I have a problem that I can not find an answer to. I have excessive natural vaginal lubrication during sexual activity. This causes my spouse and myself to have decreased sensations. Most of the time, he is unable to maintain an erection due to the decreased sensation. I have read things to try such as taking antihistamines which has a drying effect to using a cloth to dry myself out which helps for just a few minutes. I have seen a doctor who said there is nothing physically wrong, it is just a natural reaction to sexual excitement. It is just to the point that it is causing a problem in our sex life.

Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. 
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Hi Crystal,

Most women complain about lack of lubrication but excessive vaginal lubrication can also reduce sexual satisfaction and physical pleasure for both partners. There's several methods of dealing with this problem, a common one bieng the "dehydration method." It is true that anything that dries the mouth will usually dry out other "key" areas, such as the vagina. Examples would be decongestants, antihistamines, cold formulas, certain antidepressants, alcohol, cigarettes..However, this is not, I repeat, not something we would ever recommend. Besides, dehydrating the body is NEVER a good idea.

I'm assuming that that the lubrication is less of an issue than the corresponding lack of sensation or tightness?
An excellent alternative would be a jelly penis sleeve. This stretches over the penis (like a condom) but features pleasure nodules inside and out for added sensation for both. Another added bonus is that the jelly material is slightly absorbent which might help prevent excess lubrication. He'll feel bigger, you'll feel tighter..everyone's happy. Here's a link: http://www.tabutoys.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.asp?productid=587

Another safe, effective and FREE option would be to strengthen your Kegal muscles. This can be done by simply contacting the pc muscles throughout the day. Start with 50 repetitions and gradually build up your "internal stamina" to 300. After a few weeks of practice youll be amazed at the difference and you might even notice stronger orgasms as an added side-effect.

Lastly, you can use an alum-based ointment to temporarily contract, dry and tone the vaginal walls. The only drawback is that they generally take about 15 minutes to be effective so it may require a little extra planning on your part. Here's a link to a "tightening" product: http://www.tabutoys.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.asp?productid=2530

I hope this helps!
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I still dont get what the problem is.
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Unless your "problem" is really uncomfortable I don't recommend dehydrating yourself. My 2 cents? Learn to love it! Wetter is better!
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That must be a nice problem to have. But i see where it would decrease sensation. Too wet can totally erase the good friction. Do you smoke? Like the moderator said, what dries your mouth may dry the "key" area. Ever heard of cotton mouth?   Seriously though - maybe keep a towel underneath to blot yourself periodically?
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