Hank Alvarez
In the last twenty-five years we've been married my wife has assembled an impressive collection of china, enough to fill two display cabinets, one in our dinning room and the other in the living room. Our friendship with the manager at the local Ben Bridge Jewelry Store has prompted her to acquire enough bobbles for me to invest in a safe, an alarm system and a BFG. Of course the really good stuff is in the safe deposit box at the bank. But she still gives me a funny look when I come home with a new porn flick.

In comparison my collection of 554 porn DVD's, most of which I bought at bargain give away prices through a friend who manages a video store they didn't cost a fraction of what her two vices did. I favor the ones made in the eighties and nineties. I've got some from the sixties too but you know what, they all do the same thing. Most of the gals I like to watch are long retired or unfortunately dead but I like to study their technique. I'm afraid the guys don't do anything for me but sometimes their techniques are good to study. I even bought a couple of gay videos when a friend's wife said she wanted to see what went on there. Talk about homophobic. He hasn't talked to me since. Sure I get excited watching my movies but I don't sit around watching them all day while my wife's at work like she thinks I do since I've retired but that's only because I don't have time.

With the exception of some recent instructional videos most are collectors items now. I'm just curious as to the genres you like: comedy, (I cracked up with Who's nailin' Palin", drama, (and yes- there were some damn good dramas- if you've never seen "Amanda by Night", Westerns, ( there was a true spaghetti western with Rocco that comes to mind), and some composites which are mostly anal, oral, and mature themes, (that's a euphemism for your granny and gramps fucking on screen), etc. So what's your taste. They shut down our local Mitchell Brother's Theater, the bastards. HHH     
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Up until 6 months ago (or so) I was not into porn at all. I didn't like my fiance watching it and then trying to fuck me because it wasn't ME that turned him on.

But then I watched it one day while he was at work and I realised that when porn makes you horny its got NOTHING to do with the people you're watching. Its just a feeling.

So anyway. I now regularly watch it.

I really don't like typical porn. Its all about the guy. Most of it is so degrading to woman and I'm sick of seeing blow jobs. When he does go down on her its brutal, hard and fast with stabbing, flicking tongue. That totally turns me off! lol.

So for that reason I don't mind watching lesbian stuff. I'm not into woman but because the scenes are devoted to womens pleasure I find them more appealing.

I only watch porn online. redtube and youporn. And I mainly watch the amateur stuff. Because its a couple at home doing their thing its usually based on equal pleasure and the woman actually gets a bit of the action. lol.

That's my taste.

I watch more porn than my partner... he's kind of banned from watching it without me because he gets way too horny and I never seem to catch up.

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Tabu Toypro
I will probably take some heat on this one, but I adore Andrew Blake. Or at least his older films. I haven't seen any of his work from the last 5 years or so. It's basically erotica and used to be solo women or women together. rarely would a cock enter the picture and if it did, the scenes still entirely focused on the women. If you haven't seen Wet, please do. I've said it before...the milk scene...love. Also, his settings are lovely. He's into architecture as much as he's into stunning women. 

These days, if you like real couples but want something more than grainy, home video work, check out comstockfilms.

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P Gell
When I was young and just starting to have sex, I watched them, as they were not easy to come by. (I mean.....find.) Someone had to rent a projector, and of course, then find their dad's stash, or you had to get a room at a cheap motel, which had movies as part of the room fee.  (this was pre-VCR days.)

Then I went through this misguided "feminist" stage, and thought it was humiliating, and treating women wrong and all that. And, then later, realized most of the models know what they are doing, as long as they are of age, and My Man and I really like them.

We don't have an extensive collection as Hank, but we like Vintage stuff. I bought a couple of DVDs which have stuff from as long as 80 years ago. (The women just smile at the camera and never seem to realize what is going on and seem to not display any emotion if they come.)

Most of our favorites are 70s and 80s stuff, John Holmes, Nina Hartley, Billy Dee, Taja Rae and the gang at Caballero studios. We bought a newer DVD the other day and NONE of the guys went South of the Border, so I got bored quickly, also, in this particular video, although I like long sex, I like my smut rather quick. These people were taking all damn day, and it was truly boring to watch. I like the slightly older stuff, less fake boobs, some pubic hair, OK weird HEAD hair, but I can see around that.
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Dreamer and I watch pornos as part of our foreplay. But its mostly for background noise (having sex...listen to sex...or something like that).

Once again...and I've said this before...HHH...you are my hero! 554 porns? We'll be there for the week end! Fire up the pop corn! Our collection is not anywhere near HHH's...and ours mostly consist of 'the best of...' as in the money shots. We would love to have a collection of pornos that have a story...no matter how corney (the Pirate series comes to mind with Evan Stone...what a dork!) and we are working that way. But we like something with all the sex...entertain us then we will watch you fuck.
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