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Should Filament be able to print the occasional erection in future issues? If you think so, cast your vote by getting their first issue.

What's the story? (Filament/censorship article on The View From My Knees)

Explicit images of women are available at any newsagent, but Filament, the world's only magazine featuring male pictorials designed for the female gaze, is finding itself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to printing explicit images of men.

Filament only prints explicit images when these are of high photographic and erotic quality, and clearly designed for women - we won't ever be putting hard cocks on every page. The problem is, all the printers that a small, independent magazine like Filament can afford have said they won't print images of the male of the species in a state of obvious arousal. Reasons given include that printing these images may cause offence to 'women's groups'.

The outpouring of support has been amazing. Zoe Margolis of Girl with a One Track Mind, Erotica Cover Watch and erotic author Shanna Germain are a few of those who've urged followers to support us.

From 3 August 2009 we needed to sell 328 copies of Filament Issue 1 to afford make history and print (we're pretty sure) the first explicit male pictorial in a British women's magazine.

Order Issue 1 or subscribe to support our cause, and watch the thermometer rise!
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