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Here's a quote from

“Female ejaculation is thought to be a release of fluid from the Skene’s glands…  The Skene’s gland is similar to the prostate gland in guys. It produces a fluid that is similar to the chemical composition of prostatic fluid, the fluid that makes up the majority of semen. Some women may produce greater amounts of fluid from these glands than others, which explains why some women release a large amount of fluid during an orgasm while others do not… Not all women have the capability of ejaculating and those who do cannot each time they have intercourse. It is also not something that takes place every time a female experiences an orgasm.”

Now, we've seen the squirters in porn that seem to be able to do it on cue. I'm assuming that 90% of them are faking it and it's urine. But I also believe that women can squirt and it is not urine at all, but possibly this fluid they descibe at livestrong. There are plenty of naysayers that will still hold on to the fact that women are just pushing out blasts of urine, but I think the odor and color would prove otherwise.

Tell us, have you or your partner ever squirted? Do you think it was urine or this Skene fluid? Please share!
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I have never been able to "squirt", though not from a lack of trying.  It seems like the "squirters" get more pleasure than any other girl so it seems squirting must make it better...?? Well, I've tried and I think there's just no making yourself squirt.  Has anybody been able to make yourself do this when you previously have not been a "squirter"? 
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If it was urine it would not be as good a lubricant as it actually is, and in very rare home video with a squirt it is very thick consistency, so that girl atleast definitely was not urinating.

Hasn't anyone done a lab test to determine what percentage (if any) of urine a typical squirt contains? (did I mention I own a white lab coat? lol)
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I've been learning and practicing more about squirting lately. I definitely have some ejaculate but I'm new to it and it's not like in porn where a woman can powerwash a car. Heh. I expect that in time, I'll be able to expel more and with more force. It's definitely different from urine but, scientifically, does contain trace amounts of urine.

I'm currently reading a FE book by Deborah Sudahl (hope I got the name right) and in it she says she had her FE and urine tested for amounts of PSA - prostate specific antigen. It was much higher in her FE.
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Hank Alvarez
A former lover use to occasionally squirt when I would go down on her. The first time she was devastated thinking she had peed in my mouth. It was definitely thicker than urine and had only a hint of the smell of urine so I knew it wasn't. A doctor friend later told me it was because the fluid comes through the the urethra where the urine also exits so there's some residual left over but not enough to be a problem. With that young lady that was definitely the "big O." Hank
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Hank Alvarez wrote:

A former lover use to occasionally squirt when I would go down on her. The first time she was devastated thinking she had peed in my mouth. It was definitely thicker than urine and had only a hint of the smell of urine so I knew it wasn't. A doctor friend later told me it was because the fluid comes through the the urethra where the urine also exits so there's some residual left over but not enough to be a problem. With that young lady that was definitely the "big O." Hank
lol...i never meet girl who can squirt...there are wet but there no squirt...but who knows when i can meet a girl who can do that...thanks for info...

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Hey everyone

I have personally experienced this "myth" myself and I do believe it! :-D

At first I was scared that I wet myself, but, the fluid is very different from urine. I did quite a bit of research because of my worry and my interest in biology and glad I did. 

Like one poster said it can be "thick" but it depends on the "time of the month" and how aroused you are. The more aroused you are, the more fluid is produced. Its does not "dribble" like normal vaginal discharge but "burst" at once in one large volume or several violent "squirts". The liquid is  watery and very thin, odorless and always clear. I always know its is ejaculate and not urine as I always make sure I have an empty bladder before starting.

Quite frankly I love it, although it can get very messy. I have only managed to "squirt" once, which came as a  happy shock. Instead I have started to "gush" when I orgasm or just prior to an orgasm. I have found that once you have learnt  how,  your body does it more often. I am still learning and it as only happened a couple of times, but, is getting more common.

New Scientist had an article about this earlier in the year. Thanks to the help of this article I can now do this!

