Just a friendly word of advice. Stay away from the KY type stuff when you're ready for a little backdoor action!! I usually buy my lube right here on the site but the other night, due to poor planning, on my part; I had to send my boyfriend out to the local convenience store at 2 AM for some lube. I had been drinking that night a bit so I wasn’t naturally as wet as usual and beyond that I always get a crazy craving for anal when I’ve had enough Cuervo gold. Anyway, the spit just wasn’t cutting it, which is just a big fat no-no, so a bit bitchily, I turned on him and growled at him to get down to the store and bring back some lube, QUICK!!!! He comes back with 2 bottles, KY jelly and Astroglide. Well, "Ass-troglide" my ass! Both got sticky and smelled like crap. Gross, sticky crap that didn't work worth a sh**! It kind of ruined the whole evening if you know what I mean. If you want something good get a good silicone type lube from a decent brand.
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