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From Domina Doll at Viviane's Sex Carnival-

"The G-Rider is a P (or G) spot toy made by Nexus, a brilliant sex toy company out of Britain.  They make a whole series of wickedly designed P-spot vibrating anal toys specifically for men.  And, it’s about time.  Next to the Aneros and Rude Boy, there isn’t much out there for excellent quality P-spot toys for guys.

I have found in my experience with P-spot toys, what is good for the Goose is usually also good for the Gander.  Meaning, P-spot toys for men are usually interchangeable as G-spot toys for women and visa-versa.  Not having a P-spot of my own I can’t tell you what it feels like there, but I can tell you how it works on the female G-spot.  But, first, a few details about the toy itself..."

Read the rest of the article HERE.
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This sounds like a great hands-free toy!

Well...hands free for other things
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