Women Would You Stay With Your Man If He Had Another Woman Pregnant? 11  votes

 Yes 1 vote
 No 8 votes
 Maybe 0 votes
 Don't Know How I Would React. 2 votes
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As 4 myself I have been in that situation and it doesn't feel good. So hell no I wouldn't stay with his ass. Because if he cheat once he will cheat again.
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No way would I stay with him! He's going to half to be a part of the kids life and that would be a constant reminder of his mistake. God! Its dumb enough that he cheated but he was stupid enough not to wear a rubber? Idiotic.
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Rosy Glow
hmm that'd be a no; no for me. parenting is a serious thing. i'd encourage him to go and make it work. too many kiddos, not enough parents.
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well if he got her pregnant while he was with me, as in if he cheated on me with her, then no but if he had gotten her pregnant before we got together i dont know how i would react.
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I have to agree with Wendy, cheating is bad enough but putting your life at risk through unprotected sex? Goodbye, Loser.
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We're married so different situation. No I wouldn't stay with him. At all. Ever. No excuses.
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Hank Alvarez
Doesn't it depend on the situation? If you're married and you take him back then I think there's something wrong with you. If you're just living together, I don't know. I do know that if we were living together and she cheated I would find it hard to forgive and forget. I lived with a nice girl for a year after my divorce and I was beginning to see that it wasn't working out and I wanted to try other women on so I ended it out of respect to both of us. Does that sound bad? I know my wife says if I pulled that I'd be driving down the street looking for what's left of my penis, Lorena Bobbett style.
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Did he impregnate this woman before he ever got involved with me? If so, yes I'd stay but only if he was honest with me and told me within a fair amount of time (until there was trust developed between us).

If he impregnated someone WHILE WE WERE TOGETHER, absolutely not. I've been married to my husband for 5 years- if he strays and manages to get someone pregnant while having his fun, than that's cause enough for divorce. So long, bye bye.
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Hank Alvarez
For what it's worth a friend of mine has been faithfully married for a number of years to a great gal and they've been very happy. Recently he found out that he has an illegitimate daughter from an affair that occurred a few years years before his marriage while he was in the navy. I didn't think there'd be a problem in their case when I heard about it, and there wasn't, because you can't reasonably be punished for what you did before you met, and his wife agreed. Since the child's mother had died of cancer she accepted the child into their family and now they are all happy. Hank
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