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They say your are suppose to get smarter with age right?  Well I must have missed that training session over the pass 59 years, because here I was 20 something foot in the air in the middle of December trying to fix a gutter that got knock loose in a wind storm last night.  Luckily we didn't have any new snow and what we did have was only a couple inches, but it was colder than a toilet seat in the Yukon and had been for the last 2 weeks.  Everything was going pretty well considering I have a bum right leg and it was freezing and I only had one more screw to get in to have it back in place, but here's where I made my big mistake.  Instead of going down and moving the latter over, I figured I could reach out and get it done, wrong move on my part.  Last thing I remember was seeing the ground coming up at me really fast and putting my hands out to try and slow it down.  Next thing I am waking up in the back of a ambulance, with a neck brace on, hurting all over with some 23 year old kid trying to put a IV in my arm.  My head was spinning and both my arms hurt like hell and so did my left knee, I couldn't hardly breath.  They had both my arms and legs in blow up splints and the Medic was asking me if I wanted anything for the pain,, DUHHHHH ya think.  I tried to tell him I can't take Morphine as I get nasty mean on it and he tells me that's all they have so I opt out to wait till we get to the hospital.  The trip only takes about 15 minutes but it's one of the longest 15 in history.

    Long story short, I get some pain med, Deladin, great stuff, and then they start slicing and dicing putting in a chest tube since mine had collapsed. Let me tell ya no amount of pain meds can block out this pain. Then off to X-ray and the bad news start coming from the Doctor.  The left side of my body took most of the landing so I had a collapsed left lung and 5 broken ribs, all kinds of bruising to the chest wall, broken left and right wrist, with a broker upper left arm, bruised left hip and shatter left knee, a lump the size of a tennis ball on the left side of my forehead and a concussion, and I was headed straight for surgery.  Seventeen hours later I was in ICU and didn't wake up for 5 days, they kept me there another 3 till I could start breathing on my own then I went to a private room, and hears where I first saw my Florence Nightingale, she wasn't one of the wonderful nurses but a nurses aids, you know the ones that do all the stuff the nurses don't have time for like, wiping your ass when your arms are in cast, or holding the pee bottle for you, feeding you and giving you a sponge bath.

    All the Nurses Aids were great and dedicated people, but one who went above and beyond was a young Irish girl named Elizabeth Rose,  I couldn't bring myself to call her Liz or Rose like she asked, it just didn't fit her, I called her  by her full named, and here's why. She stood 5'8'' and about 135 lbs, her hair was the same color of a Irish Setter only it shined like the sun was always hitting it just right, he skin was that pale white color with a hint of pink and her eyes were emerald green with gold fleck shining thru them. Her lips were as red as her hair and that was with no lipstick which she never wore and she had this giggle when she laughed that was half angel and half devilish.  Nothing bothered her, not like me the first time after getting my cath out when I asked if she could set the pee bottle on me, I turned redder than her hair, but she just drew the curtain and pulled back the sheet and lifted the gown and gently took a hold of my cock and placed it in the opening and started to just talk to me till I finished, which took me a good 5 minutes.  I was not at all use to being so dependent on anyone since I had been alone for the last 10 years and I was having trouble with it.  I tried to do as much as I could for myself but after spilling coffee all down the front of myself one night, she laid down the law to me.

Elizabeth Rose trying to be angry," Now look what happened.  Your not burn now are you? Why didn't you call for me?  I won't have you burning yourself or hurting yourself in some way just because of you stubborn pride. That is why we are here.  You don't want me to lose my job now do you?"

"You have others to look to and it was only coffee, not that great of coffee, and I thought I could handle it. Besides you've done so much for me already and I should be going home soon and I'll have to learn to do this by myself soon enough."

Elizabeth Rose, "When that day comes then you can start doing for yourself but don't think just because you might be going home soon you won't need some help. You still have to rehab that knee and arm, you haven't used them in some time and you are going to be surprised at how weak they are.  Your going to need help for at least 3 months after you leave here and I'm worried that you might not get the proper care you need.  I have something to tell you and  I don't want you getting upset, but this is my last week here working with you."

