Role Play - doctor exam.
i entered his Apartment and i saw already his dinner table was set up to exm me. I went over to his table, on top of it and i opened my legs. I was wearing a nice Dress without Lingerie.
Next to the table i could see Latex gloves, lube, a speculum, and coples of vibrator. He put on a pair of gloves and i was already excited for that kind of play.
He told me :" Now , spread your legs for me, please. " I open my legs so he could have a better look. He tool some lube and his fingers separatd my lips of my pussy.Than more lube on his middle finger and he slit his finger up and down my opening and i was already wet. Than he pushed his finger insite of me. He started to finger fuck me with his middle finger and the other Hand was now playing with my clit. It felt so good how he played with me. Sitting on his Chair and playing Doctor.
Now he withdraw his finger and he had his speculum in his Hand - this time without gloves to warm it up. It had two Long blades to open up my pussy. He put a lot of lube on it . with my legs spread wide he slid it Deep insige me and now he streched my pussy wide open. he loves the look of my pussy and he playes with me. Than he pulled it out and he opened his Zipper and he out came is big dick. I know he has to fuck me now. He was so hard and horny and his dick playes a Little with my clit - up and down and it felt so good. I had to cum over his dick - playing with my clit. And now in one push his dick was in me. fucking me hard and harder. In and out of my pussy.
he could not hold it longer and he came very hard…
What a hot gyn exam.
did you ever had a Fantasy to exam a pussy and what would you like to do?

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