot, wet, slippery glove and it was contracting with each beat of her heart.

"God, I can't believe how tight you are Alicia.  Alicia?  Alicia?"

I grabbed her by the shoulder and lifted her and her head just hung down.  I was starting to get worried and shook her and called her name till she started to mumble and come around. When her eye lids fluttered open I could see her eyes were rolled back to the top of her head and when she did get them to come down they were crossed for a second.  I was going to pull her off of me but she stopped me by saying not to move her.

Alicia, " Stop don't move or move me just yet, I don't think I could take any more pleasure that I am already feeling. What happened?  I think I passed out?  When your head went in it felt wonderful but I got a rush that was like the top of my head was going to blow off, then you broke threw my wall and it did blow off.  It felt like every nerve ending in my body fired at once, then the air was sucked from my lungs and everything went black.  Even now my whole body is tingling like crazy and my pussy is vibrating. I even think I peed and if I did I'm sorry."

"You didn't pee little lady you just came real hard and squirted is all. It's nothing to be ashamed of, it's natural in some woman, it's never happened to you before?"

"NOooooooooooo, I've never felt this way before.  Oh I've got off using my fingers on myself but I have never felt something this powerful. It's like my whole body is reacting to your cock, and to tell you the truth I really like the way it feels being buried deep inside of me. I hope it feels this good when I start to move up and down?"

And say this she started to raise up and the more she raised the wider her eyes got. When she got to where just the head was still inside her she stopped and looked down at me and had the biggest smile, then she slowly started to lower herself till she once again hit bottom.  Slowly she picked up the pace and each time she would go a little faster, sometimes when she hit bottom she would swing her hips in a circle.  I was in another world myself at this point and ready to blow any second but wanted her to cum first so I tried to hold off.  Watching her have so much fun and seeing her tits bounce and and all wasn't helping me at all.  I then saw a serious look come over her face and knew that she was building up to another big one and I was going to match her now stroke for stroke to make it as good for her as I could.  She reached up and grabbed her nipples and started to pull on them and she started to let out little yelps with each thrust she made.  I had my hands on her hips trying to pulling her down harder and raising my hips trying to go deeper if I could and then she let out a loud screaming YeSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss and just once again feel forward onto my chest as I started to blast stream after hot stream deep inside of her.  With each blast she would shake and whimper and this happened a good 6 times and then it slowed but I kept shooting another half dozen times not as big a the first but still enough that she felt each one.  She laid atop me trembling and breathing hard as I was for the next fifteen minutes, slowly my cock went down and when the head slipped out of her we both heard the pop then felt the wetness as our mixed juices slowly flowed from her.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Nice, Warrior. (I mean Hippie!)
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Hey Tabu, good to see you got some free time from you hectic work load to sit down and read a few things, glad to see that you liked it, there will be more just for you.  Hippie
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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[i]I was at a lost when I opened my eyes, I didn't know where I was but I knew that for sure I wasn't in my own bed. Then things started to come back to me, I heard soft singing coming from somewhere and who ever it was had a heck of a voice but I didn't know who it was till I got out of the bed and walk into the bathroom.  The first thing I saw was the out line of her body threw the glass door of the shower, then the smell hit me like a ton of bricks, lavender, I was always partial to that smell and it was a turn on for me when a woman wore it.  If I had not already been hard from morning wood I would have reacted it was so strong and the sight of her threw the  clear door with her now wet red hair streaming down her back was one heck of a sight.  I walked over to the john farthest from the shower and emptied my bladder and was surprised how much it held, I was thoughtful enough not to flush  so the shower water wouldn't change temp on her, then walked over and stood in front of the door just looking at her.  Her back was to the door and she didn't see me or hear me and when she did turn around she let out a scream then started to laugh.  She opened the door and invited me in saying the water was fine. 

I stepped in and the first thing she did was throw her arms around my neck and reach up and kiss me and thank me for a wonderful night.  I thanked her and she grabbed a cloth and the soap and started to wash me.  I couldn't help looking at her, her body was so white except for her nipples and hair, he skin was as smooth as silk and she didn't have a blemish any where that I could see.  She washed my chest then stomach then she dropped to her knees and started to wash  my cock and crotch.  Every time she came to a scare on my body she would bend forward kiss it and ask how I had gotten it, and gasp as I told her the stories behind each one.  When she told me to turn around she let out a gasp when she saw the long scar on my back and leg, I told her not to worry that they healed find and they didn't cause any damage that was long lasting.  Slowly she soaped my back and buttocks and then the back of my legs.  She was so gentle and she lingered longer than I thought she needed so I turned around and was surprised to see that she had tears running down her face.  I put my arms around her and pulled her tight to me, and then she really started to let go.

