Hey! I found this completely insane website where this other guy (funny, he has the same name as me) teaches women REMOVED FOR SPAM - he's totally crazy, I think he's a bit of a chauvinist but his advice is pretty accurate, by the way I was searching for this stuff since I wanted to help out my current girlfriend with some advice So I sent her the url and I already see some major improvements! what do you folks think about it?
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Hi "Jack."

Seriously, are you kidding? After writing numerous posts promoting -what is obviously- your oral sex website in your signature link you have the audacity to come up with this?

Please don't insult the intelligence of our forum members. We were nice enough to send you a warning before but this post has earned you a lifetime ban.
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TabuToys Moderator
This may also bring up the question of signature links and what is and what is not acceptable in our forums. Please note that signature links are not banned on this site, however, fake posts that are specifically designed to market one's website are.

For example, if forum members like Adriana or Roadie and Dreamer wanted to create links to their respective sites that would be perfectly acceptable. That's because they provide legitimate posts and responses. (And we love them!)

When a forum member that makes numerous posts of no value or "fake" posts such as the one above, they are making it clear they have no interest in being a part of the community and are only attempting to obtain backlinks that will increase their Google rankings. Unfortunately, we have all become slaves to Google but who want's to share their intimate thoughts with spammers? Not us. That's why we are doing our best to create a safe, fun online environment.

If you have questions about creating a signature link or what is and what isn't acceptable, please PM (private message) Me, Tabu Toypro, or our admin.


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yet ! we have all become slaves to Google but who want's to share their intimate thoughts with spammers?
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Tabu Toypro
hmmm - or they cut and paste a sentence from the previous post like ^ this guy
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