"I'm sorry to hear that and I'll miss you greatly.  Are you moving on to a different floor?"

Elizabeth Rose, rather sadly,"No believe it or not they are laying off 25 of us and 15 nurses.  Right now I've applied to 5 other hospitals and 8 nursing homes in the last 2 weeks but it doesn't look good for any of us with the way things are going."

I wished her good luck and hope that she found another job.  I already had a plan as soon as I heard that she was being laid off.  I'm not super rich but when I sold my company 10 years ago I got a good deal and had invested wisely over the years and was still getting royalties (15%) of the gross earning from the company so I was doing ok.   The house had been paid off years ago and I had few bills to worry about.   I got a in contact with my lawyer and had him check with my insurance to see what they would pay for home health care and was told that they would cover just rehab and some minor stuff the rest I would have to handle.  Now up till this point I only knew that Elizabeth Rose was single, no boyfriend to speak of, was living at home and going to classes part time to get her nursing degree.  Her father worked at a winery and was a Master barrel maker, something he had learn as a lad, and her mother stayed at home so they were doing alright but she was pretty much supporting herself.

    I talked to the Doctor and he said I could go home in about a week but was going to have to go to therapy 5 days a week and I would need someone at the house 24 hours a day for at least 3 to 6 more weeks once the cast came off. I told him I was already working on it.  When Elizabeth Rose came to work that day I asked her if she had a couple minutes, I needed to ask her something. She pulled up a chair and sat next to my bed, she asked if everything was alright?  I told her that would depend on what she said to what I was going to ask of her.

I started off slowly,"I have a business offer for you.  As you know I will be getting out of here in a week and I will need someone to stay and take care of me 24 hrs a day for 3 to 6 weeks or until I feel comfortable getting around. I can think of no one more suited, or qualified for the job but you.  I will pay you $20 dollars a hour 24 hours a day cash , you will have your own room with full bathroom attached, use of one of my cars, anytime you need or want off I will find someone to cover for you. You won't have to do any cleaning or cooking and of course I will have to get permission from your parents for  you to do this. You should be done with school so this won't interfer with you classes. You will have to take me back and forth to therapy and help me with it at home. I will try and make your work load as light as possible and promise to be the complete gentleman during your stay with me.  I know you will want to think about this and I hope that I haven't offended you in any way by asking this of you.  Any question right now?"

Elizabeth Rose giggle that giggle of hers," Do you know what you just said?  Your offer is something that someone like me could only dream of. I don't think my parents would have anything to say and even if they did I am over 21 and any job I take is of my own doing. But it was kind of you to consider their feeling and I will tell them what you propose. As of right now I will agree to everything except the money part, I think that is going overboard and I could not take that advantage of you like that, but we can work something out that will make both of  us happy.  As far as cooking and cleaning, I am a very good cook and my mother and grandmother taught me at a early age how to do both and if I am going to be living anywhere I will consider it a part of my job. I will take the job but only if you promise to do as I request when it comes to getting you back up and doing what you were doing with your life before your accident."

    I was happy with the out come, and a week later when I left the hospital it was with Elizabeth Rose driving me home.  Her parents came over that night and they were happy when they saw her room.   Her father chuckled when he saw the dead bolt lock on the door and asked if that was for her safety or mine, which caused her mother to smack him up the back of the head.  I saw right away where she got her beauty from wh her mother, if Elizabeth Rose looked as good as her mother at 57 she would make some lucky man a great wife.  She had cooked corn beef and cabbage and baby potatoes for dinner and it was one of the best meals I had in a long time. I had a bottle of 25 yr old single malt scotch  and her father and I sat on the deck to have a drink while the women cleaned up the kitchen.  He said something that almost made me spit a mouth full across the table and caught me way off guard.  "My Rose, she always did fancy the older gents, her last boyfriend was 20 yrs older than her."  I didn't know where to take this as a warning or a blessing.

