I just started this and now that I'm up to almost 3 quarts I want to see how much more I can take but my partner is nervous about possible physical repercussions. Can anyone tell me what the maximum the average anus can accomodate? Sorry I am new at this.
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Are you out of your mind? 3 quarts is PLENTY. That's why they only make enema bags up to 2 quarts.

Best Slave Training has a very nice spread on basic enema training. Hope this helps you!

[color=blue]BASIC ENEMAS

This should not be considered a complete guide for administering enemas. If you have never administered an enema, you should view several sources for information and even better go to a demonstration of how to correctly administer one. The improper administering of an enema could cause internal body damage or even brain damage. Many BDSM clubs offer demos for educational purposes.

The purpose of an enema is the cleaning of the colon or large intestine by inserting fluid into the rectum and then expelling them.

How to give an enema:

Enemas are used as part of play, (Doctor/patient, nurse/patient) punishment, humiliation, discipline training or preparation for anal play.

Never administer an enema to a slave that is in the upside down position. This can be painful and unsafe.

Equipment needed:

A: Bag

The bag holds the fluid to be used for the enema. Usually a quantity of one U.S. quart (1/4 U.S. Gallon) is used.

B: Tube

The tube transfers fluid from bag to nozzle and usually has a clamp to stop and start fluid flow. Before inserting the nozzle, be sure to let the air out of the tube by releasing the clamp and letting the fluid run to the end of the tube.

C: Nozzle

The Nozzle is a cylinder device ¼ to ½ inches in diameter, and usually between 6 and 12 inches long. When it is inserted into the rectum, the fluid enters the body through holes in the nozzle.

Clean the nozzle by washing it with anti-bacterial soap before and after each use. Be sure to rinse the soap off before using.

D: Fluid and Additives

The most common fluid used is water; however milk or a mixture of milk and water can be used. The quantity, temperature, speed of flow, flow pressure, should also be considered.


Quantity of fluid:

Usually a quantity of one U.S. quart (1/4 U.S. Gallon) is used. More fluid can be used by experienced users.

Temperature of fluid:

Luke warm water (90 to 95 degrees F) is also the most often used temperature. However, with knowledge and experience warmer and colder fluid can be used. You should know the effects and limitations of using warmer or colder water before you attempt to use them.

Fluid that is warmer (105 degrees F) is more effective, but is harder for the slave to hold.

The water temperature should NOT exceed 110 degrees F. If you use an enema that is between 105 and 110 degrees F, it should be followed by one that is luke warm. Never exceed 110 degrees in temperature.


Do not use any device that applies pressure to the fluid as it enters the body. Allow gravity to force the fluid in her. Don’t squeeze the bag to make the process proceed faster.

If the process becomes painful, you can reduce the pain by reducing the flow speed and pressure. This is accomplished by lowering the bag closer to the nozzle or partially clamping the tube.



A very effective solution for cleaning is soapy water. Remember, very little soap is needed and don’t use deodorized soap. Ivory soap is good to use because it has few additives. Let the tap water run over the soap bar while filling the bag. This will provide enough soap. As an option, you can purchase soap designed to be used for enemas.

If you use Ivory soap or other additives, a final clear water enema (with a tablespoon of salt added) should be used. This will clean the soap out of the slave’s system.

PRECAUTION: If you plan on using several enemas, a small amount of salt (tablespoon full to one U.S. quart) should be added to the fluid after the first enema. This prevents the body from absorbing too much of the fluid. Brain damage can occur from to much absorption of enema fluids if you fail to use salt. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Vegetable or Olive Oil:

Before applying the clean enema, (soap and water) a small enema of vegetable or olive oil can be given first. This should be a much smaller fluid amount. It should be about ½ of a U.S. pint or less. Wait about 15 minutes or more before applying the cleaning enema. This protects the colon.

Don’t allow her to expel the oil before inserting the cleaning enema. Both should be expelled at the same time.

E: Latex gloves

For safety, wear latex gloves during an enema session

F: Lubricant

Use a water based lubricant to lubricate the nozzle before inserting.

DO NOT USE ANY PUMPING DEVICE to insert the fluid into your slave. Allow a natural flow from the bag.

DO NOT ever connect an enema device directly to water taps (shower or sink) using a hose.

Remember, only use gravity flow. Gravity is the only pressure you need for an effective enema.

