I am going to put a question out there that has no right or wrong answer. It is also not meant to hurt any feelings or make anybody mad. it's like the old adage...'everybody has a belly button and none are the same but they all have lint in them'.

Dreamer and I had a discussion about erotic vs porn. It was started by the picture Tigger posted in 'Free Erotic Photo Gallery'. Dreamer thought it was close to pornographic...and I tend to agree.  But, as I posted, WOW! She is a terrific looking woman. On the other hand, the pictures posted under 'HUGE COCKS' I classify as porn...not to mention gross. I understand some of you may like your men that way but I sure wouldnt want to be totin that baggage around. But, as I pointed out to Dreamer, the picture I posted of me could also be classified as porn because there is only one part of me in the there is in her bikini bra picture.

Here's my feeling...erotica is anything that leaves something to the sexual imagination, whether you can see through it or not, i.e. lingerie, bikini's, thongs on either sex. Speedo's dont count...they are a curse on men! Nobody looks good in those things!

Pornography leaves nothing to the imagination. It lets it all hang out, so to speak. It shows the sex act with no feelings or anything else associated with what I call 'good sex'...clothes off...fuck.

Here's the erotica and porn the same thing? Is there a difference? What is it?
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Good question! My 2 cents is erotica aims for mental stimulation while porno goes straight for the physical reaction. But there's a place for both, I think!!!! I happen to love those big cock pics in the photo gallery but I also love to look at vintage photography from the 30's.
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I think artistic nudity and porn are different. I don't really use the term erotica very much. I think that the content, as you mentioned, does play a part. If you're staring at a naked couple having sex it's probably porn. If you can't see everything, if the colours and lights and such are adjusted in such a way that it isn't meant to shower everything, it's probably artistic nudity. However, I also think intent goes a long way. If it's intended to be wank material, it's porn. If it's intended to make you think or perhaps just be beautiful and it may arouse you as a 'side effect,' I'd call it artistic nudity.

Of course, I think there's also a difference between porn and naked pictures (and that would be whether it's any good!).
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Erotica and pornography both aim to arouse one sexually. I think one just has a little more artistic merit than the other. And of course, that's still in the eye of the beholder.
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Hank Alvarez
You poked a stick into a hornet's nest and asked as impossible a question for most of us to answer. What is art and what is porn? In the seventies I saw some drawings and paintings that I thought we very beautiful displayed at a community college student's exposition. Much to my surprise they were pussies! Canvases, some of which were five by seven feet that were artistically distorted and presented in incredible hues. I thought they were designs or possibly depictions of flowers. The show was shut down by a bunch of prudes that said they were filthy. As far as I was concerned the only filth was in their minds.

Now, as far as your pictures are concerned, let's face it, you were bragging you lucky dog. Irregardless of what your motive was I'm sure all the girls were drooling and us guys are feeling very inadequate.

The one good thing is that we still do have, in some places, is a very limited freedom of choice. If you don't like a picture you see in a gallery or a book- don't look at it, and you certainly don't have to buy it. If there's some thing you feel is offensive on TV, watch another channel. Don't buy that sponsor's product and the free market will take care of that.

Pornography by Webster's definition is: the depiction of erotic behavior in pictures or writing intended to create sexual excitement. I love to write and I'm working on a novel about the seduction of a young man by an older woman that my wife says is pornographic. Personally I like porn, as long as it's not offensive to my tastes. As a retired teacher and father of three grown children I don't approve of kiddie porn.  Art, by comparison, is the creative use of imagination. A lesbian friend of ours wouldn't have given your crotch shot a second glance but I'm sure any gay voyeurs enjoyed it. Let's just hope that we don't lose any more of the rights of American citizens than we lost during the last eight years. Hank
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I knew when I ask the question there was no right or wrong answer. It is in the eye of the beholder. Because of what my definition for erotic is, and the pictures posted in that section, I guess it kind of begged the the question be ask.

We are also fans of porn. We are slowly building a video library.

And it is a shame that the extremists are allowed to control our lives. I, too, have high hopes that will change over the course of the next few years.
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erotica: porn with a a masters degree.
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In my opinion, erotica is mentally-sexually stimulating, and pornography is visually-sexually stimulating.  There isn't a huge difference.  They're both meant to get you turned on, but if I choose to read erotica, I'm looking for a more mental-emotional, slow type of turn-on, and I'm into the sensual descriptions of sexual encounters.  On the other hand, when I choose to look at pornography, I'm looking to get turned on quickly - i.e. My boyfriend will be home from work soon, and I'm planning on jumping his bones at the door.

I agree with the idea that erotica should leave something to the imagination.  Erotica is subtler.  Porn is no-holds-barred, straightforward sex.  There's no guessing or imagining what it would be like with porn.  It's similar to trying to describe the difference between making love and fucking.  I don't know about you, but I feel a difference emotionally between when my boyfriend and I make love as opposed to fucking.  We're in a different, slower, more romantic frame of mind when we're making love.  When we're fucking it's because we want each other immediately and because it feels good.

Honestly, I guess erotica is a form of pornography.  The idea of artistic merit is subjective, but I think that's the big difference.  Also, erotica deals with love in addition to sex.

Got these definitions from
Pornography - obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, esp. those having little or no artistic merit
Erotica - literature or art dealing with sexual love
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