Now the hard part was about to start. Or so I thought.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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I was hoping that things were going to get easier once I got home, but Rose as she now informed me I was to call her was a task master.  After the dinner with her folks, before she would let me go to bed she made me work on moving my knee and keeping it loose.  I was doing pretty good and was almost able to bend it 90%. After the work out I was sitting up in bed watching some late night TV while Rose went in and took a shower.  Her room was next to mine and the bathroom backed up to each other.  I jump when she struck her head around the corner and asked what I was watching?  I told her something about the rain forest and she asked if she could come in and watch it with me. I had to suck in my breath when she walked thru the door.  Her hair was still damp and hanging down to the middle of her back and all she had on was one of those football jerseys that hit her about mid-thigh. She jumped up on the bed next to me and fixed the pillows so that she was sitting up not a inch from me.  I normally sleep el-natural, but seeing as she was here I had on a pair of gym short that did nothing to hide my growing cock. I pulled the sheet up to try and help cover it, but the moment I looked over and saw that she too had a growing problem also, her nipples were poking thru the front of the jersey a good inch.  She caught me looking and she giggled and got a funny look on her face.

Rose shyly,"I think we need to talk about something that we didn't talk about before.  You talked about it but never gave me a chance to say anything.  I need you to answer a few question for me and I want honest answer from you."

    "I answer anything you want and I never lie about anything."

Rose,"Well first off you don't know much about me except for the medical stuff.  I hope you don't think I'm to forward but I've never dated someone my own age or younger than me.  I like older men.  I find they know what they want from life, know how to treat a lady in public, and sexually they make the best lovers, being more caring about their partner.    The last man I dated was 20 yrs older than myself and he was a good lover but not great.  He decided to end the relationship because of the friction it was causing with his children. You on the other hand I know very little about.  You've always treated me kindly and with the utmost respect. I know very little of your personal life, except that you have been alone for the past ten years.  You've never mentioned  family and non that I know of came to visit you at the hospital,  you never said a word about  any woman pass or present and surprisingly you never tried to hit on me. You always kept everything very professional and straight to the point, so now sitting her next to you and seeing you with a hard cock makes me wonder.  Let me finish asking these question before you answer, I hope you won't think badly of me for asking them but I would like to know the answers before we go any further. First and please don't take this the wrong way, Are you gay???  You seem to like women but like I said you never tried to hit on any of the girls and they all were thinking maybe you are gay. Do you have someone close to you female or male? When was the last time you had sex?  What is the youngest woman you have ever had sex with?  Is the anything, baring the super kinky stuff that you don't like to do?  And lastly would you mind very much if while were alone in the house I don't were any clothes, I'm really more comfortable naked that with cloths on?  There that about covers it."

    No it was my turn to giggle but I really cracked up and I think I might have scared her.  She sat there tilting her head from on side to the other with a silly look on her face till I regained my composer.

      "To the first question, no I am not in the least bit gay, I have nothing at all against gay people, male or female and even have a few who I consider close friends, but they don't try and covert me and I don't try and convert them. I have very few close friends, male or female and those who are tend to be very special people whom I hope you will get to meet sometime. Sex the last time was when I was in France 6 years ago.  I met a very nice lady and she took me home, we had sex and I never saw her again, not that I didn't want to but to her it was just a one time thing. Now making love that hasn't happened for the last 12 yrs and I rather not talk about that right now. What do I like, just about anything baring, Pain or humiliation the body is made to be explored and what ever makes your partner and yourself feel good should be explored. And the last question my dear is completely up to you. I rarely have people just dropping by, but it does happen on occasion.  Now I can't say that you being that way won't have some affect on me, but if you don't mine seeing me in a constant state of arousal you can wear, or not wear what every you care to.
      Now as to why I never hit on you.  I have always treated woman with the same respect I hope that they will give me.  Yes I find you extremely beautiful, but I won't allow my what my little head is feeling to out rule what my big head knows is right."

