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For some people, cross dressing is a way of life. For others, it’s a fun sex game that puts them more in tune with their lover. If you’ve never tried cross dressing, but want a fun, interesting way to keep you and your lover thinking about the coming evening’s sexcapades, try it on for size.
For men, consider wearing a pair of your lover’s panties, or her bra. Under your clothes, nobody at the office will know what you’re up to, but you’ll find that by the end of the day, you can’t wait to get it up with her.
Many men find it insanely sexy when their wives wear their clothes. Many women frequently wear their husband’s pajamas, boxer shorts, and button-up shirts as an act of being flirtatious and fun. Showing some bare leg under his shirt, or wearing his big pajama pants with a skimpy tank-top will drive any man mad with desire. Turn up the heat and keep him thinking about you all day long by getting him to wear a pair of your panties.
Pick a pair of your sexy, lacy panties that he usually finds irresistible. Thongs are great for this. Convince your husband to wear it all day under his suit, and trade with him. He wears yours and you wear his. You’ll find that you are both thinking about each other’s bodies all day long. This kind of mental fixation is a great aphrodisiac. Come evening, you’ll be dying to take back your panties and ready to enjoy great sex all night long.

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