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Do you have a great first-time swinging story? Tell us all about it?

We're quivering with anticipation..
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You don't have to ask me twice! I was at a country bar and having a blast. I ran into an old boyfriend of mine - he must have been missing our old times I guess because he started telling his new girlfriend about how I was the best at giving blow-jobs, and how he sure did miss that. She didn't seem to mind though. Later that night, I was on the dance floor with her, and she asked if I'd be willing to give him another one - for old times sake. The twist was... she wanted to watch to see what I did different. I went up to the balcony over the dance floor, and she went to get him. Luckily nobody else was upstairs so I got right to it. She told him to sit down... I got on my knees in front of him, as she unzipped his wranglers. The look on his face was priceless - she started stroking his cock while I licked the head, and then while I sucked him, she kept his hands busy on here now bare tits. I felt him getting ready to cum... so I grabbed her butt, and motioned for her to join me. She got down on her knees beside me, and we let him cum in each of our mouths. She and I went back down to the dance floor while he "recooped". I don't think he stopped grinning for the rest of the night. This experience certainly set the stage for later explorations and we had alot more fun together in the years to come.

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Ok, here's my story! A few years ago we used to chat to other couples on the internet but didn't go anywhere with it. It was great to fantasize but then we met a couple (Andy and Erin) who we really hit it off with and decided to take it one step further. This is one of my first stories that came from these nice chats. It's kind of long but I hope you like it!

Our room was extremely luxurious. The bed was king size, more than ample for our needs. In the suite bathroom there was a large bath together with Jacuzzi. Mark smiled in my direction as the bellboy was given a tip and left us alone.

"It's a fantastic room," I replied, but "I can't wait to see Andy's hard cock" is what I was really thinking.

"When are they getting here?" he asked. I could see his anticipation was already building.

"Well you won't have to wait much longer; they should be signing in to the hotel in the next hour. I checked the airport; their plane landed on time. I've left a message at reception. They should get it as soon as they arrive."

We had thought very hard about how to welcome Andy and Erin. Mark said that he would cater to Erin's wish for a hot rock and roller with a leather jacket and old 501s and I decided to play it safe with a tiny black tube dress that featured my tiny waist, muscular legs and large, full breasts to their full advantage. What man can resist that look?

We were so nervous we just sat on the bed and stared at each other, trying to keep from laughing. We decided we definitely needed a drink! Suddenly there was a knock on the door. We both looked at each other in surprise. My heart accelerated. We both hesitated. There was a second knock. Mark went across the room and opened the door. I joined him to see a sleek, fashionable couple standing there. No one said a word. We all looked very red in the face.

"Uhm..Erin and Andy?" I stuttered..

"That's us!" said Erin and she rewarded me with a broad smile.

She was a tall, elegant redhead with creamy ivory skin and miles of legs encased in black, sheer stockings. "Come on in," I exclaimed, "At long last we finally meet." We hugged each other while Mark and Andy made their introductions-they looked excited as boys on Christmas morning. I loved Erin's short silk dress and could see that she was wearing garters underneath. "What a woman" I thought.

I held my hand out and Andy took it in his. We both smiled. I could tell he liked what he saw and my nipples stiffened in anticipation. The ice had been broken. We all walked back into the room. Drinks were poured and idle chit chat was the order of the moment.

After relaxing for an hour or so, we finally got around to the topic of sex. We all agreed that the idea of group sex was appealing, but that it might be too soon for that. Besides, we had the whole weekend! We all admitted to being voyeurs, after all that's how we had met over the Internet. Andy talked about his wish to watch another couple making love and Mark and I agreed we would love to be their first. Erin joined in at this point, laughing and saying that it might be the right time to start. She was obviously experienced! She sat in Andy's lap like a giddy schoolgirl as Mark and I slowly moved together on the bed and began caressing each other...not really knowing where to start..

"Can we take photos?" asked Andy.

"No problem" we replied in unison.