    And when I finished she just signed and stood up on the bed facing me.  She reached down and gathered the bottom of the top and slowly pulled it up and over her head.  I felt like someone had kicked me in the chest when I first saw her body, and what a body it turned out to be.  Her skin like I said was a snow white with a pink tint, just above her pussy slit was a one inch heart shaped close cropped patch of hair the same color as what she had on her head and this was the only hair I could see on her entire body.  What really fascinated me was her breast, they were overly large but a very full set of 38C's.  They hung down slightly then turned upward and were capped by silver dollar size aureoles the color being a little lighter that her hair, her nipples were something I hadn't seen in many years, they were the size of olives and at least three quarters of a inch long, She sat back down cross legged facing me and reached out and pulled back the sheet.  Reaching forward she slid her hand under my gym short and wrapped her fingers around my cock with one hand the other pulling up on the waist band so that it went over the head and freed me completely.  I never realized how small her hands were or was seeing her naked and having her touch me made me grow larger?

Rose smiling sweetly," I knew you were rather large since that first day I help you with the pee bottle, and you were soft then, now your hard and I have to say that it is beautiful.  I've never held on this large in my whole life, and it's so thick, this is going to take some getting use to."

    I wasn't sure what she meant by getting use to but I found out in less that 30 seconds.  She stroked it a few time making pre cum come out the tip then wrapped her other hand around it as she leaned forward licking  the cum off the tip.  This cause my whole body to shiver from my head down to my toes,  I warned her that I had not had anything like this down to me in a long time and would more than likely not last very long.  Her reply was that we had a long time and to just let her do what she wanted the rest would come naturally.  With cast still on my arms and down across half of my hand I could not really feel her body but it didn't stop me from running my finger over her nipples and tweaking them between my fingers as best as I could.  When I did it brought a soft moan from her lips which now were stretched over the head of my cock.  Her tongue was playing over the top, and she was trying to get the tip of her tongue in my pee hole.  The more she did this the more I squirmed.  She slowly started to take more and more of me into her mouth but by the time she had half of me in her I was ready to explode.  I told her and she just quicken her up and down movement taking one hand now and fondling my balls.  I felt my load start to rise up my cock then all I seen was flashing lights as my body went ridged as stream after stream erupted from the head filling her mouth.  She never came off me and it lasted a long while, she just kept moving up and down and trying to swallow all she could. 

    Ounce she could get no more out of me she sat up and smiled at me.  Cum was dripping off her chin and down the corners of her mouth.  She flicked out her tongue to clean it off and then gave a sign  and cuddled up next to me.  It took me a good half hour to catch my breath and strength back then I rolled her onto her back and started to kiss her, first on the forehead, then eyes working my way down to those beautiful lips.  Once they her mouth open and her tongue dance with mine and I tasted myself and it just urged me on.

Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Hey Ole Hippy, Glad to see you feel like writing again!
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Thinks have been a little weird here the last few month. One the putor caught fire, thank God I was down here when it happened, no real damage just a lot of sparks and a little smoke but getting everything check out and the money to replace the guts was trying.  Oct the dog tripped me up and I fell on the concrete breaking my upper arm and a couple ribs so was down for a  2 months with that.  Was suppose to have my knee replacement 4 days before that happened so had to wait will the 17 of Dec to go in for that and got on New Years day.  Did have fun playing Santa for the nurses and Ped ward though while I was there and one special CNA.  Just got this thing back up and running about 2 weeks ago and after going thru 1800 + e-mails, and trying to rack this old brain to remember all the sites I had I finally felt up to the task of writing again.  Keeping it fresh and somewhat believable is not as easy as some people think.  Hope you all enjoy it and sorry if it seems so long winded but that's  how I do things.  The Ole Hippy.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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    I continued kissing and when I got to her breast something happen that even surprised me.  I took her right nipple into my mouth sucking it in deep and running my tongue around it, then I released it till I just had the nipple end between my teeth.  Again running my tongue over and around it her whole body started to shiver and a low deep moan was escaping her lips.  I brought my hand up and took her other nipple between my thumb and finger and started to lightly squeeze and rolling it around, this caused more shivering of her body and louder moaning.  I kept this up until her hips started to bounce up and down and then she let out a small scream as her body stiffened and I knew that she had came for the first time. I then continued to kiss downward until I got to that small patch of red hair.  She was now breathing like she had been running a long distance and as I got up off the bed she sat up and looked at me with a worried look on her face.

