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Sad! Gay porn performer Dustin Michaels has died after choking on a bag of pot he tried to hide from the cops. Apparently the cops responded to a disturbance call at the hotel where Dustin was staying. Something involving a scuffle with a female friend. So he tried swallowing the pot but I guess the cops decided to taze him, which caused him to choke on the bag!

The ambulance crew were the ones to dislodge the bag but of course it was too late. What irks me most is the quote from Sheriff Frank McKeithen, "[H]e pretty much ended up taking his own life by ingesting this item that was stuck in his throat. He therefore, in front of these deputies, dies and there is nothing they can do." Umm...what?

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That's.. interesting. Kinda lame on everyone's part
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Hank Alvarez
Where was he? Here in California it would have cost him about a hundred bucks and a morning in court. I hate to admit it but like a friend of mine said once, "It looks like he died of terminal stupidity." What a shame.Hank
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P Gell
That's so sad. The "drug" laws in the country are positively draconian (at least in most states.) This poor man died from the fear of ending up in jail. "There was nothing they could do?" Really, nobody could have given him the heimlich maneuver? Or maybe NOT shot tens of thousands of volts of electricity through his body? Or maybe just.......UG. Makes me so angry.
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