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Imagine a vacation where you can explore the many facets of sexuality in a private, intimate community of like-minded people. A wholly unique experience which brings together sexuality, spirituality, education, and play in a fun, supportive, non-judgmental, diverse environment where fantasy becomes reality.

By day, learn sexual tips and techniques to create, maintain, or revive the erotic spark in your relationship. Explore a multitude of partnering possibilities, from swinging and open relationships to threesomes, polyamory and even monogamy! Brush up on the basics or get hands-on experience with BDSM skills like bondage, flogging, piercing, sensory deprivation and Dominant/submissive dynamics. Delve into a world of spiritual journeys and teachings on Earth-based spirituality, Tantra, and paganism. Find all this and more in a series of dynamic workshops from top-notch sex educators, relationship experts, BDSM masters, and spiritual teachers.

At night, a very different fun begins as people explore the things they were exposed to during the day. Gather round the bonfire for smores and socializing. Find one-of-a-kind BDSM equipment to inspire hot scenes in the Dungeon. Make use of safer sex supplies in the erotic playground we call Sex-O-Rama. Explore the outer limits of your desire during the Garden of Carnal Delights, a fantasy wonderland unlike any other. Or simply retreat to your cabin for some private passion. Make your fantasies come true or watch as others do.

Dark Odyssey is a 4-6 day, all-inclusive, clothing optional Alternative Sexuality retreat for open-minded adults from all walks of life. We gather to explore, learn and play on two hundred very private and secluded acres in Northern Maryland.

Join us on an adventure where we play, discover, and learn to achieve more ecstatic states of love, awareness, and personal sexuality. Dark Odyssey will immerse you in an atmosphere of sexual energy and experimentation that will add excitement and passion to your relationships and create deeper levels of connection between you and your partners.

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