Rose,"Is something wrong?"

"Not at all, but if you wouldn't mine, these old knees can't hold me up like they use to. If you don't  mind  I would like to sit on my face."

And with that I walked around the bed and laid down next to her.  I scooted down and told her to kneel down with one leg on each side of my head.  She smiled as she lowered herself down but that smile changed once I flecked my tongue out and ran it the length of her slit.  I held onto her hips and continued to lick her like this until she was once again shaking like a leaf in a wind storm.  Rose had to put her hands out and balance herself against the wall and was shaking her hips back and forth with each swipe of my tongue until I finally went to the top on her slit and sucked her clit into my mouth.  This brought a loud moan from her and her body froze.  I held her clit between my teeth lightly and slowly started to rub my tongue around it as I kept up the suction on it. I brought one hand up and between her ass cheeks and slowly ran a finger down the crack till I found her rose bud, and slowly massaged the opening of it, light pushing on it as I did so.

While I was doing all this her body once again started to rock back and forth, and she started to get rather vocal telling me how wonderful it felt, and how no one had ever done anything close to what I was doing to her. The more I sucked and licked her clit the fasted her hips rocked.  I then took my finger and moved it up until I found the entrance to her and started to circle it like I had done with her rose bud. I looked up and saw that she had only one hand now holding onto the wall and the other was busy pulling and pinching on her nipples.  She would pull and pinch one then move over and do the other  and back and forth she went.  I could tell she was close to coming  seeing as each time I ran my tongue over her clit it would vibrate and grow a little it felt like.  Now was the time and I slowly started to push my finger up into her rotating it and making sure that I didn't miss massaging any of her inner walls. She kept trying to push down to get all of it inside but I would pull back and only allow her so much at a time.  By now her whole body was shaking and she was gasping for air and pulling and pinching her nipples so hard that I knew that had to be hurting but it didn't seem to bother her at all. 

When I got my finger as deep as I could I found her G-stop and started to flick my finger over and around it.  This was the icing on the cake and in no time she was bucking her hips and beating her pussy against my mouth hard enough that it was like being a punching bag.  I was starting to see stars and just before I thought I couldn't last any longer she let loose and came.  I released her clit from between my teeth but continue to lick at it as best I could as she started to flood my face and mouth with her nectar.  I couldn't believe it but she was actually squirting and this urged me on as I tried to catch all or as much as I could.  My whole face, beard, neck and half my head was covered and she collapsed and sat on my own heaving chest.  Her arm were now at her side shaking like the rest of her upper body and her chest was raising and falling sucking in as much air as she could.  I was trying to catch my breath also but with her sitting on my chest was having a hard time of it so I reach up and lightly pulled her down next to me.  Rose curled up into a fetal position her head resting on my shoulder and just laid there moaning softly for the next 15 minutes until she caught her breath.
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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    I must have dozed off and when I woke up if it wasn't for the smell of her I would have thought it was all a dream.  I had been with some wonderful women over my lifetime, and the one I spent almost 30 years with was one of the finest but Rose was right up at the top of the list.  I laid there going over what had happened in my head and wondering if I was doing the right thing,  when I heard the shower stop running.  I had to relieve myself and sat up on the side of the bed and was ready to go to the bathroom down the hall when she walked out with a towel rapped around her head and nothing else.

Rose, smiling like the Cheesier Cat, "I guess we both needed a little nap.  Why don't you grab a quick shower and I will go get something started in the kitchen for us to eat. Have to keep you strength up now don't we. Come on let me bag you arms  and get you started before I run off."

    "Before you go getting all over worked in the kitchen how about were either order out or just go out and get something to eat. It will be my treat.  What do you have a taste for, as long as it's not Italian?"

