In this month's GO Magazine, Single in the City's Esther Zinn gives helpful advice on how to avoid bad lesbian drama on the dating scene. Take heed and learn about potential nightmares like the Closet Case, the Rebound and the Mama's Girl.

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Dubbed, “The Gay Sarah Jessica Parker” by her straight friends, Esther enjoys drinking cosmos, eating cheesecake and running her own business.
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I can understand the concern about older women (or in the case of a straight girl, older men) living with their relatives but I think in this tough economy you sometimes have to over look that. A couple of decades ago it was easier for everyone to get a job and not unheard of for 18-21 years to be officially moved out of their parents' home and on their own, persumably for life. But now, you have people like me who are 27 and really have no choice. I'm hoping that will change soon for me though.

And also why give newbie lesbians a hard time? Okay so some people just don't come out of the closet until later in life but you have to try to understand where they are coming from. Up until recently we just didn't have an open society toward gay people. And parts of our society is still struggling with homophobia, so give the newbie lesbians and closet cases a chance.
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