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this is repost from goodvibrations magazine; written by Vixen

I started practicing hot yoga about a year ago, because I’m a notoriously unfocused kind of girl, so I thought I’d give it a try. You know focus — get some mental and spiritual awareness. The teachers guide you through the moves, with words of encouragement such as “rid your self of all thoughts, don’t talk to yourself, don’t let that chatter in, focus, focus, focus, release yourself of outside forces.”

As she says this, my mind is fluttering full of nonsense, I tell it to stop. I say focus, focus. Telling my mind to shut the fuck up, and then all of a sudden I am having a full on conversation to myself in my head about how I cannot stop talking to myself.

Much  — ok most – of the time, my deviant little mind shifts to thoughts of sex. Either sex I just recently had, or the sex I would like to have, or what sex would be like with some of the people in class, like with Mr. Treasure Trail or with Mr. Knee Injury. Well you can imagine what 90 minutes of sweating, contortion, and mind-wandering will do to a girl. I am lusty, hot, loose, and fucking so horny after yoga.

I often trip into thinking about just jumping on Mr. Treasure Trail right there. While the yoga students watch us fuck as the sweat and tension builds. Perhaps we even start a fuck riot and every one just starts fucking and slipping all over each other in the immense heat of the tiny studio. Our tongues and bodies unrestricted and rhythmic like a yoga flow. Hands and legs gliding over the moisture of our sweat — cock and cunts growing full. We are all so loose and free and Mr. Treasure Trail slides his finger into me.

While Mr. Knee Injury, he forgets he is injured as he crawls across the floor and takes my tits in his mouth, like he hasn’t eaten days. The three of us sliding into a wet, hot mass of flesh, while eyes watch and hands play.

Mr. Knee Injury lays me down across his lap, I feel his stiff dick pressing into the back of my neck. Mr. Treasure Trail’s finger are slipping into my pussy. Mr. Knee joins in, as he continues to massage my rounded breasts, pushing them together sucking and biting, periodically sliding his fingers toward my cunt, where I now feel multiple finger exploring every fold. Unfolding.

Mr. Treasure Trail can take it no longer and dives for my now oozing pussy and begins to eat greedily, drinking and lapping every drop of my succulent spring flow. Overflow. My hips are bucking and rocking off the floor, colliding into his face. Mr. Knee is beginning to stroke his rock hard cock closer and closer to my lips. My eager hot mouth cannot wait, I grasp him with my two hands and begin to suck him down, so greedy, so focused on cock. My pussy is exploding beneath Mr. Treasure Trail’s mouth, I am cumming all over his chin and he just laps it up with bulldog determination.

Twitching and ramming into him, I let loose of long thrusting spasm orgasm, full of sound, salaciousness, and moans fit for an animal. He lifts his face from between my thighs and is dripping and glistening in my juice. He vigorously pulls my pussy up on to his huge cock and begins to propel his hard focused yoga energy into me. I can hear the teacher saying “breath though your nose,” I have no choice, because Mr. Knee, is filling my cheeks and throat with his throbbing cock. I am filled from top to bottom. Each thrust pushed into to me simultaneously, making me a quivering whimpering mess of sexual focus.

I can feel both of their cocks jerking inside of me, ready to blow. Mr. Knee is thrusting deeper into my throat and concurrently mashing my tits, pinching the nipples, pulling them to pink. Mr. Treasure is beating my soaked pussy with his monster cock. My body is ready to ignite. We are lost, focused only on how gratifying, pleasurable, wet, full, ripe, and right it all feels. Mr. Treasure is pushing on my belly as he thrust into me, making my cunt clinch and grab his cock even tighter inside me. Mr. Knee has slowed his cadence and is straddling my face deliberately pushing into my throat as far as he can. I am about to cum again; my body tenses, my breathy pants grow raucous, and I pull inward bringing Mr. Treasure with me.

As I cum my mouth drops open. Mr. Knee pulls out and strokes his delectable shaft over my body; with a rub of his thumb on his tip he erupts onto my tits and belly. I am all covered in white goo, watching his face go from tight to free. Just then Mr. Treasure wrenches my ass up to him and plunges as deep as possible causing me to release a gasp, and he cums so deep inside me I can taste it.

All three of collapse in heaping sweaty mess of yoga sex funk. All eyes in the room are transfixed, cocks hard, pussy dripping.


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