Rose laughing lightly,"What you don't like pasta?  Truth is I haven't had any good pasta since a Italian lady of my mothers moved away.  She could make the best pasta, all fresh never store bought, and homemade sausage with red sauce, it was to die for. I do have a craving but the place is in the next town over.  It's a little Bar-B-Q place and they have the best Rib Tips and you buy them in a bucket, and they have vinegar and oil coleslaw, and it comes with garlic French bread.  It's sooooooo good."

      "Well, looks like after my shower we're taking a road trip."

She squealed with joy and started jumping up and down clapping her hands.  The towel came off her head and just watching her wet hair bounce up and down along with her breast was almost to much for me to handle.  She laughed when I asked if she was going to leave the room while I peed and walked over and held my cock so I wouldn't spray all over the place then she got me in the shower after bagging the cast on my arms and thoroughly soaped me down from head to toe.  She spent extra time on my cock and balls causing me to rise to the occasion but said that she would take care of that after we ate and such.  She helped me dress and we headed out the door. When I walked pass the double garage doors without opening one of them she stopped me.

Rose, with a puzzled look on her face,"Awww your not planing of walking all the way there are you?"

    "No my dear but with it being such a beautiful night I figured you might like to drive something a little more fun than the caddie, now you can drive a stick right?  If not you can choose something else."

    She had seen the pole building out back but had not asked anything about it.  It sat back some 300 ft from the house and had a black top drive leading up to a 14 by 20 ft door.  I unlocked the security door and press in the code and the door started to rise. When it got high enough for her to see inside she let out a loud gasp.  I am a collector of cars, not big  but it fits my needs and what I like. There are 4 Mustangs, all early 60s, 2, Shelby GT500, a 67 and 68.  Two 57 Chevy's one a convertible, one high wing Road Runner, and 3 other late 60''s muscles car and last but not least my pride and joy  a 1955 Rolls which I rarely take out. Rose was like a kid in a candy store going from one car to the other, brushing her hands along them as she went.  I told her after a couple of minutes to pick one and she could drive it to dinner.

Rose,"Drive it, I'd be scared just to sit in one of these.  They're beautiful, how do you ever take care of these?  I've only seen pictures of most of these cars and my brothers would just go crazy just to see any one of them up close.  How long have you had these and where did you get them from?"

    I had to stop her and told her I would explain about them on the way to eat, but now she had to choose one so we could get on the road.  I kinda knew which one she was going to choose because when she had ran her hand over it her whole body had shook like she had just came.  And I was right the 67 Shelby GT500 was her choice.  I walked over to the lock box and got out the keys and handed them to her.  She opened the door and as she sat down she just melted into the seat.  Her ivory white skin actually started to show a tint of pink to it and her butt wiggled uncontrollably for a good minute.  When she put the key in and the engine turned over she threw back her head and moaned.  I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead and told her to take it easy till she got use to the power and turned and walked toward the overhead door. She eased out of it's parking spot and slowly made it threw the door.  I hit the close button and waited and reset the alarm system.  I walked to the drivers side and told her she had to buckle up and pulled the five way harness over the back of the seat and over her shoulder, then I reached down and got the bottom part from between her legs that's when I notice the wet spot between her legs.  I pulled everything tight then got in and strapped myself it and pointed down the driveway and said lets go. She took it slow and easy till we pulled out of the drive, then she nailed it throwing us both back in the seat. I couldn't do anything but let out a big laugh.