Alicia, "I feel so bad for you, all the pain you must have suffered.  I could never do anything like that to another person, how do you handle being hurt like that, it would just kill me."

I just continued to hold onto her letting the warm water flow over us, I couldn't answer her because deep down I didn't know how I was handling it, but I was and I felt if I thought about it I might now be able to.  The hot water started to run out and I reached behind us and turned it off.  She went out first and grabbed a couple of towels and we dried each other off then headed back into the bedroom.  The bed was a mess and the center had a big wet spot and some blood stains on it, I went over and started to strip off the sheets and took them into the bathroom and ran some cold water in the tub and put the sheet in it.  I asked her if she had anything that might take out the stain and she just laughed, saying that she wasn't the least bit domistic and knew where the washer and dryer were but that was about it since she had a woman that came in 4 times a week to clean and do the laundry.  I had her tell me where the washer was and found some stuff and threw the sheets in and filled it and then let it soak.  When I got back she had the new sheets out and was having trouble getting the fitted bottom one on the bed but at least she was trying. I stood at the door watch her and it was funny, this little naked redhead fighting with a fitted sheet.  I finally went in and showed her a trick of lifting the mattress to help get it on and she was just so amazed by that.

After getting the bed remade, we settled down with her laying next to me with her head on my shoulder. We both must have dozed off because the next thing I knew my cell was going off and when I looked at the number I knew I had a few questions to answer. It was Charlie and she started out asking if I was ok, I told her I was with a friend who had a problem and that everything was fine.  She tried not to pry but when she heard Alicia moan as she moved on my chest she knew that I was ok and that I wasn't alone.  She quickly said she was sorry for bothering me and that Hank had called looking for me. I told her I would give a call as soon as I was off the phone with her and we said our goodbyes.  Alicia opened her eyes and asked if that was my Mother and I told her it was my godmother who I was living with and she was worried since I hadn't made it home.  She giggled and said that if she only knew what you had really been  up to what would she say.  I told her she would more that likely ask me why I hadn't brought you home.  This got another laugh out of her.  I then called Hank and got the third degree from him but kept him in the dark also.  He asked if I was going to be at work and I told him that I would be there and not to worry. 
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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What an honor. Thank you so much..-curtsy-
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Sadly I had to leave too soon and Alicia said she would be ok, but I didn't trust her being alone right now so I made sure she understood that she was to lock down the house and set the alarm and if anything happen she was to call me after she called the cops first.  I ran home and just as I got out of the shower Charlie was sitting on my bed and started with the third degree,  I gave her the short story and was about to ask if she minded if Alicia spent a couple days here when she piped up that I was to get her on the phone and have her pack enough cloths for a week or so and her and I would go over and pick her up and bring her back.  I got Alicia on the phone and after explaining what was going on Charlie grabbed the phone from me and started talking to her.  I finished getting dressed and when I was about to leave it was settled that Alicia was going to be here when I got back and not to worry about anything.  I knew she was going to be safe when I saw the big guy walk out of the bedroom with a shoulder holster with a 357 mag strapped in it and on his belt was a 9 m glock.  He was carrying another 9 m in a belt clip holster and walked up and handed it to me.

"I know I don't have to show you how this works, but take it just in case.  Don't worry, I made a call and your carry permit is being typed up right now and a officer will drop it off at the store within a hour or two.  No sense not being prepared, and don't work the little woman will be safe once I get her in the car and back her. Call when you leave the shop and don't make any plans for tommorrow, we have to get some security stuff from town and it's going to take a while to get it set up."

I didn't know what to say, so I just shook his hand and her pulled me in and gave me a hug and told me to be careful and he would see me when I got home. When I got to work Katy told me there was a plain cloths cop waiting for me in the office so I headed straight back there,  He introduced himself and had me sign some paper work then handed me my carry licence and told me he hoped I didn't have to use it.  He then told me they had run the guy from Alicia's and turns out he had a record for abuse, assault, stalking, and armed volience but had beat all of them, because no one would go to court against him.  I told him that I was one that didn't scare easily and that he was going to see me and Alicia in court and I only hoped he didn't try anything stupid.  He told me that unoffically he couldn't tell me what to do but if it was him he would shoot first and ask questions later.  I told him, that was the way I was trained and it always somehow worked out for the best that way. He shook my hand and smiled, then turned and left.