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Hank Alvarez
The frustration of this is that I have only had this experience with three women who squirted, an ex wife, a former lover and my present wife. Two were situations where I went down on them and one was simply hitting the right spot from behind in a doggie position. The two I went down on freely admitted that they had completely lost control, essentially the way I do when they did me orally. The saddest thing is that my wife hasn't since she had her hysterectomy. I think there's a lot more here than we understand. Perhaps it's like Rodney Dangerfield said, "Use it or you'll lose it." Hank
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Finally a topic that i have all the knowledge in the world about.  Here is something i have written for another site. 

  Anyone that knows me, knows that i have a massive obsession with female squirting orgasms.  For that matter, if you read my page, you would know that.  The reason i bring it up, is because so many women have told me that i need to write a blog about this, so i have decided that i would.....and explain my obsession, and maybe enlighten a few people on the myth's, and misunderstandings.  Since i teach so many women how to have squirting orgasms, my original intent was to write a blog teaching women that wanted to know how to do it.....but i have learned that in every instance, the circumstances are different, so one generalized, well writen blog may not work for ill keep teaching on a one on one basis.  With that said.....lets cover a few things real quick.



        This is absolutely false.  People that say this, are truly ignorant, and show it by making assumptions about something they know nothing about.  The truth of the matter is this....The fluid expelled by a woman that squirts when she has an orgasm is composed of many things.
#1) Glucose (a form of sugar) and Fructose (another form of sugar that is found in male semen)
#2) prostate-specific antigen (PSA), the fluid produced by males which forms the base of male ejaculate, produced by the prostate gland, and in females, believed to be generated by Skene's glands
#3) very low levels of creatinine and urea (the two primary chemical markers of urine, found in high levels in pre- and post-ejaculatory urinalysis


        Also not true.  Having written countless articles on the subject in numerous websites, including female first (a u.k. based website for women)  i have had hundreds of women come to me and ask me if they are capable of accomplishing this.  My only asnwer to that is "with the right knowledge, almost all women can do it"  I can usually teach a woman in about 15-20 minutes, depending on how much knowledge they have already.  Its just a matter of understanding what it is that is stopping you from squirting, and how to counter those things.  Its amazing to me how many women dont know anything about thier own bodies.....but thats where i come in.  I can teach you about the g-spot, where it is, and the best way to manipulate it, i can teach you how your p.c. muscles come into play, and how to use them to yoru advantage.  I can even help you understand the right mindset, and what to expect, and how to react to it.  I dont make fun of women for not understanding, which is why so many women come to me for knowledge.  To answer the question....i have taught over 200 women since i started teaching it, and out of those 200, about 85-90 percent of them were able ot do it.  Now....thats not to say that the remaining 10-15 percent werent capable....its just that they werent able to get past certain mental blocks.


          Also false.  Most women that i have taught were able to achieve a squirting orgasm with no stimulation of the g-spot.  The ones that have found and manipulated thier g-spots have said that they achieve longer, and stronger orgasms by doing so, but said that it wasnt an absolute nessesity.  I encourage anyone that hasnt found thier g-spot find it, and experiment.  I have alot of visual aids to help women understand where is is....and i teach then the best way to maniuplate it.


          This is very common, especially when the g-spot is manipulated.  The g-spot is located just under the bladder, which is why you get that sensation.  Also, even when you dont manipulate your g-spot, you are still releasing fluid, so it gives you that sensation.  All truth be told, its just about impossible to pee during an orgasm.  In the most simple of terms, a female body works alot like a males body.  When you have an orgasm, that part of your body shuts off.  So just like a guy, you cant pee and cum at the same time.  Now, i said "Almost" impossible for a reason.  It can happen, but its very rare, and i have yet to see it.

So with a few myth's out of the way, there is one question that has been asked of me the most, and that question is......"Why do you have such an obsession with women that squirt?"  Well, there are a couple parts to my answer.

#1) The first thing is.....why does anyone like the things they like?  Why do some women have fantasies about a man tying them up and taking advantage of them?  Its a desire that turns them on, and squirting orgasms turn me on.