    Luckily we made it to the  Bar-b-q place without getting a ticket or crashing, but what a ride it was. At one point she kicked it had to pass a truck and from what I could see she had it up to 115 MPH, but mostly she kept it at the speed limit.  The place was what she had said small, but you could smell the smoke 2 blocks away and the parking lot was full when we got there.  What she didn't tell me was that it was carry out only, but that wasn't really a problem.  Turns out the buckets she spoke of were 2 lb of chopped up rib tips and they came with a mild of spicy sauce.  I asked if I could just try one tip with the spicy and the girl behind the counter brought me one.  I almost fell over, it was something from heaven.  Rose started to laugh when see saw my reaction. She told me the coleslaw was twice as good.  I looked at the girl behind the counter and told her I wanted 6 buckets of tips 4 spicy and 2 mild, 3 lbs of slaw and 2 loafs of garlic bread.  She got a funny look on her face as asked if I had a small army I was feeding and I looked back and said,"No just the little lady here and me is all."  She laughed and yelled over her shoulder," Batten down the hatches, you ain't going to believe this order." and she called it out. When she was done I asked her if I could buy some extra sauce and she said she would just give me some, but I said no I want to buy a gallon if I can and I didn't care what it cost.  She once again yelled out the added order and told us it would take about 10 minutes to get everything ready.  I told her there was no hurry and what was the total. She started ringing it up and told me for the food it was $78.50 and the gallon of sauce was another $15.50 plus tax. I took out my wallet and handed her $120.00 and told her to keep the change.  She almost fell over and thanked me, then she said if I wanted to wait in my car she would have someone bring the order out seeing as it might be rough for me to carry all of it.  The people behind us were just shaking their heads and Rosa and I turned and headed out the door.  Ten minutes later to young men came from behind the place each carry a box.  Rose honked the horn and flashed the lights and they ran over to the car.  The trunk was open and they loaded the boxes in it and thanked us, I gave each of them a fiver and we headed home.  I couldn't wait to get back and try some of these ribs. 

    The ride home was quicker that the ride there, I think Rose was hungry too.  When we pulled into the drive I told Rose to pull into the house garage and as soon as she did she unbuckled and jump out and opened the trunk before I even got out of the car.  We set the boxes down on the kitchen island and she started to unload them as I got out a couple of plates and what ever else we might need.  I asked Rose what she would like to drink and she asked if I had any beer.  Hey with Bar-B-Q rib tip you have to have beer so I got out 2 and set the table.  She brought a bucket to the table and I noticed that there were two buckets together to keep them warm and a tub of the slaw and one loaf of the bread.  It didn't take us long and we both had  sauce all over our faces and hands and were smiling from ear to ear.

Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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Hey boys and girls, been about three months since I last wrote anything and I have missed writing but Rose has been keeping me busy as I've ever been.  Am finally healed up but she still puts me threw my paces but just so I don't stiffen up and she has thrown some new things in that have helped me drop 20 lb.  It's starting to get colder up here and Rose wants to have me ready for some hunting and ice fishing.  Her family has taken to us being together and I have to say they are a great group of people and really love the outdoors and all that goes with it. Her bother gave me a pair of winter boots made out of Elk and said that if I got one this year he would make me a jacket to go with them so I am planing on a trip to Alaska  for him and his wife and Rose and I.

  Funny but I didn't think I would ever be able to care for someone again but Rose has showed me that life has to go on and that there really is someone else out there after you lose someone you loved deeply.  Last month I finally convinced her to move in with me full time, it only made sense seeing as the only time she went back to her parents was to get different cloths and check her mail.  I did ask them if it was alright with them, just seemed like the right thing to do and her father and mother both laughed and said that it was about time she moved on with her life with someone who really cared about her.  But it was when her mother took me off to the said and talked to me that I found something out that Rose had not shared with me that I was floored.  Seems I am not the only one who had some problems in my life.  Three years earlier Rose had been dating a older guy who she did not know was married and had gotten pregnant, she didn't tell him until she was 3 months along. When he found out he beat her so bad she lost the baby and any chance of ever having children after that.  He was arrested and is in prison but that still doesn't make up for what she went threw.  I decided not to say anything to her about it and let her tell me when she wanted to.

  So right now that's where we stand, I would right more but we're heading to her folks house for a birthday party for her father.  I got him a Moseburg over and under from Rose and I, something she said he will just go crazy over since hunting season is right around the corner.  She also promised me a special present when we get home for being so nice to her dad, I can only wonder what it will be??? 
Just a ole hippy at heart, been around the block more that I care to think about. Lived a full life and looking to add to it. Memories are wonderful but making them is much more fun.
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