Luckily it was a slow night, Katy said the word had gotten around that they had a new manager and he didn't take kindly to anyone trying to get a five finger discount and don't even think of trying to muscle him around because you would wind up on the short end of the stick.  I couldn't believe how slow the time went by and then finally we locked up and I called and headed home.  I pulled down the drive and everything looked normal, I got out of the car and before I took two step I heard it before I saw it.  I grabbed for the glock but stopped when I heard the chuckle of the big guy. 

"Good to see you haven't lost you sense of whats around you."  he said as her walked out of the tree line next to the drive on the other side behind the car.

"You must have been hid pretty good I didn't see you when I drove up but once I got out of the car I felt you move"

"Good" was all he said as he came around the car and we headed into the house. Once inside Alicia came running up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss.  She started talking so fast I had to try and slow her down.

"These are two of the nicest people I have ever met.  Charlie is a sweetheart and she is so worried about me but I told her that I would be alright as long as you are around. And this big guy, he's like a big teddy bear but I think that he could turn into a Grizzly if someone pissed him off. What was he doing out there for the last hour anyway?"

I just looked at her and said," Shitting in the woods, isn't that what bears do?"

That broke everyone up except Alicia who punched me in the stomach,  then she too started to giggle.  Charlie had cooked up some pork chops on the grill and we all sat at the table and had a very late dinner with a couple bottles of wine and then headed off to bed. Being respectful I asked Charlie what room she had put Alicia in and she just looked at me and smiled and said,"Yours, why don't you plan on sleeping with the beautiful yound lady?"

Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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I wasn't sure if I had heard Charlie right but Alicia sure did and she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom I had been staying in. I guess she knew that I was beat also so when we got there she went in and started the shower and called for me to come in and jump in with her.  I didn't have to be asked twice and was out of my cloths and opening the door to the shower in under a minute.  I still wasn't use to the sight of her body and just stood there at the door looking at her as she let the spray run over her head and down her body.  God she was pale but so dam pretty and the red of her hair just made it look all that move white.  She look over and reached up and pulled me in and stood me with my back to the wall letting the water cascade over me as she took a cloth and lathered it up and proceed to rub my chest with it.  I just stood there letting her have her way and in the process started to think.  I really didn't know much about this girl yet I felt completely comfortable with her, what I did know didn't trip any warning signs and she wouldn't be the first woman who I had a relationship with that had problems with a ex boyfriend, the only thing is the other had not be this extreme.  She started to hum a tune as she dropped to her knees and washed my crotch and cock.  I got hard as soon as she touched me and this caused her to giggle out loud.

Alicia, "Looks like someone is sure happy to see me, but I sense you have some doughs about me, I can see it in your eyes. You can ask me anything you want about me and I will tell you the whole truth."

"It's not doughs but I do have some questions.  Nothing big but I just want to get to know you better, and know about you is all.  I'm going to say something that I haven't said to anyone in a long, long time and I hope it don't scare you, but if it does let me know and I'll do what ever you need me to do about it."

I reached down and pulled her up and held her at arms length.  She had a worried look in her eyes and I hoped what I said next didn't scare her away.

"Alicia, I know I've only know you a short time, but I can't help what I am feeling, and that feeling is getting stronger the more I am around you.  I've only felt this way about one other woman and it took almost a year before I had that feeling with her.  Sadly she didn't feel the same way, but didn't tell me that right off, but went out and cheated just so she could get out of the relationship with me.  Now I want you to know this didn't just happen yesterday but when I was 16, and I don't ever want to feel that kind of pain again. So what I am about to say is going to shock you so don't answer right away just think about it and let me know how you feel in the morning.  Alicia I'm falling in love with you and I am hoping that you might be having the same feeling for me."

There I said it something I had been holding back from saying or feeling for any woman for a long, long time.  I was watching her face for some reaction and she just looked at me for a few seconds, then the corner of her mouth started to rise and a tear started to form in the corners of her eyes.  She threw her arms around my neck and buried her head in my chest and sobbed, and shook as she cried.  I wasn't sure if this was a good sign or a bad one but whatever it was I would live with it no matter what. We stayed like that under the shower head for the next ten minutes until she finally calmed down. I reached behind me and turned off the water then opened the door and grabbed a couple of towels and wrapped one around her and she took the other and rapped it around her head and stepped out.  She handed me a towel and walked away, I started to worry and just stood outside the shower door watching her as she got to the bedroom doorway when she turned and finally spoke.

Alicia," It's been a long day for both of us and I know your tried so why don't you just come with me and well go to bed and talk about this in the morning."