Mark slid down the top of my dress exposing my luscious breasts and I heard a gasp from Erin.

"Baby, you are flawless!" she exclaimed.

Mark slowly hitched up my skirt to expose my shaved pussy, already wet with excitement. He dragged a finger over my throbbing clit and I cried out with pleasure. I was so turned on..I looked over at Erin and I could see she was too.

"May I join in?" she asked.

I gently pulled away from Mark and motioned her over to the bed and we went into an embrace. I slithered my tongue between Erin's soft lips, my hands reaching around her back and gripping her soft buttocks. Her womanly body felt so different and soft..I could sense the flash of a camera but took no notice. Erin rubbed my back and then slid her hands to my waist. Breaking our embrace, I unfastened Mark's belt and slowly unfastened the buttons of his 501's, his erection already clearly straining through his boxers.
"Do you want to touch it?" I asked Erin, motioning to my husband's throbbing prick. The thought of her touching it made me crazy with desire. She started to rub his cock through his boxers and he moved his hips in time to her movements. I took her dress hem in my fingers and slowly pulled it up her thighs. My hands slid up nylon, reached bare flesh and then reached the red silk of her g-string. As she rubbed Mark's cock, I caressed her silk covered mound, gradually moving my fingers around the silken edges and into her wet cunt.
In and out they slid. I didn't really know what I was doing but I heard her start to moan and could feel her body respond to the stimulation of her cunt and clit. I turned Erin to face her husband, still sitting on a chaise lounge with his camera, totally hypnotized by the scene.  I knelt behind her, reaching into her dress with one hand, fondling her perky breasts under the lace of her bra. With the other hand hitching up her dress I reached down into the top of her panties and continued to stimulate her clit.

She motioned to Andy and he stood up and began to pull off his clothes. His cock was exactly as he had described it-about 8 and a half inches long with an incredibly big, thick juicy head. He joined us on the bed and Erin gently guided my hand to Andy's cock. It was so hard it felt like it was carved from marble! I knew I couldn't wait to feel it inside me but this wasn't yet the time..

"Would you like to lick him?" she asked breathlessly. I looked at Mark for approval and it was an unequivicle "yes" so I knelt down and took that glorious meat into my mouth. Since blow jobs are my specialty I pulled out all the stops and put on a real show, working his shaft and balls with both hands and flicking my tongue expertly. After several minutes we both became so aroused I paused and was met with a stunning vision..
Erin was sitting back on the bed with her back against Mark's chest, her creamy legs spread wide. Mark's left hand was inside Cindy's blouse and bra, rubbing and fondling her breasts. Her short skirt was hitched up, her silk thong panties in full view. I could not take my eyes from them! Her panties were pulled to one side, three fingers inserted fully into the gaping hole of her pussy. The lips were spread wide and I could see the moisture glisten on her fingers. She was breathing heavily. "Keep going" she commanded. I turned my attentions back to her husband's cock and licked it from base to head. "Ooooooh.." I heard Erin groan and I realized she was already cumming. She threw her head back and cried out as Mark stroked her breasts and hair.
As she recovered, I came around and sat next to her so we were facing both men. She lowered her left hand and pulled Mark's cock out, sliding it up and down. She then knelt down and took him into her mouth, and I did the same with Andy. I looked up to see the boys faces and could see their wicked grins, they were having the time of their lives.

She continued to suck him and I started working on Andy but he gently took his cock in his hand and said "I want to watch you..maybe you can give Erin some help?" and guided my head over to Erin. We both took turns licking his hard shaft, (as well as stop periodically to kiss) I had never seen Mark this turned on! He was getting so close..Andy stroked his shaft as he watched the scene unfold. Suddenly, Mark erupted with a shout and a thick shower of glistening white cum as Erin and I greedily licked it up, passing it back and forth..
We kissed and then she guided me back to Andy. I took him deep into my throat and sucked him for all I was worth while Erin kneeled behind me and played with my stiff nipples. He was getting close as well but he pulled back, "Wait, I want to see Erin make you come" he grunted..

