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WRAP week began yesterday (10-25-09) and it stands for "white ribbons against pornography". The goal is to educate people about the big porn problem in America. You can read all about it by clicking that link.

Yeah, I won't be wearing one either.

Dr Marty Klein suggests we porn supporters wear plaid ribbons to display our "gratitude of the 1st ammendment". He's also got a great list of talking points on his blog to use while defending porn. First of all - he suggests talking about porn with your partner. That alone is great advice since you read so much about people's jealousy towards their partner's porn habits! But he's always got a fine point of view and I love someone who reminds us to thank those that "protect your right to read, watch, and jack off to whatever adult material you like."

Read 10 Ways to Observe Pornography Awareness Week
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Hank Alvarez
Porn is like food- not everyone likes Chinese. Thank God we have the first amendment. Now if we just had politicians who had the balls to respect it. Hank
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