I was working the two to ten on a Friday nigt. It was almost
time to go home and I was doing some last minute cleaning
and stocking in the small convienience store where I worked.
I did some online chatting and had some pretty hot profiles
on several sites most women my age and from my background
wouldn't be caught dead on. I had no hangups about my
body or who saw it. This particular night a tall and slender man walked in and
just sort of hung around. I could tell he was watching me
and I wanted to ask him who the hell he was so bad I could taste
it. I surely didn't recognize him from any of the clubs
I frequented and he seemed to know me. I finally got a minute and he approached me while I was smoking
a cigarette outside. He said, " I'm Joe and I saw you on one of the sites
I'm on." I said, " Really? Which one?"
Though I suspected it was one where I had nudies posted.
  He said, " Well, it wasn't Myspace."
He happened to recognize me from a previous visit to the store.
We did some small talk and when it was time for me to do my paperwork
and clock out he asked me if I'd like to go to the beach
after I got off. I said yes. It was obvious he had researched my profile very well. I
love the beach and one of my fantasies was to fuck on the beach.
Finally, I'm ready to go. We get in his truck and start
toward the beach. It's a forty five minute drive, but
the conversation is easy and before I knew it, we were there.
We got out and walked onto the beach. It was beautiful in
the moonlight. It glowed silver and black. It was eerie to
see it deserted and so wild. There were very few people about.
We walked with our arms around eachother for a distance
and just enjoyed the solitude of the night. We walked so
far that before we realized it, the tide was coming in and
we had to hurry so we didn't get trapped out on a sand
bar. We got back to the main entrance of the beach and emptied
our shoes of sand, then leaned against the fence. He lifted
me up on the top rail and kissed me long and deep. For several
minutes we stayed there and just savored the taste of one
another. I could feel his desire for me. His cock was hard
and pressing against me. He stepped away from me to go to the truck. He came back with
a sleeping bag. Then we walked again. This time we headed
for the dunes. This is risky in its self since you're
not supposed to be in the dune area. I'm getting more
excited with each step we take. We found a spot about twenty feet from the main beach and
he spreaded the sleeping bag out. We sat down close to each
other and he put his arms around me. We kissed, slowly and
passionately. He slid his hand underneath my blouse and
cupped my breast in his hand. I could feel my own wanting
surging through me. We laid back and he slowly unbuttonned my blouse, kissing
the valley between my breasts. I could feel his hardness
against my leg and I moved to press against it. After we both removed our shirts, he started working at
my jeans. Somewhere along the way his belt ended up off to
the side of us and I was working to finally see my prize. His cock was long and thick, very thick. I had never seen
nor had a cock so thick before. It was hard as a rock and I could
almost feel it throbbing...or maybe it was my own desire
that was throbbing. Naked, we came together. He didn't enter me, but he
teased me by rubbing his cock along my clit. I was so hot and
wet. I could only imagine how it would feel to have this monster
cock inside of me. He sat up and pulled me into his lap facing him and gently
lowered me onto his cock. I could feel my pussy stretching
farther than it ever had before. We slowly rocked against
each other and I could already feel myself wanting to cum.
He could feel my need to cum, but he stopped and asked me if
I was holding my breath. He told me to breathe and then put
his mouth over mine. As I breathed in, he breathed out and
as I breathed out, he breathed in. The sensation was so exciting,
I almost forgot how badly I wanted to cum. He did this several
times, and soon I was about to explode. There were people walking around and talking just bare
feet from where we were fucking and this knowledge made
it just that much more exciting. He laid me gently on my back and licked me from my clit alll
the way to my chin, then he kissed me as he reentered me. It
was time. The strokes were long and slow at first. Then they got faster
and harder. I could almost feel the shape of him inside me.
My pussy stretching to enfold him, I could feel the climax
building in both of us. .. .. Then we came. Spasms of pleasure
tearing through my body I almost screamed. I couldn't
stop pressing my clit against him, then he laid on top of me, being careful not to put his full weight
on me. We were spent, but the excitement still lingered.
After a little while we got up and walked back to the truck. On the ride home we talked more
and I could still feel the pleasure of our sex.

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wow. 8)

true story?
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Actually....yes. It was several months before I met Roadie.
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