I followed her into the bedroom and she dropped the towels next to the bed then pulled back the covers and sheets and crawled up on the bed.  I was having second thought and told her if she liked I could sleep in the spare bed room but she just patted the bed next to her so I walked around it and dropped my towel and laid down.  She then cuddled my as close to me as she could and rest her head on my shoulder, signed and closed her eyes.  I reached over and switched off the bedside lamp and laid there thinking until I too fell asleep, but I wasn't ready for what happened when I woke up in the morning.

Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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I thought I was dreaming but if I was it was one of the best dreams I had ever had. I was getting a blow job from Alicia and she was doing a fantastic job until I heard someone calling my name and I started to wake up.  I was wrong it wasn't a dream, Alicia was bent over trying to suck the life out of me as I slept but then the voice was there also calling my name and it sounded like Charlie and she didn't sound to happy.  Alicia jumped up and laid down quickly next to me, pulling the sheet over her as the door came open and Charlie stood there looking like someone had scared the hell out of her.

Charlie, rather frantically,"You two are going to have to throw something on and get out here right away, there's two cops here and they need to talk to the both of you right now."

I threw on a pair of sweats and had Alicia do the same though she looked rather funny since they were about 5 sizes to big for her and we walked out.  The cops turned out to be detectives from the sheriffs office and when I asked what was up they said that Alicia's ex had apparently hung himself in his cell after being arrested last night, and they wanted her to know that he wouldn't be bothering her anymore.  Alicia was a little upset but more relieved than anything.  His parents were really pissed that she had called the cops on him and said that all he wanted to do was talk to her.  They said he never owned a gun and the one they found in the car was planted by the cops.  Needless to say I was relieved to know he wouldn't be bothering her anymore then on of the cops said that she should watch out for the parents for a few weeks as they had problems with them in the pass.  Great I thought, one thing solved and now another pops up. I asked if they knew where she was and they said that no one had that info and they would keep it that way.  I thanked them and they left. Charlie told Alicia she was welcome to stay as long as she needed and that she didn't have to worry about being safe here.  I knew she was right about the safe part but I knew that she would need some stuff of her own if she was going to be her a while. 

I was hoping to get a few more hours of sleep and when Alicia and I went back to the bedroom I knew that she had different plans than me.  Once inside she turned and closed the door then started to strip off the sweats she was in all the while staring right into my eyes.  When she was done she walked up and went crazy ripping mine off me until the both of us were naked.  She pushed me back on the bed and jumped on top of me,  smothering my face with kisses and her hands were everywhere at once.

Alicia,"Take me now, make love to me, fuck me like you have never fucked any woman before, I need to feel you in me. NOW"

I was only half hard but that didn't stop her from sitting up and reaching between us and grabbing my cock and bring the head to all so sweet hole.  I was surprised at how wet she was and when she rubbed the head of my cock over her clit she came for the first time, then she held the head at her hold and just dropped down till I was buried balls deep inside of her, bringing a small scream from deep inside her.  I reached up and cupped her breast and ran my thumbs over her nipples making them stand out and hard as diamonds as she rotated her hips grinding her pelvis against me.  It only took a few movements and she came for the second time this time flooding my crotch with her wetness, then she started to bounce up and down. She kept this up and looking down at me telling me with each thrust to fill her with my sperm, or pinch her nipples harder, or about a whole list of different things.  She was a woman posses ed and I was just along for the ride.  I think she was trying to blot out what had happened and this was the way she choose to do it and all I could do was try to help her in any way that I could. Then she really surprised me.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Alicia jump up off of me and stood over me reaching between her legs and rubbing her crotch.  I could tell she was near to cumming once again and when she did she squirted a long stream all over my chest. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she knelt down and collapsed against my chest.

Alicia breathing heavily," I can't believe I just did that, it's never happened before, but I like it."

I explained that some woman can climax so hard that they can squirt like that and it was a beautiful sight and natural. Her breast, belly were now coated with it as she moved back and forth across my chest spreading it evenly across the both of us. She said she was sorry that I didn't get to cum but she wanted to make up for it and she knew exactly how she wanted to do it. She slid down a bit and started to suck on my nipples as she rose her hips and my cock fell forward against my belly. When it was laying flat she lowered her hips till it was trapped in the crack of her pussy and she started to slide back and forth jacking it as she did. I just laid there enjoying the feeling of her body against mine, and trying to hold back as the massage her crack was giving me had me close to cumming. She stopped moving and looked up at me and smiled then raised her hips and reached between us and grabbed a hold of my cock. I was more than ready to be back inside of her and this time I was going to give her the ride of her life but she had another surprise for me.  She ran the head of my cock over her clit which brought and shiver threw her body then threw her crack and pass her hole and rubbed the head against her brown eye.  This sent a shiver threw me and before I stopped shaking she pushed back with her hips till the head popped into that very tight passage. She let out a little sigh but didn't stop and kept pushing taking me deeper inch by inch.

