Hank Alvarez
I've struggled with this problem for the last few years since I retired and I want to throw it out to the class and see what you think. First, you need to know that I'm not complaining. What I'm getting at home is a lot better than I had in my first marriage. It's sufficient in quantity and the quality is good enough that I haven't even thought about straying for the last twenty-five years we've been married, and I'm not likely to in the future but I'm getting frustrated because I'm horny all the time. I'm sixty-eight years old and my child bride is only fifty-two. For about twenty years it was fun trying to wear each other out but now she calls me, 'Dog.' She says it's because, "I have a one track mind." I tell her not to worry until I quit chasing her.

Recently I saw an interview with one of the young cocksmen, about half my age, who you see regularly on the screen. He said, "The more good sex he gets the more he wants." Yep, me too. I don't know if I've already worn out my child bride. I hope not. A lot of times when we're done and I get a little rest I'm ready, willing and able to go again and she says, "Oh honey, please, put that thing away." And that's without Viagra! We've gotten down to a couple times a week since I retired. I understand she's still working and has a tough job but is her libido waning, and mine is obviously still growing or is there something wrong with me? That's why I picked this moniker. HHH
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I'm only 33 but I hope my man is still up for it when he's 68. Hang on... I'll be 62 so I hope I'M still up for it then!
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Tabu Toypro
I think it's perfectly natural. Do we ever get that itch scratched? The hard part is finding the right timing so everyone's satisfied and there are no blue balls to be had.
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HHH...for me its a two-sided coin.The desire to get all I can get is there like it was when I was in my 20's and 30's. So in that respect...no, cant ever get enough. But, and you know this as well as I, reality sets in as we get older. Nothing works as great as our minds. I have found, especially over the last 3 years with Dreamer, that its a comfort level (mostly mine...not hers...she wants it ALL the time!) with us. Its a trade-off now. We go at it like school kids when the feeling is there...the rest of the time...we talk about it...A LOT!
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