#2) For you women - You like when a guy cums right?  Well, its much of the same for me.  I have asked countless women what it is about a man cumming that turns them on, and most of them answer the same....its knowing that hes feeling something so amazing, so intense, that he just cums.  Well, its much of the same for me.  Just watching a woman build to such a physical high, that she squirts is a huge turn on for me.

#3) I fell in love with squirting orgasms when i was pretty young, about 15-16....and i searched and searched to find someone that could do it...and didnt find anyone till i was 20.  I started to learn more, by reading, researching, and studying....and it just became more and more sexy to me.  Since then, i have only dated women that i have had it in my life for a long time, and i just dont want to live without it.  I would get bored.  There is nothing sexier than a woman standing over me, masturbating until she squirts all over me. 

Anyone interested in learning how to squirt, feel free to get in touch with me.  I can teach any woman in 15-20 minutes.  No cam needed... i just need your undivided attention for a little while.  If interested, contact me here or at my email.  quickspeedracing at gmail dot com
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P Gell
I have read that either the Skene's glands (which not all women have, it is believed, there are very few researchers doing anatomy research on the female sexual organs. It took years to find out that the clit extended INTO the female body around the vagina in a fork shape. WHY? It is rare for researchers to get money from anybody to do this type of research. The clit research was finally done on a small number of female cadavers (pretty hard to do this on living women) and even then the researcher was given a lot of grief for what he was doing.)

Anyway, it is believed to be either the Skene's Glands or the Glands of Bartholin.

I used to be able to do this I think I'm pretty juicy so it was hard to tell, but it felt like something was coming out. BUT, my Bartholin's were removed when I was 21 (they were terribly infected and no amount of antibiotic would cure in the infection and I was very very sick)  and I haven't been able to since.

Oh, well.

Sometimes there is a concentrated "puddle" on the sheets when My Man really goes after my G Spot, so we have thought this may be some of this stuff. But, it's hard to tell for sure.
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Emily 32
I've had a girlfriend before who was into watersports, and she did ejaculate sometimes when we had normal sex, and when she ejaculated it tasted nothing like piss, so i beleive girls can ejaculate, i wish i could tho, i never have...
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HHH wrote:

A former lover use to occasionally squirt when I would go down on her. The first time she was devastated thinking she had peed in my mouth. It was definitely thicker than urine and had only a hint of the smell of urine so I knew it wasn't. A doctor friend later told me it was because the fluid comes through the the urethra where the urine also exits so there's some residual left over but not enough to be a problem. With that young lady that was definitely the "big O." Hank
I have had the same experince with am ex also.
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I know from use of sex toys that I am kind of a squirter and I have felt my own cum and even though it may feel like I'm peeing when I do it, I know it's not. It probably feels like I'm peeing due to the fact that I know it come from the same place as urine. And interestingly enough I was reading something on Wikipedia about some people calling the uretha the U-spot due to it's sensitivity to arousal. I have to say the only time I experience this type of sensitivity is when I'm cumming or I press down on it during masturbation.

What does everyone think of the U-spot theory?
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Hank Alvarez
Princess KLS: this is one of life's biggest mysteries that I've encountered. I've only know a couple of women who could squirt, or that could with me, so I'd like to know more about that. Other women have sworn that they never quirted and I believed all but one. I think she must have and had probably been terribly embarrassed by the experience. I know from personal experience that it tastes a little like ammonia, urine, but I knew right away it wasn't urine because it was thicker.
Two of the gals that squirted with me when I was going down on them were devastated because they thought they were uncontrollably peeing in my mouth. Once we got passed that they had orgasms unlike they'd ever had before. Or so they said.
I've always concentrated on their G spots with my tongue but maybe there's a better way to do it that's eluded us. Please elaborate on your U spot how you brings yourself to that point. HHH 
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Well, I know using bullets and now a Nea massager I got today, that sometimes if you do massage the area on or near the uretha, it can be a turn on and cause an orgasm or ejaculation senario.
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