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Fetish Information Exchange has produced a checklist you can use to help identify your kink limits. It's a good way to explore what really does turn you on and what would actually be an off-limit activity.

Here's a link to the entire checklist:

Some examples are:

Are there any specific types of people that turn you on?
[ ] Wrestlers
[ ] Surfers, life guards
[ ] Motorcycle people, Hells Angels
[ ] Cowboys, farm boys
[ ] Gentlemen, nobility

Which of the following scenes would turn you on?
[ ] I am sitting/kneeling at my Master's feet
[ ] I am are tied and teased
[ ] I am grabbed by the hair and dragged into the bedroom

Do any of the following environments or scenery turn you on?
[ ] Nudist beaches
[ ] Parking spaces
[ ] Truck stops
[ ] The bath room
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Nice and in depth
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Adriana wrote:

Nice and in depth

I find hot, bad girls sexy but I am more turned on by good guys (not too good, I need sex) who might be preppy, surfer, or nobility&royalty (props to Prince William) and British accents are sexy. I sometimes get turned on by alternatives like a nerd, but it has to be a nerdy prep (like Dev Patel).

I'm turned on by being the dominatrix, but being semi submissive in missionary position.  If I were to try lesbian sex, I'd be more turned on by a girl with a strap-on then the other way around.  If a guy is black, I do like biracial or really, really dark, but I don't like the thugs, I prefer the preppy pseudo thug like Kanye West. And I'm kind of interested in pegging, it's weird but it's sort of a new turn on (basically an extension to S&M). Muscles (but lean ones), and as little body and face hair as possible.

I guess some of my turn offs, a bible bashing nerd who doesn't believe in premarital sex, but I hate sex-crazed guys who don't want committed relationships. Ugly, crazy, drug addicts. A really dirty appareance (not showered, really long hair and excess body and face hair), but a "dirty" appearance on a smaller scale can be hot. Too pasty white skin. Normally I am more attracted to lighter skin guys but I like a bit of a tan. Turned off by body fluid and waste fetishes. Turned off sexually by goths and most emos, although, it's an interesting lifestyle. Too fat but too skinny. Another turn-off would be a man in the dominant position in S&M. It's just not hot to me for a guy to beat on a woman, even for sexual reasons.

Sex on the beach sounds neat but if I was at a nude beach, I'd want hot, young people.
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defo bathroom.

just lean over the toilet and hands on the wall. lift ur skirt up, knickers down, cock in, 2 minutes later ur taking the morning after pill

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Tie and tease is a big one for me, being brought to the brink many times, begging to cum.
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