With that, Erin pulled me away and onto my back. She had obviously more experience with women than I at the time, and as she pulled my legs apart she smiled.. "you have a beautiful pussy." I looked at Mark. He had that satisfied smile on his face that said sit back and enjoy it. She inserted a finger into my hungry hole and extended her tongue down to my clit. I was already so turned on I knew it would only be a matter of seconds before I came as well. I looked over at Andy, who was pumping his shaft furiously as he watched his wife stimulate me. Mark had already become aroused again and was stroking his cock as well, with a look of rapt fascination on his face.

Erin extended another finger and curled them up to meet my g-spot as her tongue flicked little circles around my clit. I couldn't hold back much longer, and I felt that familiar tingle of a a g-spot orgasm approaching. I bucked my hips wildly and moaned like an animal as she pleasured me to my core.."I think I'm going to..squirt.." I said nervously..I was a little worried because I had never done this in front of anyone else but Mark and I felt a little embarrassed.

"Let it all out Baby..I want you to come all over me" she crooned. "Come on Baby..." At that my body tensed and I began to spasm, my back arched and hot fluid gushed out of my pussy in wave after wave of pleasure, Erin's face wet and shining with my juices. I laughed in amazment at the intensity of the experience and had just began to relax when I heard Andy groan. He was ready. I sat up and siezed his cock just as it began to shoot and extended my tongue, making sure he could see it drip into my hungry mouth, and licking my lips for show. I heard applause and saw Mark and Erin smiling at us in appreciation.

We all sat back, exhausted, wet and happy! What a great start to the weekend and there was more to come.

To be continued...
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Well I dont have anything exciting as Tigger and Shanna-[glow=red,2,300]wow[/glow]-but I did have a nice first time experience with my then-girlfriend (now wife) a few years back. It was off season in the resort where we were staying so we ended up hanging out with another couple we met there most of the time. The girls hit it off right away. After hanging out on the beach all day and many a tequila shot I looked over to find them making out. I was a little shocked at first but I can't say it hurt my feelings. I think they had something planned because they dragged us off to the hotel suite and then things really started getting hot and heavy. Previous to that I was pretty square but I guess you could say it opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities. 
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My first time experience was not what you would call fabulous.  My boyfriend and I had talked about it for months, chatting with other couples online, etc. so when we finally got the courage to follow through with it I guess the pressure was too much for him and jealousy did rear its ugly head. We got into a huge argument so it was really uncomfortable for everyone. You just never know how it will be until you're actually in that situation I guess! Needless to say we are not together anymore for a host of other reasons but I have had great swinging experiences since then.
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My wife brought her girlfriend home as a birthday present for me and boy was it ever.
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My fiance and I are interested in playing with another couple but haven't made "the leap" yet. We did agree that it would have to be done in a place outside of our city or preferably the state. It would be pretty awkward running into somebody here.
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I guess monogamy has never been part of my genetic makeup so I can't think of a relationship in which I didn't have other partners as well. Some women knew and some didn't. The first one that knew and liked it was a nice surprise in my 30's so I ended up marrying her.
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This is all very interesting to me! I've been curious about this "lifestyle" for a while and have been talking it over with the bf. I hope our first time is as interesting as some of yours! Any pointers?
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Believe it or not my first 3-way was when i was still in high school. My girlfriends parents were out of town so we were drinking at her house with her best friend. Those were the days when truth or dare was still pretty popular so one thing kinda led to another and we all ended up in bed. We didn't know what we were doing but there was alot of fucking and sucking going on. Turned out it was her friend's first time. By the end of our senior year we were doing it every weekend like pros. Boy, I felt like the man!
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WoW Tigger. Just wow.
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In my 42 years, I have always wanted a 3-way, but I have always been in a situation where my partner wouldn't do it.
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