if ur in bed and foolin around with a girl and there is somethin u like but she doesnt do it and u suggest it wld it gross her out?

im talkin ofcoarse about anal play,licking,fingerin,rubbing,fucking do girls find it weird?
how do u bring it up in bed?

has anyone had any problems with this,or even advice,pls let me know
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P Gell
It depends on the woman. Talk to her FIRST.

If you can't talk about it with her, you probably shouldn't be simply trying it with her. If she says,"No" please take her for her word.

And if she says "yes" LOTS of good, water soluble lube is an absolute necessity. Many women consider this more intimate than regular intercourse or even oral love, so most will prefer to be in a relationship first, but everyone is different. What isn't different is the need to TALK to her about it first.
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Hank Alvarez
P Gell: would you please take a look at a comment I posted on Re: "Getting my wife to enjoy anal," and give me an opinion from a woman's point of view. Adriana and Dreamer too if you're listening. Hank
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It does gross out some women but a lot of women love anal. I am one of the ones who loves it. 
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Hank Alvarez
Raven 69: it would be very helpful to 'us guys' if those of you ladies who admittedly do like anal sex would share your experiences and secrets with us. For some of us, and I would guess many, this is still one of life's greatest mysteries.

During my lifetime, when I was young, I had four lovers who were into anal sex. All but one were older women  who had been into it long before meeting me. Unfortunately, me being young, dumb and full of cum I just laid there while they rolled a condom on me and let me slip it into their asses.  I guess I always thought that's all there was to it. These gals knew what they were doing and they were what I would have rated as experts but I always thought it was interesting as to "why' they engaged in anal sex.

With one of them, it was to keep her ex-husband out of her vagina after having two kids in two years. He didn't believe in birth control. Another liked it because she claimed her  estranged husband didn't. She plainly did it with me just to piss him off. Another was a biker bitch who had been anally gang raped on her initiation weekend. She claimed she'd just gotten used to taking it that way. Curiously she never said she liked it, but when we were together and she was having her period this was an alternative for vaginal sex. The last one knew that I had had some great experiences with other women who practiced anal sex and that I liked the feeling. She engaged in it to try to keep my attention which we both knew was waining. She told me that she had had a butt plug in her ass all day to prepare.

I'm embarrassed to say that as long as I was getting it without anymore involvement than my hard cock I never made an effort to learn and now I wish I had. This is obviously an area where one person has to know what the hell they're doing. When you and your lover are inexperienced I think coaching from an experienced third party could really help. We have a friend who claims that engages in anal sex regularly with her husband and says she loves it. I've asked her to counsel my honey. She hasn't refused, in fact she said she would, but she never has. There's obviously more to this here than meets the eye.

If you ladies who are into it could find it in your hearts to explain how you got started, how you prepare yourselves mentally and physically, your likes and dislikes, what to be aware of, etc, there's no limit to the subject. I'm sure this would not only make for some very lively discussions but it would also help a lot of us who are essentially standing outside looking in and wanting to enter. Thanks, Hank
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