Hank Alvarez
I lost this one on my last visit and I wanted to respond to the troubled individual because it's an interesting topic. We've visited it before and just let me tell you what a gal I used to know said once regarding the size of a man's penis, and she'd had enough of them stuffed into her to know. She said, "guys are like cars, they come in all shapes and sizes and girls are like garages; they can fit almost everything in there but a cement truck or a stretch limo." Her concern was that when she was very drunk she had fucked a guy who was so big that he actually went through her cervix directly into her uterus, which she claimed was excrtiatingly painful. You might want to review some of the posts from last year and be relieved because we had a lot of offerings and they all pretty much boiled down to: it's not the size of the tool you're using it's how well you know how to use it. Hank
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