Hank Alvarez
    Ladies I'm going to talk to you like a dutch uncle. This is probably going to be a two parter because there's  a lot to talk about. Most of the gals I've known, even those who prided themselves as being good fellatrixes stopped way too soon. I think they watched too many money shots in pornos where the guy starts to cum and the gal has to move off for the camera shot of him moaning and spouting semen. That's great on film but it's frustrating as hell at home. There are a couple of things to consider here.
    Everyone knows that if you massage his one eyed snake enough it's going to spit at you, but the jobs not quite done yet, and too many ladies stop while he's still cumming. He's spouting semen and pleasurably wreathing but frantically hoping you won't stop. Ladies, please, think about what you're doing. When he masturbates he likely continues until there's no more ejaculate, the pleasurable  sensation is ebbing and his dick withers to it's flaccid state.  
    When a guy cums he literally feels like his balls are being shot out of the end of his dick and it is the most incredible sensation he is ever likely to have. Unfortunately that's when most gals who are sucking him off think they're done, but they aren't, not by a long shot. He's still hard and he's still ejaculating and this is no time to run for the mouthwash in the bathroom. Spit, swallow or what ever you have to do, but keep sucking and massaging his balls.
    I'm giving this advice to the seven percent of you who think you're giving your man a good blowjob. That's a number Playboy came up with years ago. My advice is this: suck, lick, nibble and massage him until there's nothing coming out of him and he melts out of your mouth like chocolate. Believe me, if he doesn't have another climax, which rarely happens with men, you'll know when you're done and he'll love you for it. HHH
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