You can purchase a pre-measured enema kit but you should know that they are harder to hold for an extended period of time.


I consider the Sims, kneeling, and the lying on back positions to be superior to the others listed below. But, that’s just me, you can make your own decision.

Lying on Left side -- The "Sims" position

The slave lies on her left side and draws her right knee up near her chest.

Kneeling position -- The "Knee-Chest" position

The slave is on her knees and bends forward and places her shoulders on the floor. Her weight is supported by her knees and shoulders. Have her place her chest near the floor. This makes the fluid flow easily. It also makes it easier for air to rise above the water.

Both the "Sims" and the "Knee-Chest" are considered safe if properly used.

Lying on the back

Her head should be propped on a pillow. She can also be allowed to raise her knees. The advantage of this position is that the slave can see her abdomen expand and this adds to her feeling of helplessness. The disadvantage is that it does not insert as much fluid as the "Sims" position.

Lying on Right side

In this position, water flows into the cesium and it balloons out. Generally this position is not as effective as laying on the left side. The "Sims position" is used by nurses often, but not this position.

Standing Position

You should have a nozzle that provides a method of holding it in the anus before attempting this method. This is not a very effective method.

Lying face down

This position restricts the amount of fluid because it places pressure on the abdomen and therefore reduces expansion.

Sitting on the floor

This position restricts the amount of fluid that can enter the body.

If you are new at giving enemas or your slave has never had one before, placing your slave in the bathtub is a good place to conduct this first enema. A mess in the bathtub is easier to clean than the bed or floor.

Never administer an enema, if the slave is suspended upside down. This method is NOT SAFE.

How to administer:

Try to just relax and take it one step at a time. Make sure the slave is relaxed while the enema is being administered to her. Take your time and go slow.

Before inserting, remove all air from the tube and nozzle by letting the fluid run though them before inserting. Keep the bag at the same level as the nozzle to prevent an early start of the flow.

Lubricate the nozzle and anus area before attempting to insert nozzle.

Keep bag at a level equal to or slightly higher than the nozzle and slowly insert the nozzle in the slave’s anus.

After inserting the nozzle, remove the clamp and slowly lift the bag. Don’t lift the bag too high with the bag full. As the fluid is removed from the bag, the bag can be lifted higher.

After the bag is empty, slowly remove the nozzle. A butt plug can be installed after the nozzle is removed. The butt plug should be lubricated before insertion.

Remind your slave to breathe slowly and deeply through her mouth. This will help minimize discomfort and enable her to take the enema more comfortably.

Note: Cold water enemas are particularly useful as a punishment. A cold water enema is harder for her to hold in and the cramps come more often and are more painful.


Each person has their on capacity of fluids that they can take.

Most people find it difficult to hold an enema for more than 5 minutes.


If your sub can feel lots of water bulging on the left side, but can't get it out, she needs to change positions. Get up and lie down for a moment, or get her into the knee-chest position, or turn her around as if she is looking over your right shoulder. These techniques can un-kink the descending and get the water passing out again.

If you want to get the gas out, have your sub sit on the floor and make sure the gas is at the hepatic. Roll slowly onto the right side, then massage the transverse, following its course with your hands. You will know that you are moving that gas by the rumbling. When you have the gas moved to the splenic flexure, have her move quickly to the knee-chest position. Now massage the descending colon upward, from the ribs to the groin on the left side (you are "upside down", remember) until the gas has moved to the sigmoid. Use heavy massage in the groin area, to move water out of the sigmoid, and move the gas in.

When this is done, get her on the toilet quickly and she should be able to expel a prodigious gas blast. You may have to repeat this procedure several times, but when all the gas is out of the colon you should be able to expel the water quickly.

Don't have your sub sit on the toilet for more than a few minutes if there is no water coming out. Sitting too long and straining are the chief causes of hemorrhoids. Those will certainly ruin your enema pleasure.

If nothing is coming out, have her lie down either face down or up, or lie on her left side, or get into the knee-chest position. These will help the water move, and soon she can go back to the pot.

This page should not be considered a complete guide for administering enemas. The improper administering of an enema could cause internal body damage or even brain damage.[/
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Urchin, I think a better handle for you might be "Camel." I'd have to agree that 3 quarts is pushing the limits of physical limitations and-or sanity.
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If I may ask: How do enemas work, and why do you use them?
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