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 So you've had your session and you've obviously had an orgasm. But has she? If you know that she hasn't, how does it make you feel? votes

 i don't think about it 0 votes
 she doesn't ever say/i don't know if she did or not 1 vote
 we try and try but she just can't 0 votes
 it's what starts our fights 0 votes
 she comes first! 4 votes
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We hear from many women confessing that they've never had an orgasm before. We are interested in asking the men how the situation gets handled - is it even discussed? Does she ever tell you she didn't come? Does she try to slow you down so she can? Communication is the key to a good sex life but sadly we find that many people don't talk about it. They just let their issues fester and then ask anonymous people for help.

Why is it so difficult to talk to the one you are screwing about what you want and need during the screwing??

Here's a pretty interesting little article about this subject. It reveals the thoughts of 4 men and their feelings regarding her lack of O:
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I find this very interesting. Of curse, I am not a man but I don't have orgasms very easily. I never blamed it on my partner, I always thought there was something wrong with me.
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Hank Alvarez
When my lover doesn't get off it bothers me because she is fantastic and gets me off every time. Hank
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Number 1 Rule of Roadie Having Sex is:  She gets hers (at least the first time) before I ever get mine. If she doesn't, I feel like I have done something wrong...but I don't ever give up!
Lovin My Wife...Lovin Life

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she comes first and personally I don't really care if I cum tho i usually do cause she's a cock addict
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