Tabu Toypro
We've been talking about fantasies around here lately, so I have some new questions for you. And I suppose you could substitute the word "masturbate" for "fantasize" because usually, you have a mental picture going on, right?

When you fantasize, is it ever about your partner? Do you think about of some of the more incredible sexual sessions you've had in the past to fuel your fire?

Or is the whole point of your fantasy to be the farthest thing possible from your normal routine? Do you fantasize about people you know?

Now, would you prefer knowing who or what your partner fantasizes about? Would it upset you if the fantasy person was someone you knew? What if they fantasized about someone who was a complete opposite of you?

I read here that one of our members saw the porn her man was jacking off to and the women were a completely different race. That didn't set too well with her. Maybe it is best not to know.
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Dont know if I'm weird or not...but for the last 2 1/2 years or so ALL my fantasies are for...about...and with... Dreamer. What a coincidence...that's how long we have been together...

In past lives...most or all of my fantasies involved somebody other than the one I was in the relationship with at the time.

Would it bother me if her fantasies were about somebody else? Nope...I know I aint God's gift to anybody...I do the best I can with what I got and if she has terrific sex with me because somebody else jumped her bones in her dreams...I will shake his hand and say 'thanks dude!' OK...maybe thats a little extreme, but I think you get my point.

And jacking off to porn alone? We watch our porn together.
Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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As with Roadie, all my fantasies center around us... and in previous relationships which, mind you, were based upon nothing more than convenience in my mind, I took my fantasies as far away from my partner as possible.
The relationship I have with Roadie is new to me in the sense that we have so very much in common. We think the same way and often we voice exactly what the other is thinking without realizing we're doing it til the other one says "I was just thinking the same thing".
I think the kind of relationship you have has a lot to do with how your fantasies play out. I'm a scenario runner. My fantasies have a
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Hank Alvarez
Am I weird or what? When I was younger I fantasized about having sex with Linda Lovelace, Little Oral Annie, Marilyn Chambers or maybe one of the gals I worked with but for the last twenty five years my red head has had her claws in me and my fantasies have only been about her. She doesn't believe it but it's true. I still like to watch some of the old porn stars perform in my video collection but my desire is always for my wife. What's wrong with me? Years ago I would have said I was in a rut but I think it's like Paul Newman said about his long time wife Joanne Woodward, "If you've got steak at home why go looking for hamburger." And if you've got someone who embodies all your fantasies, or even most of them, I think you're really lucky. Just don't keep them a secret or you'll never realize them. Hank
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I normally fantasize about my wife.  Things we have done in the past or things I would like to do in the future.  There is that fantasy about threesomes and it always seems to include a faceless person.  I truly have no idea who they are.  While I don't think I could deal with it in real life I have had fantasies about seeing her with other men.  Again no faces.
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Usually it's with various celebrities and normally in more traditional sexual positions and practices (usually, sometimes it varies) but other times, I have odd fantasies where it's not actually me having sex but it's almost like I'm watching others and not  really doing it which is weird. I've had kind of a weird fantasy life lately. It seems like I can't get any action in real life or my dreams but I watch others, weird. And of course I'm also having a lot of nonsexual, nearly nonromantic fantasies. Which those are usually normal but there's usually more of the active, sexual ones.
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Tabu Toypro wrote:
When you fantasize, is it ever about your partner? Do you think about of some of the more incredible sexual sessions you've had in the past to fuel your fire?

It can be about the wife, but sometimes not. Sometimes it is like someone else here said - it's a faceless person or a total stranger.

Last nite I was looking at a pic of a beautiful oriental gal while masturbating but in my mind I was thinking of my wife giving me a hand job.
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