My husband and I wish to find a sub/slave. He is very tall, and she is shorter and curvy. She has many piercings and one tattoo. He is well endowed. Both parties are experienced in the BDSM lifestyle and community. She has been/is a professional in the BDSM scene and model. She has given numerous workshops and talks on various topics regarding the kink lifestyle.

Now for the following personal ad, in roleplay and what is expected of you:

We are only interested in naturally submissive SLAVES that are OBEDIENT.

We do not want your drama, games, bs, or any of that.

You are genetically female, under 35 and able to serve at least once per week.

No overnights unless you earn the privilege.

Service will entail corporal punishment, violet wand play, toilet play/smothering, bondage, training, toys, and more.

Limits respected but explored depending.

You will be serving a very experienced couple. He is very tall and handsome, German, and she was a pro bdsm figure for over 8 years and still models.

Leave your drama at Broadway.

I will NOT micro manage your entire life. If you cannot behave naturally, then we do not want you.

Do note that sexual contact is not a right, it is not a given. It is earned, and in many cases, our slaves have not been allowed to service us. This is on a case by case basis.

Expect phone verification and a coffee shop meeting if you are interested in real life service. We do not play back and forth email /phone games. We will however chat beforehand.

In your application, send introduction, experience information, and a photo or link to your profile.

We are NOT going to buy you. We are NOT required to kiss your ass. If you are a golddigger, aka prostitute, get lost. You are to be delighted if you are taken out while we enjoy dinner and wine and feed you scraps from the table.

We are serious about what we do and enjoy.

You be, too.
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Wow, that is one seriously hot picture. Tall handsome germans and curvy pin ups??? Where were you people when I was single?
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