Alicia,"OH MY GOD, that feels so good. I can feel you heart beat and its stretching me open more that I have ever been in my life. Don't move just yet, I want to feel it all up inside of me.  I can feel the head hitting something in my pussy even, dam you are so big and long I hope I can get it all up inside of me."

And she didn't stop pushing till she did have all 8 inches inside of her.  We just laid there for a couple of minutes not moving until she pushed herself up into a sitting position with her knees on each side of me.  The look on her face was one of amazement and rightfully so, she reached between her legs and felt that she had taken me completely then she ran her fingers over her clit a  few times making her shake and quiver. I reached up and pinched her nipples bringing a squeal from her lips as she started to rotate her hips in a circle a few time then back and forth rubbing her clit against me. I was trying to think of anything but what I was feeling to make me not blast a load right then and there and it was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I knew if she kept up I wasn't going to last long at all so I grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her down against my chest then rolled over until I was on top of her.  Her legs automatically shot up in the air and I was now in control.  She looked up at me and smiled and said, "Yesssssssss, now fuck me hard and fast and deep.  I want to feel your cock all the way up to my chest, do it, dooooooooooo ittttttttt nowwwwwwwwwwww hardddddddddd, and deeppppppppppppppp, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,"

And I did, I was going to be gentle, this is how she wanted it so I was going to give it my best shot. The first few thrust were short ones, then I would pull out till just the head was inside of her. With each stroke she would raise her hips to meet me letting out a sigh or grunt when I slammed back all the way down. I kept this up as long as I could and when I felt that I could last no longer I reached down and flicked my thumb across her clit as fast as I could and yelled that I was going to cum, she screamed for me to fill her that she was cumming too. I buried my cock deep as I could and blasted out 3 heavy blast as she came and squirted a long blast up my chest to just below my chin matching each blast that I blew into her. I collapsed on top of her as she wrapped her legs around my hips pulling me tightly to her and we both just laid there trying to catch out breath.  I slowly slipped out of her ass and when the head popped out we could both hear the sound, she started to giggle and it made me start to laugh too.  That's when the knock on the door came and Charlie yelled that breakfast was ready and to get out there and eat before it got cold.  I didn't know about Alicia but I knew I was going to be walking funny for a while and figured she would be too.  

I managed to get untangled from her and sat up on the end of the bed as she lay there, cum seeping from her ass and for once a Rosy color to her skin.  I reached down and grabbed the sweat pants she had been wearing and asked if she wanted to wear them and a t-shirt to eat and she said yes but was worried that she might keep leaking  for a while.  I got up and got a towel from the bathroom and made a makeshift diaper for her and we got dressed and walked out to the kitchen in less than five minutes.  Charlie looked up and as soon as soon as she looked at Alicia she got a big ole smile on her face and said to her, "I know what you been doing, I can see it all over you face, and hey you got some color to yourself.  Good for you, now how was my nephew in bed, did he make love to you like a good man should."   Alicia just smiled and said," He did the best that I will ever have in my life, I think I might have to keep him" and she reach over and smacked me on the ass just before I sat down.  This cause the whole table to go up in laughter.

And that's how it's been ever since,  Charlie gave me a couple of acres out on the point of the cove and Alicia and I build a log cabin on it just 50 ft from the lake.  I still run the store for Hank but am half owner in it.  We added on to it and also build a strip club down the street and both are making more money than we need.  Turns out Alicia is a million dollar woman, actually a 30 million dollar woman from what she inherited and she's happy to stay home and do her art work so we have a studio next to the house for her to work in and a store in town that she sells her and some friends painting at. She's asked me to marry her but only when I am ready.  I offered to sign a prenup but she just laugh and said what ever she has is mine so I'm thinking that a nice spring wedding might be in the making.  Charlie and the ole hippy are still getting along like they are teenagers and Alicia and her are like mother and daughter shopping and always talking.  We all eat at least dinner together and more or less every other meal also.  Alicia said that she would like for them to go on our honeymoon with us and I can think of nothing better than to share that time with them. So for now we just live, love, and take each day as it comes, and worry about nothing, but making each other happy.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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