"I'm not a model, I don't have a model's body.. I'm a real woman; I have curves .. I have blemishes and stretch marks, and it just so happens that I have a big ass. I'm not perfect but that doesn't mean that I don't deserve lingerie that makes me feel sexy and The Dreamgirl Fishnet Halter Dress - QUEEN from Tabutoys, without question, made me feel sexy."
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Always being interested in others take on lingerie, I went to your blog. What a wonderful review! And great pictures. I always contend there is no such thing as bad lingerie!

I agree with your assessment of lingerie available on TabuToys. I bought Dreamer the Red Hot Fishnet Bikini Set, and it was absolutely terrific. Now, if I could just get her to put it back on, I'd post a couple pictures!
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THANK YOU. Please take more pictures.
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